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Monday 21 October 2013

Tea Time Tuesday

"When you have flowers, books, and tea, you are never alone." ~ Alexandra Stoddard

Hello friends and welcome to Tea Time! I would like to thank everyone who participated in my Pink Tea last week. I received some very nice emails from ladies who had read the post. I am so thankful that it was a blessing.

"Now is the time of the illuminated woods....
every leaf glows like a tiny lamp;
one walks through their lighted halls with a curious enjoyment...."  John Burroughs

The trees are ablaze right now with vibrant reds, golds, and oranges. The frost fairy has come and touched the leaves on the trees with her magic wand, turning them into little lanterns.

Here on the Island we have the Confederation Trail which runs from one end of the Island to the other, 470 km or 282 miles long. These trails have replaced the old railway tracks and this time of year the trails are filled with dazzling colour and the sound of crunching leaves underfoot.  Yesterday Hubby and I got a little walking in before the rain started.

Gone is the balmy scent of summer with its floral laden breezes and here to stay for a little while is the clear fresh air with a just little nip in it.

The honking of the geese can still be heard as they prepare to make their way down south and all the song birds have already left for the winter. 

Autumn is a bright and colourful time of year but I also find it to be a lonely time when our feathered friends have left us behind to wait out the long winter months without them. So, I console myself by bringing out a few of my indoor birdies like this swan.

"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad." ~ Edwin Way Teale 

My yellow mums that were gracing the front steps have been hit with the frost and their blooms are looking rather bedraggled. So I cut some off and brought them inside for my Tea today. They seem to have perked up a bit since coming into the warmth of my home.

I am serving tea in my birdie teapot accompanied by Johnson Bros. Old Britain Castles teacups.

"Happiness is sharing tea with a friend."

Two cups; one for you and one for me. Blue and white looks so pretty with the yellow mums.

This beautiful plate is a painting by Sandra Kuck. My father collected plates and he left two of them to me. This is one of them and it is called, "A Time for Love."

The inscription on the back of the plate reads,  "Every child's first instinct is to love - imagine a world where every adult cherished and nurtured that instinct." ~ Sandra Kuck

My Daddy had a soft spot where children were concerned, especially those with disabilities.

I'm drinking lemon tea today, would you like a cup?

How about a lemon tart? I thought lemon would be a nice change from apples and pumpkin.

 A cup of tea, a sweet, and a good book, is a lovely way to spend a little time in the afternoon. Of course I enjoy tea at least two or three times a day. 

I am so happy you could join me today! If you have a teacup, teapot, coffee mug, or a tablescape you would like to share please link up below.

We tea ladies always enjoy a trip to a tea room too if you have an outing to share with us.

"Lord, grant that our time together be steeped in serenity, sweetened by sharing, and surrounded by the warm fragrance of Your love." Amen.~ From the book, "If Teacups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes

As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi