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Monday 6 October 2008

We know Autumn is here when....

Hello. We know that Autumn is here when we can no longer go to the beach, which is one of my favourite things to do, my gold finches have gone south, the leaves are changing, the days and nights are cooler, and my hubby has put away his uniform shorts until next year! He wore his uniform pants to work today; which means my days of ironing are back again....Oh well, we are thankful for the good job he has.

Autumn also means for me, renovations....

Today I was hoping to get started at my bathroom makeover but I injured my shoulder a week ago so I'll have to try and be patient until I heal up again. In the meantime, I can spray my metal wall art again and look through magazines for ideas. Since I have a very small bathroom I need to come up with a plan which is attractive but not overpowering.

When I went to the paint store, the saleslady suggested a red for the walls or a deep gold. If my bathroom was larger and had a window, I might be tempted to go with the red but the look I'm going for is a quiet feminine look with lots of toile and lace; so I chose a bone white for the walls. I know, i'm not very brave. I really am a girly- girl.

It's a lovely day here in Anne of Green Gables country and I'm going to enjoy it in spite of a sore shoulder.

Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless you~ Sandi