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Monday 7 July 2014

Fairies and Lupins for Tea Time

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary journey." ~ Catherine Douzel

Hello and welcome to Tea Time, friends! Today I am having a Fairies and Lupins Tea.

Lupins are abundant along the sides of the roads and in the fields this time of year on the Island. This photo is borrowed from the Internet and it shows the vibrant colours of the flowers and the red soil as well as the water beyond. Isn't it beautiful! The lupins seem to be more prevalent this year which makes taking a drive really lovely.

July is such a beautiful month, minus Hurricane Arthur that is. Lush green grass is nature's carpet beneath one's feet and the trees are full of leaves with bird nests safely hidden from view among their branches. The gardens are dressed in all their splendour, their fragrance scenting the air with a variety of perfumes; a haven for fairies! And the fire flies are putting on a show at nightfall as they dance along the tree line in our backyard. It truly is a magical time of year! I wish I could bottle it all up in a jar and take it out during the cold winter months.

Today, a vase filled with lupins is the centerpiece for my table. Hubby was kind enough to wade through the long grass and the ditch to pick these for me.

"Blessed be the Lord for the beauty of summer and spring, for the air, the water, the verdure, and the song of birds."  Carl von Linnaeus

The teapot is adorned with one of Cecily Mary Baker's fairies, the Lavender fairy.

Isn't she sweet?

The teacups are made by Grace china and are covered with sweet violets.

Would you like some shortbread with your tea? The pink depression glass plate I found at an antique shop in Summerside a couple of years ago.

A cup of tea and shortbread are just right for a little tea break right now. I have been very busy lately and next week I will tell you why. I am pretty excited! But right now, I will enjoy some tea and a cookie with you.

Now, are you ready to find out who the winner of my Giveaway is? Let the teacups clink!

This beautiful antique Royal Albert Petit Point teacup and vintage fingertip towel will be going to ~

Congratulations, Sherry @ The Charm of Home! Please email me your mailing address and I will get this into the mail for you. Thank you to everyone who entered.

I am delighted you have stopped by for tea today! Do you have a favourite teacup/teapot, coffee cup/coffee pot, or tablescape that you would like to share with us today? I would love to see it and I'm sure others would too! A trip to a Tea Shop is always fun and if you have discovered a new tea we'd love to hear about that too.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi