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Monday 29 September 2014

Fun and Fanciful for Tea Time Tuesday

Life is like a cup of's all in how you make it.~ Irish Proverb

Hello friends and welcome to my last Tea Time Tuesday in September!

Well, Autumn is in full swing here and we have had some lovely warm days with nippy nights. Jack Frost has been paying us a visit over night more often and my lovely yellow begonias have finally succumbed. But, in their place are pumpkins. It is that time of year, after all!

The gold finches' plumage is fading from their brilliant yellow but they are liking our new bird feeder as do the purple finches.

These little feathered friends will be with us for the winter months, I'm happy to say.

Now on to my tea....I am excited to share a new teacup with you this week! I have been keeping my eyes open for red transferware teacups for years and finding none. I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding any around here. Then, lo and behold, I walked into a shop one day and found this.

Do you remember what it was like to be a little girl walking into a candy store? Well, that is how I felt when I saw this little beauty. I'm sure my eyes grew as big as saucers. You know I did a happy dance.

Where there is tea, there is contentment, hope, and friendship.

You see, I have one red toile teacup without its saucer, and three red Burleigh teacups without their saucers. I have lots of red transferware bowls, plates, and teapots, but no teacup sets. I have been pairing my red teacups with creamy white saucers but I longed for a set.

So I was pretty pleased to find this one. She was pricey but worth it!

This teacup is called {red} Felicity and it's made by Burleigh Staffordshire, England.

Happiness is having a cup of tea in a red transfer ware teacup!

This is their breakfast cup and saucer; my happy cup for either coffee or tea.

This teacup makes me feel young at heart. I suppose it's because it reminds me of the wonderful era of the 60's and 70's.  

Felicity is a small delicate flower pattern reminiscent of elder flowers originating from the 1930's. I just love the old-fashioned pattern, don't you?

While reading up on my new teacup here, I was fascinated by the way in which Burleigh makes their pottery. I had dabbled in ceramics at one time therefore I was most interested in Burleigh's process.

Notice the tissue paper. This is an example where tissue paper is transferred on to a piece of biscuit ware. This is where my pattern came from. Neat, eh?

This teacup goes naturally with all of my red transferware teapots but I am using this one today. This is Hubby's and my favourite red teapot. 

I thought my little cow creamer would add a bit of whimsy. I take my tea black but she is very cute and was made in Staffordshire, England as well. She was a gift from a good friend. Perhaps you take milk in your tea.

Now, let's enjoy some tea and cookies, shall we? 

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven. I will share my recipe later in the week.

I am enjoying my favourite David's Pumpkin Chai tea.

Next week we will be into the month of October and as you all know it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Pink is the theme colour so I thought it would be fun to do pink tea posts for the month of October. Now, perhaps you are a blue person and don't own any pink china. Blue with a vase of pink posies would be perfect. 

We have all been touched by cancer in one way or another so let's show our support by sharing Pink for October. Hope you can join me!

Thank you for joining me for Tea Time today. I do enjoy your company so please come back again soon. Have a delightful day everyone!

This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24

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