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Saturday 6 November 2010

Pink Saturday

Happy weekend everyone and Happy Pink Saturday! Hope you all had a wonderful week!

I had a lovely Giveaway come in the mail this past week from my friend Bernideen @ Bernideen's Tea Time Blog.

Yes, I know, I have won several giveaways in the past few months and Hubby says if I were to buy a ticket, I would surely win the lottery!

Among the many wonderful items that were included in the Giveaway was Tasha Tudor's book, a lovely coffee table book.
Now, I want you all to know that before I began blogging, I was not familiar with Tasha Tudor. Since my blogging began however, I have read about this fascinating lady and I am so happy to have won this book about her life. She was a very unique individual!

So, today I would like to share some pictures from this wonderfully written book. I love her wit and illustrations!

Tasha Tudor lived her life as she wanted, surrounded by all the things she loved. She always wore an ankle-length frock with an apron over it and her hair tied back under a kerchief. She always walked barefoot with her herd of corgis close at her heels. She loved the 1830's and lived life as though from that era; a very interesting character was she!

As you can see from the cover of this hard covered book, it is pink. There are many pinks throughout the book.

An excerpt from the book, "Have you ever noticed a gosling's face? The little buttonhole stitch around the eyes, and the way their down goes just so. Oh, they're exquisite! And their little dark beaks, and the tiny little scales on their perfectly formed feet. I think they're the most fascinating of all the young- other than goat kids and small corgis.
Have you ever brought up goslings in a box by the kitchen stove? Don't you love the noise they make, that funny little whistling trill when they're content. It's such a delicious noise, sort of a reedy twitter. Oh, it's very soothing."

A shot of her home which she had built by her son Seth, with a view of her gardens; watercolours to the left.

Of peonies, she says, "Peonies have an intoxicating smell, and they're so soft and creamy looking. I like the pale pink ones best......They die nicely, in other words; not like some roses that die like old dishrags."Tea time...Here she is pictured tying the ribbon on one of her antique frocks from her great collection of women's apparel.
Tasha Tudor's book is charming and it whisks me back to when I myself was a child and I played with critters and pretended there were fairies playing in the flower garden.
It is a lovely read accompanied by a cup of fragrant tea! You should get yourself a copy!

To see the rest of the Giveaway, you will have to come back on Tuesday for my tea party, Tea Time Tuesday. Lots of goodies to share with you!

I don't believe I have ever shared with you my Rose Chintz double egg cups. One end holds the egg before it's prepared to eat.
Flip it over and enjoy your freshly boiled egg. I have three of these cups which were given to me by my Auntie P. All three egg cups have some crazing on them which just adds to their character. To the left you see the butter dish which Auntie also gifted me with.
Thanks for visiting and do stop by Beverly's and visit her parade of pinkies.

Have a lovely pink weekend everyone and hope to see you on Tuesday for tea!
Sharing from my heart~ Sandi