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Monday 12 January 2009

Some New Pretties

Good Morning~ I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The other day Hubby & I spent an afternoon with a couple who we have been friends with forever. {He & I had hung around together in High School}. They usually come on my birthday to help me celebrate but because we had that horrible blizzard that day, they came one day last week instead. They arrived with big hugs, a beautifully bagged present, a lovely card, and Chocolate Balls.

The gift bag was so pretty that I hesitated to look inside. Beautiful blue hydrangeas on a perky yellow striped background and lavender tissue peeking up through the top. Very charming!

We enjoyed fellowship and cups of steaming hot tea with the Chocolate Balls and some of my fruitcake.

My friend always finds the loveliest things! She has a good eye for what I like and when she sees something she knows I would love, she picks it up for me. In this case, she had bought this small red oval piece last summer from an estate sale.
I am always amazed at how well the red goes together with my other reds. The white butter dish is a perfect match to the other white pieces I have. Isn't this a thoughtful gift? I have such extravagant friends! And I serve an extravagant God!

Don't you just love the way God blesses us with friends who can really perk up your day?

Enjoy your day and know that You Are Loved!