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Monday 29 June 2009

Blue Monday

Thank you Sally for hosting Blue Monday!

We have been really busy the past couple of weeks and I hadn't a clue what to share with you today, but I went looking through some pictures I had taken over the past week and voila! This is what I came up with!
This little ginger jar is a gift my Auntie P brought back for me from her trip to Florida. It is a lovely shade of blue and cream and adorned with sweet little forget-me-nots. Isn't it adorable? My auntie, Uncle Doug, and his cousin Eric from Scotland, were over for a visit last week.
These lupins are all along the highway of the North Shore. We were on our way to the beach Saturday and stopped to take some pictures. The lupins were so vibrant and blue; well, purple actually. But in the world of gardening, it is considered 'blue.' Once we arrived at the beach, we set up our chairs and other beachy stuff. This is my blue beach towel.
My blue water bottle.
My blue flip-flops. A blue umbrella. The sandhills are off in the distance....a blue horizon. The water was lovely!

It was a lovely day to take a stroll; which we did! We always hate to leave!
It was a nice day to be on the beach. Can't wait to get back! Now go pay a visit to our hostess Sally and see what other blues all the other participants are sharing today. Click here or on the Blue Monday button on my sidebar and have a super day everyone!