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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Soft and Serene

When asked if my cup is half-filled or half-empty; my only response is that I am thankful to have a cup. ~ unknown

Hello dear friends! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. We had a lovely weekend here with beautiful weather and it was much appreciated as summer is winding down. 

I usually try to get a post on in the morning but I was busy making a big pot of soup so I'm a little late getting this on.

A year ago we were reeling from the devastating aftermath of Dorian which left a lot of damage behind. Alas, Cavendish was hit very hard and many of the LM Montgomery sites were in need of repair. But they are doing a wonderful job restoring everything. The many trees will take a while to replace however. We sustained no damage to our property thankfully, but many did. Dorian is hard to forget!

Today, I decided to set out a tea table and I am using my creamy whites. The roses were a surprise and I wanted to use them before they were spent. 
I love white roses as most of you know. I haven't had them for a while so I am loving the softness and beauty they bring to the table!

I am using my Skye McGhee Cream Lace teapot and also Skye McGhee teacups and saucers. I haven't used these pieces for a while so it is nice to bring them out again.

The past couple of weeks I have been baking muffins. Cornmeal, bran and raisin, and coffee cake muffins have all been in my kitchen. The coffee cake are my hubby's favourites. He likes one with his coffee when he gets home from work. So, I try to keep muffins or something sweet on hand at all times.

Family is one of Nature's masterpieces. ~ George Santayana

Tuesday was our oldest son's birthday. 

He was such a pleasant child to bring up and he is a loving and thoughtful son today. He is an encyclopedia of information when it comes to wildlife. If you have a strange bird at your feeder, he can tell you what it is. He is such a joy to us!
Our son has had a hard life over the years which I won't go into right now, and he is facing yet another surgery on his ear later this year. If this one doesn't take, he will have to wear a hearing aid which isn't the end of the world. Still we do pray this surgery will restore some of the hearing he has lost in his left ear.

He is also still feeling the effects of the concussion he sustained a year and a half ago. We wish him the very best in the coming year. He really does deserve it!
My son, you may have outgrown my lap, but never my heart. ~ unknown

I hope you all have a lovely day and the rest of the week will bring you many blessings. Thank you for visiting.

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Another elegant tea setting!

    I used to have the Skye McGhie tea for one set in the same design. But I think I passed it on when I was trying to downsize my collection. Now I wished that I had kept it!

    Happy Birthday to your son! May the ear surgery result in a positive outcome.

  2. Oh I have enjoyed your lovely post, Sandi. That McGhee Lace teapot is a stunner. I used to have one just like it, but one day it started leaking tea from a hairline crack in the body. I was so disappointed. I so enjoy seeing yours. What a treat for your hubby to come home to -- coffee cake muffins -- they sounds quite yummy.

    I hope and pray things go well for your son's surgery.

    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day.
    Brenda xox

  3. Awwww Sandi, what a beautiful, calming tea table you e set with your white. Happy Birthday to your son, and I pray that his surgery does wonders for his hearing. He certainly is a handsome son! I’m sure you hubby is loving all your muffin baking! Blessings to you, dear friend.

  4. Beautiful post, Sandi, as always. I hope your son's ear surgery goes well. I hope he is not too discouraged about the effects of the concussion 1 1/2 years ago. Recovery can take a long time, but one day ...

  5. Beautiful tea setting. And happy birthday to you son!

  6. Beautiful tea time table setting. The white gives off a feeling of peacefulness which is something we might all need to feel right about now. Best wishes and prayers for your son.

  7. Will pray for your son Sandi. What a nice looking young man he is. I love, love, love your teapot and teacups. So very pretty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Your posts are always so restful and calming to me Sandi. All the best for your son as he continues his recovery.

  9. I have often prayed for your son since the concussion. I'm so sorry he is still feeling the effects of it after all this time, but I do know it can take years. Will certainly pray for his upcoming surgery for a good outcome.

    Coffee cake muffins sound so good! I have taken to turning muffin recipes into coffeecakes lately as it's so much easier to just spoon batter into one pan rather than a dozen small ones. I think I'll be baking some muffins for an upcoming getaway, though!

  10. I can't believe he's still feeling that concussion, sad. It also surprises me at times how long problems occur when they happen. I pray his surgery is a success 🙏.

    You always have pretty pieces you share with us. I have been beginning to bake a bit with the change in season. I'm not a baker when it's hot outside.


  11. You have yet again created a lovely tea table for us to enjoy with you. Thank you, Sandi. So sorry to hear your son has to undergo yet another surgery. Praying all goes well. He is in Good Hands, so try not to have too much trepidation.

    Stay well.

  12. Beautiful roses, and tea things! I'm glad that you can see the restoration of things destroyed by that storm.

    Prayers for your son. That is a wonderful quote!

  13. Happy Birthday to your handsome and sweet son. Praying for his hearing loss situation as well as the recovery from that injury last year. Loved seeing your pretty white roses and white tea sets. I love muffins too, and have been trying to bake some every week. I try to bake the bran muffins with some kind of fruit in them. I think those are healthy" for me. I hope you are doing well and that autumn will bring lovely days to you all.


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