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Monday, 25 November 2019

No Place Like Home

Home is the heart of life... Home is where we feel at ease, where we belong, where we can create our surroundings that reflect our tastes and pleasures...Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone. ~ Terence Conran

Hello dear friends and welcome! A month from today is Christmas Day and it is that time of year when we are all thinking about the Holidays. My American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and then they will move right on into the Christmas season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

When I think of Thanksgiving, I always remember the holiday is not only for family and friends to gather together for a special meal but it is a time to give thanks to the One who has supplied us with the abundance of the many blessings that we enjoy every single day. 
It is from His hand that we receive these blessings.

There is tragedy and turmoil in different parts of the world and I am blessed to be able to sit here with a roof over my head, food in the fridge, lovely china in my cupboards, pretty clothes in my closet, and just a few minutes away, the love of my life is working at a job he enjoys. We have a loving family and good friends. One doesn't have to go too far to find someone who can lend a hand should we need one. 

Life is a gift! Today, and every day you wake up, is a gift from God. Remember to thank Him for it.

What are you thankful for, dear friends? Would you care to share?

Yesterday, Hubby and I went out for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and because I admired their tree so much, he snapped a picture to share with you. It is a lovely welcome when one enters the restaurant. The tree is always decorated the same way each year, but it is so pretty; very simple, yet festive with the berries and ribbons.

I am in the middle of decorating my home now. The tree is up in the living room and the mantel is decorated. I'm just adding a few touches here and there, then I will finish in the kitchen and family room.



The mantel is simple because I didn't want to detract from the deer. But I also wanted it to tie in with the tree. 

I am so thankful for this time of year! I have always found November to be a drab and rainy month, {when we're not getting snow like we did last year}, but Christmas decorations and the anticipation of the Holidays makes it lovely. The music and going out of one's way to make someone's day, giving to others, makes it all the more beautiful. So, take a deep breath amidst all the busyness of the next few weeks and focus on what is important. Make this the best Thanksgiving and Holiday season of all.

I am delighted to have you join me today. If you have something to share, simply let me know in a comment and I will add your blog to the list of participants. I will be happy to come and visit you.

Please share any of the following: Cooking and baking, recipes, antiquing, artwork, ceramics, crafts, crocheting/knitting, quilting/sewing, collections, floral arranging, home decor, homemaking tips, hospitality, refinishing furniture, tea time, tablescapes, thrift shopping etc....Maybe there's a new baby in the family or you have a new fur baby you would like to introduce us to. They are welcome too! 

Anything and everything which makes your HOME more enjoyable to come HOME to, for your family, your friends, and yourself. 

Lord, this humble house we'd keep 
Sweet with play and calm with sleep. 
Help us so that we may give 
Beauty to the lives we live. 
Let Thy love and let Thy grace 
Shine upon our dwelling place. - 
Edgar A. Guest

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. We do have so much to be thankful for! I love the photograph of the tree in the restaurant you shared. I love it when businesses decorate. It helps make everything so bright and cheerful! I am very much looking forward to Christmas. It is hard to believe it is one month away!

    Since Thanksgiving is this week, I thought I would share an old post sharing a little about Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts. I also talk a little about how difficult it can be, at times, to afford all the food for the traditional meal. It is called, "Preparing for a New England Thanksgiving." Here is the link:

    Thank you so much for hosting this party. I enjoying visiting everyone and reading their posts.

  2. Good Morning, Sandi! I was coming for a quick visit, but I see I need to come back and be leisurely about it, you have lots of lovely things to read. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful gifts have in my life... family, friends, roof over my head, nice things to eat, nice things to wear, safety, comfort in so many ways. A good week to remember and give thanks. We're in holiday mood, no decorating yet except for a few twinkle lights. I'm starting a few Christmas cards (for snail mail), made my list last evening while watching The Crown, episode one, season one.

    I'm share more when I come back... Happy Monday!

  3. I do love this time of year. It gives me the feeling of hope. We will soon be decorating and enjoying this very special season.

    Please add my blog to you link. Thank you again for hosting.


  4. So, so much to be thankful for, Sandi!

    Many times I just thank God for having a home, when so many in our world are homeless. Nearly every day I thank Him for heat, electricity, and hot water. I praise Him for the gift of life, and for the gift of eternal life through His Son. I'm so thankful to have a copy of the Bible in my own language and to be able to read it.

    And all of the many, many other gifts God gives us -- things you mentioned like food and clothing, family and friends, meaningful work and much much more.

    For this week's party I would like to share this post: from my Christmas blog. Thanks for hosting!

  5. I always enjoy visiting your lovely blog, my friend. Yes please, share my post with your party. Your mantle looks so pretty!!! I have been decorating, too, since my daughter is having Thanksgiving. We do have much to be grateful for, and I write down something I'm grateful for each day in a journal. Blessings to you this week as your enjoy your beautiful home. Thank you for hosting, Sandi!

  6. Good Morning Sandi. Your deer look at home on your fireplace.
    Yes, we have a lot to be grateful for. Living in our beautiful country. If we have our health, we have a lot to be thankful for.
    I had cataract surgery last week. I will share my seaglass ornaments. I did them before my surgery and put the blog together this morning. I hope not to have any typing errors. My left eye should be done this Winter sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your post is always a gift...Beautiful pictures and stunning header!Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I agree that we have much to be thankful for! Right now, I'm grateful that the terrible headache that plagued me last night and this morning is finally gone.

    Your mantle looks great, Sandi! I finally put up my Christmas tree last weekend. I'll be sharing pics in an upcoming post.

  9. Your Thanksgiving wishes are most appreciated,Sandi, and you're so is a gift and we have so much to be thankful for. It's wonderful to set aside a day to celebrate our blessings and praise the One who gives them.
    The deer on your mantle look perfect!

  10. What a wonderful way to share our blessings! I'm thankful for my family and friends and still be healthy enough to get out on the trails to hike. It's helped me in so many ways! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. What a beautiful post...I just love this time of year. I have so much to be thankful for, especially this year. Although there are still more questions than answers about the state of my health, I am SO grateful to our God for being so faithful and for making it possible for us to retire and relocate to TN. Even in uncertain times, God always has all the answers. I pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  12. What a beautiful post from a beautiful lady (inside and out),Sandi. I,too, have much to be thankful for even though I am not where I want to be this year. By next year, I hope we have found a new home and can decorate it to my heart's content AMD pull out my china!!!

    Have a blessed, wonderful weekend. xo Diana


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