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Wednesday, 6 March 2019


It is always safe to dream of spring. For it is sure to come; and if it be not just as we have pictured it, it will be infinitely sweeter. ~ LM Montgomery - The Story Girl

When the sun is up earlier and higher in the sky; when there are only a couple of weeks of winter left, one begins to notice signs. 

There is only a certain time of year that the sun light hits the crystal finial on top of our lamp in the living room and a prism effect reflects on the wall behind it. 

The driveway is bare most days now and the ice and snow are slowly going down. We have been having snow storms once a week, in fact we had a big one on Monday, but I know the newly fallen snow isn't going to stay around very long. March is here! Winter is almost over.

At the feeders, one can see the goldfinches are beginning to change from their olive feathers into their bright yellow plumage. That is a good sign!

When I see these signs, my heart feels lighter and there's a song in my heart because I know Spring is coming! I understand completely why the young calves, when they are let loose from the barns, are frisky and kicking up their heels in glee. Spring is upon us! 

The dictionary defines spring fever as a feeling of excitement and restlessness at the beginning of spring. It is any number of mood, physical, or behavioural changes which may be experienced coinciding with the arrival of spring.

There is a definite change in people's countenances. It's been a very long, cold winter and we're all ready for spring here on PEI.

When I took the Christmas tree down in January, I left the mantel decorated but switched out the poinsettias for roses. 

I will be packing this away next week as I will be decorating for springtime. We will miss the soft glow of the lights in the room. It was always nice to sip our tea and coffee in there with the glow of the mantel's lighting. But spring is coming and a fresh new arrangement on the mantel will be so welcome.

My poinsettia is still doing well although it is thought of as a Christmas plant. The bright pop of pink in the room has been enjoyed over the winter months and with spring coming, it still looks lovely.

With St Patrick's Day on the way, I sneaked a little green into my tea time with this teapot. It has a soft green background.
I am having tea by myself today because Hubby is working. I decided to have some cheesecake with it. Isn't it pretty? Strawberry swirl cheesecake.
Tea is like a hug and a handshake; something about it warms friendships and inspires confidences. ~ Victoria magazine

I would love for you to join me! It's no trouble to set out another cup and another slice of dessert. 

Before I go, I want to thank all of you dear ladies who have prayed for my son, Jeff. He is having a rough go of it and his concussion isn't getting any better. He will know more what is going on once the results of the ct scan come back. 

Meanwhile, he is very dizzy from the vertigo which bothers him even when he tries to sleep. When he goes out for an appointment, someone has to drive him. It is sad to see my big strapping boy so helpless. Bless his heart!

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. ~ Mother Teresa

Thank you for your visit and do take care. Enjoy the rest of your week and God bless you!

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Still praying for your son. May God send good answers and healing to him very soon. Love your teapot lovely and springy. Yes, even in Florida we are anxious for spring to get here and stay here. It is quite chilly today, but the sun is shining and we are thankful. Would love to see some goldfinches. They never seem to come to our yard, even though I have put out the kind of seeds they like. They have their routines and routes planned and we didn't make the list. But we have many other birds that we love, so that is okay. I'm glad you are enjoying them!!

    1. Thank you, Pamela! We get a lot of goldfinches once April arrives but we do have a few during the winter too.

  2. I cannot wait for Spring and my Mother always believed in signs. I will say a prayer for your Son. I can only imagine what he is going through.

  3. Your beautiful teapot and strawberry swirl cheesecake make a visual feast as well as a literal one. I add my prayers for your son - vertigo is indeed terrifying and debilitating. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Thank you, Joy! I appreciate your prayers and your visit.

  5. Vertigo is one of the worst sensations there is. I'm praying for your son that the doctors are able to get to the bottom of this and then find something to relieve this awful symptom.

    The teapot with green background ... simply gorgeous, and that strawberry swirl cheesecake looks fabulous!

  6. What a beautiful teapot! I also liked how your dessert matched your tea set.

    Continued prayers for your son.

  7. Sigo orando al trono de la gracia por tu hijo🙏🙏

  8. Sandi I'm praying for your son. He must be a bit frightened and very frustrated.

    Such a beautiful teapot. This is one of my favorites you have shown over the years.


  9. Sandy,
    Definitely sending prayers for your son's recovery... Concussions can be such tricky things...What a lovely tea cup and tea pot... Such a charming pattern...No signs of Spring here yet...Thanks for taking the time to stop by and to leave such a kind comment!!

  10. Sandi, thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on spring. I'm so sorry about your son's accident. I do hope he is better soon. He may be one who is never bothered again once he recovers or, like my husband, have some lasting (but tolerable) effects. It's very frustrating for him and difficult for all of you, but patience … Wishing you and yours all the best.

  11. Yes, I'd love to join you, my friend! Your tea time is just lovely, and oh my, but that teapot is a mouth hung open when I saw it!! My sweet tooth would love some of that cheesecake. I'm still praying for your dear son, Sandi. I'm sure he is so frustrated in not feeling like himself. God bless him!

  12. I'd love to join you for a piece of that delicious cheesecake. I'm glad that spring is beginning, albeit slowly. It's been unseasonably cold here, too, and we're all longing for sunny, warm days.
    I'm sorry Jeff is still experiencing concussion symptoms. I pray that he will heal well, and that he will be able to be patient with himself. It's difficult.

  13. Sandi- What a beautiful post. Your posts are always so pretty. I always come away a bit hungry though. lol
    I am so sorry that Jeff is still experiencing those symptoms. So awful. My grandgirl has had 3 concussions in 2 years -one very serious one and she has dizzy spells and 'blank' spots, too. Certainly nothing to fool with. Let me know if you would like me to do a prayer post for Jeff on my blog. I would be most happy to do that for him/you. xo Diana

  14. Dear Sandi, I have been out of pocket but oh I will lift your son up to our Lord. Bless his heart. I love the roses on your mantle piece and lady, that cheesecake looks so yummy. I am trying to get a little appetite back somewhat from being so sick but that looks good! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Sandi, I am so sorry to hear about your son's accident. When our kids are hurting it is so hard. Take care and you are always in my thoughts and prayers..Judy

  16. OH Yes, I'd love to join you for tea Sandi... You little teapot is so charming . I do love the deep rosy pink of your teacups. It's such a nice idea to decorate the seasons... It does lift the heart in preparation for the coming of Spring. I too am noticing tiny changes in the weather and environment even though we still have 6-8 foot snow walls. There is always the hope when the ise and snow slid from the roof tops.

    I'm so sorry about your son, but know the dilemma all too well as my son too is still stuggling too. It breaks a mother's heart. ... however... I always feel there is a solution to everything if we just have faith and patience. I will be sending healing thoughts and prayers you way Dear Lady... ENJOY your week...HUGS

  17. Good morning, Sandi, greetings from Virginia... Spring has sprung here..the daffodils and pansies are blooming and there is a freshness in the breeze. Hopefully, the March winds will dry up our boggy ground,,we’ve had more than our share of rain. I so enjoyed visiting with you this morning. What a lovely way to transition from Christmas to winter..I love the rose effect. And it accents the gorgeous teapot. I never thought to add a dash of green to my tea. I’m having a dessert this weekend. I may borrow that idea!
    I am so sorry about Jeff and I know how disconcerting vertigo can be. I get it with really bad sinus infections. I will definitely be praying for this all to pass quickly. Praying, as well, that the scan shows nothing alarming but that given just a bit more time he will soon be feeling so much better. I shared about your blog on a post yesterday so you may get a few new visits. I said if they needed more beauty and gentulity in their day to stop by here. Blessings to you and your dear family.

  18. Sandi,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Glad you enjoyed seeing the transferware!!

  19. Oh Sandi, so sorry to read about your son Jeff and his concussion! I've had vertigo myself, not from a concussion, and it is completely disabling. Has he tried the Eply maneuver to see if perhaps that might help? It is a maneuver to help vertigo, and a physical therapist is able to help do this. I pray that he gets some answers and help soon from the doctors.

    I enjoyed your tea party and how I would have loved to join you for that delightful tea and cheesecake, oh so yummy! Isn't it great to see how the earth is moving closer to the sun, and to see those sparkles on your wall, and new colors in the goldfinches, all of it pointing to spring weather on the horizon! Definitely looking forward to spring, it has been a long winter here too.

    Blessings and hugs :)


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