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Monday, 25 February 2019

Purple Pansies and Violets, Roses and Tulips

Call me old-fashioned but I believe that...enjoying the simple things in life, being thankful and content with what you have will give you a sense of well being, peace and joy. ~ unknown

Good morning dear friends! It's the last week of February and I thought I should bring out my Purple Pansies teapot and my RA Violets teacups for the month of February. My roses from Valentine's Day are still doing well and Hubby brought home some pretty tulips so I have set everything out on the table in the front room. 

My crocheted tablecloth is on the table and I especially like it this time of year because it looks like it has snowflakes crocheted in it.

My dear son fell on the ice on Valentine's Day and he has a bad concussion so I made some chocolate chip muffins and we took them over to him. I knew the boys could all enjoy them. The next day I made another batch of muffins because my hubby likes them too. So, we will have some muffins with our cuppa today.

I have two of these February Violet teacups. One was from my hubby's aunt and the other belonged to his mother. I treasure them both especially now that both ladies have passed.

The Purple Pansies teapot usually only comes out in February as do the teacups so I'll enjoy them for a few more days.

When we sip tea, we are on our way to serenity. ~ 
Alexandra Stoddard

The violets and the tulips remind me that Spring is on the way! Although we are still having snow storms {in fact, we're having a storm today} and there is a lot of ice around, we know Spring is only three and a half weeks away. I will be happy when it arrives. It has been a long winter with snow arriving in November and never leaving.

I know two of my blogger friends celebrate a birthday this month. Happy Birthday,
Bernideen and Kitty

Have a wonderful week everyone, and prayers for my son would be appreciated. Thank you and the Lord bless you!

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. I love pretty tea cups. I love to watch Victoria on Masterpiece Theater as they so elegantly sip their tea from lovely china.

  2. Sweet post, yes, I agree in living with what we have. Still, I can't resist picking up a pretty cup or two in a thrift store! I love your violets, so pretty! Comments have become so rare---I just had to let you know---someone lingered on your post!

  3. Lovely table. Someone recently told me the younger generation are not interested in anything tea time related. Which saddened my heart. Your February tea cups are so lovely and memorable.

  4. I love your violet and pansy dishes. They are so pretty. Also the tablecloth is beautiful. A lot of nice work went into it. I'd like one of those muffins. They look so good.
    Sorry to hear about your son's fall. It is so icy this Winter, I don't go out unless I have to. It is storming today. I'll be happy when this Winter is finished. Have a good week. Thelma xo


  5. I'm so sorry about your son's concussion, my friend. Prayers will be said for him. You were an ever thoughtful mom to bring homemade muffins to home.
    Of course I just love your beautiful February teacup (and now I have one, too!), and thank you for remembering Bernideen and me. Our birthdays are just a few days a part and we both had milestone ones!! I hope you have a lovely week and that Spring comes early for you. Love and hugs, Kitty

  6. Hope your son is on the mend and so sorry to read about his fall. Concussions are tough. Such a wonderful mom to bring chocolate chip muffins. I am sure your husband is happy you made him a barch.

    I'm loving the pansy teapot. O also love the shape.

    Enjoy your tea


  7. Oh My Gosh falling on this ice is the worst thing for anybody,hopefully he will fully recover

    I want a February tea cup and saucier and always looking for an affordable one, they are so so pretty

  8. Dear Sandi:
    Thank you for the birthday greeting! I am feeling some spring inspiration just reading your blog and seeing the pretty photos! Hope your son totally recovers and is already better. I have slipped a few times out walking this winter. It happens so quick but fortunately I didn't fall. Have a great week!

  9. What a beautiful tea time! This purple lover is swooning over your pretty pansies and violet teawares.

    I'll keep your injured son in my prayer.

  10. What an adorable tablescape!Gorgeous china and stunning tablecloth.Sweet tulips too!I hope your son gets better soon.Blessings!

  11. Purple pansies always remind me of my grandmother for they were her favourite flower. Your tea pot and teacups are perfectly suited for February. I hope your sweet son is recovering well from his concussion. Not fun.

  12. What a lovely post! Sweet tea set pieces! The muffins are making me hungry.

    Hope your son feels better soon.

    Love that statue of the couple, very romantic.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  13. I love your tea time posts! Will you share the name of your dancing couple, please?

  14. My birthday is in February so the teacups are my month! I also have teacups from dear departed relatives that I treasure. They give teatime a special significance.

  15. Sandi,
    Such a lovely tea post with such lovely pieces!! I always love it when you showcase your pansy tea cups!! Thanks so much , my dear friend, for stopping by and for commenting both on the post about me no longer being physically able to work and on the post about my Dad.... When the last cortisone shot only lasted about 3 weeks, I knew I was in trouble. But I was able to hold the surgery off for 6 years so it was expected that I was not going to make it much longer...I had hoped to continue to be able to work up until the surgery but I just can not physically do so and it is a good thing because with all the trouble that is going on at work, my stress level was through the roof and I just was not feeling well. Now I can focus on getting myself ready for the surgery.... I may need the other knee done too but we will investigate that possibility once I have the first one done....Again, thanks so much for taking the time to visit!!

  16. Wow, praying for your son now. So glad it wasn't worse, but a concussion is bad enough. I know your choc. chip muffins have to be helping him feel better. I love your purple pansy tea pot and Feb. teacup. I had a teacup just like that, but gave it to my friend who has a Feb. 28th birthday last year. Which reminds me, her birthday is Thursday, and I don't have a gift...maybe I need to bake some muffins! Please take care and stay warm and safe. Praying for your son.

  17. Prayers for your son. ALways grateful to pray for those around us. I hope he will be better soon. I love love your tea shares. Where do these months go? They fly by and seem to disappear into a new month and than year. Good to see you here Sandi. Enjoy your weekend and take care. HUGS and LOVE


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