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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Home Made Memories

When I was a little girl,
I always wanted to be in the kitchen
because it was warm,
and that's where my mother was.
You never lose that feeling. ~ Dolly Parton

Actually, that was where my grandmother was. My mother didn't like being in the kitchen. She preferred to paint or sketch. She was more artistic and she loved to decorate rather than cook. 
Although I did paint and I did a lot of sketching, it was my grandmother who I took after. I loved being in the kitchen creating a lovely pie or chewy molasses cookies for my family. 

I can still see my Granny's pantry off her big kitchen. It was always filled with jams, jellies, and pickles, cakes, pies, and her jars of cookies. Like most grannies in those days, she baked bread every day too. Her home was a real haven for me.
It was in my Granny's pantry that I decided as a little girl, when I grew up my counter would hold jars of home made cookies and other treats just like my Granny's. 

My children never wanted for home made goodies. It always gave me a sense of accomplishment to see their little faces light up when they got home from school to find Mommy had been baking. How I miss those days!

She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. ~ Proverbs 31:27

Last week I shared a war cake which I had watched my Granny make and today I am having tea biscuits with my tea. 

Why biscuits? Well, they are somewhat of a staple in our home. Hubby loves them with peanut butter or jam. I won't share the recipe because I have shared it before and I imagine most of you have your own.

Some folks call these scones but when I make scones, they have fruit and nutmeg in them and are sprinkled with sugar or a glaze. I also usually cut them into triangles. 

I have never made my own lemon curd. Now I realize, for Jean and others who take their cooking seriously, you may be surprised but for some reason I have just never gotten around to it. 
I do have a jar of lemon curd that I picked up at the tea room we frequent during the summertime. It comes from Britain and so far, it is the best I have had. 

I am sharing a beautiful vintage Royal Albert teacup which my Auntie P blessed me with. It is from the Regal Series.
The other teacup I shared last week and I thought the blues would go together nicely.

I pulled out these sweet Adelaide Blue plates to use for our biscuits. The butter knife is vintage and came with my mother's silver.

It is dreary out right now because the sun is taking its time coming out. So, my pictures are a bit dark, sorry.

The table is set. Won't you join us?
Through the doors, you can see the larches are bright yellow now and soon their needles will fall. I miss their splendid bright green and look forward to when they bud again in the Spring.

Today is a special day in our family because it is our grandson's birthday. Happy Birthday Brent! What a sweet young man he is!

Tomorrow is November 1st and soon the decorations will be going up. The most  joyous time of the year is almost upon us. Thank you for visiting and take care, dear friends.

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. ~ Camille Pissarro

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  1. Good Morning, Sandi. I love your china and that War Cake looks so good. It sure would be tasty with my cup of tea I am drinking right now.
    Today is my grandson's birthday also, he's 14.

  2. Oh my, what a lovely setting! I enjoyed your childhood reminiscences and how you loved being in the kitchen with your Granny when she baked and cooked.

    That tea table looks so inviting. Yes please, I'd love to join you. I really like those Adelaide Blue plates.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Sandi!
    Brenda xox

  3. Hello Sandi, what a delightful post on this dreary day in the Northeast part of Washington. Funny that I mentioned Larches in today's post, too. That Royal Albert tea cup and saucer is very special. I've never seen that pattern before. The shape is always a clear giveaway, though. Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  4. Lembrança de infância é tudo de bom.
    Abraço carinhoso no seu neto pelo aniversário.

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandson! I'd love to join your blue and white-themed tea. I'm also looking forward to putting up the Christmas decor.

  6. I make scones that look like your biscuits! I love any scone! You are such a sweet spirit Sandi! Thanks for your lovely, gentle posts!

    I can't believe its nearly time to decorate for Christmas! Joy!

  7. Hi Sandi,
    It is nice to have those lovely memories of your Grannies home.
    I, too remember the days of children coming home to homemade goodies
    straight from the quickly time goes by.
    Soon we will be enjoying the joys of the Christmas season!
    Take care,

  8. Happy birthday Brent. Handsome young man there. Oh I love reading about your memories in the kitchen with your granny. Same here! I have so many wonderful memories in the kitchen with my granny. She would pull a stool or chair to the counter for me to stand on and teach me how to bake biscuits. AMONG many other things. There is just something about the smell of granny and the kitchen that brings a smile to face. Love that pretty tea cup Sandi. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson, Brent!
    Your tea table is set so prettily, Sandi. I loved hearing the memories of you baking with your granny. I hope that one day, my own grands will have treasured memories of me baking with them. I wish we could enjoy Christmas decorations much longer, like you do in Canada. Happy tea time, my friend! Love and hugs are sent to you, Kitty

  10. Your granny sounds like a real granny...I would love to have had a granny like her. I really didn't get to know my grandma on my mother's side very well. She lived far away and was always sick when we visited. But I know in her younger days she did a lot of those things. My other grandma lived closer to home, but she just wasn't that real homey grandma. She did bake good cookies for Christmas and I have her recipe for Sand Tarts and make them every year. Happy Birthday to your handsome grandson! We are just getting ready to decorate for Thanksgiving, and I guess you have already had that. I won't do any Christmas decorating until after that, if then. We are trying to sell our house and I don't really want to do much decorating this year. But we shall see. Things are moving rather slowly, so I may end up doing more than planned. I hope you have a lovely November. Love that tea cup and your biscuits look good!! My hubby enjoys real biscuits also, with butter and jam. Or applesauce!! Have a blessed day.

  11. Happy Birthday to your grandson, handsome.

    A bit behind. I had my infusion this week.

    Your tea looks lovely and beautiful cup. Hope the weather has improved.

    Enjoy your weekend


  12. I love reading your sweet posts...Happy Belated Birthday to your cute Grand!How charming your table is...That Royal Albert teacup is fabulous...I wish my English was better so I could tell you about my Grandma and my sweet memories too...Anyway your post made me smile,thanks!

  13. Beautiful tea cup, plate and tea time table setting. I too so enjoyed making special goodies for my three sons when they were young. And I enjoy now too when they come to visit. Its always fun to look forward to decorating for the Holidays.

  14. I'm late to this post, but enjoyed it thoroughly. The tea cup is beautiful! My mother always had baking on hand and we rarely had anything from the store. I still bake for my husband, but I don't eat very much of it. Biscuits are so delicious, and a lovely tea treat that isn't sweet.
    Enjoy this month of November and the preparations ahead.

  15. Happy birthday to your Grandson. I remember how happy I was to make homemade cookies for the boys when they came home for school. I have always loved to bake too and make a snug home. Thanks for sharing for Home Sweet Home!

  16. Sandi, what a beautiful post! Love your grandmother story. And your photos are beautiful--they make me want to walk right into the scene! There's nothing wrong with a good store-bought lemon curd, but if you'd like to make your own sometime, I posted my recipe a couple years ago. I've never had peanut butter on a biscuit before, but now I'm going to try it! Thank you for your well wishes last week. I'm feeling better every day and even managed to post a new recipe.

  17. I love this post, Sandi. There is something to be said for traditions and old recipes that are handed down. I have a ginger cookie that I make every year that is dense and moist and topped with a buttercream frosting with one half of a walnut placed precisely in the center of the icing....just like my grandmother made hers.

    Great picture of your grandson. He looks a lot like my youngest daughter's oldest boy (who is 9 now). I can picture him a little older now. Happy Birthday to your handsome son -even if he isn't very 'colorful'. lol

    Have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana


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