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Monday, 2 October 2017

October Blues and Pumpkin Pie

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery

Hello my lovely friends and thank you for stopping by for a visit. Please make yourself at home. 

October is here and with it comes the changing of nature all around us. Soon the trees will be dressed in their fall colours and the ground will be strewn with fallen leaves under foot. With October comes a chill in the air so we have our fires burning to make our homes cozier. More and more we are snuggling indoors.

The brisk Autumn air often sparks the urge to come indoors and rekindle the spirit of hearth and home. ~ Victoria magazine

I was overwhelmed by your sweet comments last week! I hesitated to share that post but my hubby thought that I should. I hope I was able to bless someone out there by posting it. That was my intention.

As we have opportunity, let us do good unto all men. ~ Galatians 6:10

This is the goal of my blog; to be a blessing to all of you as you are to me. Each day has enough trouble of its own and it's helpful to dwell on lovely things and pleasant conversation.

We had a set of new steps built the other day for our front door. The first set, made of cement, had just been thrown there by the builders and after time they sank and were crooked so I was always hesitant to decorate out there for fear it would only bring attention to how crooked the steps were. Not only were they crooked but we couldn't use them because they had sunk too low. 

We also had an Alberta spruce cut down to make room for them because the shrub was taking over the old steps. Anyway, now we've got a nice set of wooden ones and they make such a difference. 

I am trying to embrace the Autumn season so I got my pumpkins and I bought a new wreath for the front door. 

Here I lightened it up for you so you could see the lotus seed pods and the true colour of the ribbon which is a soft cocoa brown.

I have always made my own wreaths but with my hand and wrist in the condition they are in, I decided to purchase one this year. Got it for 60% off too so that's not bad! I couldn't make it for what I paid for it. 

Here it is on my yellow door as well as our new steps decorated with pumpkins and mums.

I went to see a hand surgeon the other day and it seems I have carpal tunnel syndrome. This is my new fashion accessory which I have to wear 24-7 for a month, then sporadically after that. Hopefully that will fix it.

For now, I have dodged another surgery and for that I am very grateful. I am managing to work with this lovely thing on my hand/wrist although it's not easy. Sometimes it is a real pain; pun intended.

Our Canadian Thanksgiving is next week and I've been craving pumpkin pie. 'Tis the season for it, isn't it?

I hadn't been able to enjoy the last two pies I made because they made me ill. Turned out it was my gallbladder robbing me of the foods I have always loved but now that I am without the cranky organ, I can enjoy my favourite pie again. I almost always make a crustless pumpkin pie; less calories and gluten-free. If you would like the recipe you can find it here.

What Keats aptly called 
'the season of mellow fruitfulness'
is the season for simmering pots on the stove,
pies in the oven,
canning jars in the cupboard,
and trusted family recipes
on the kitchen counter. ~ Celebrating Home

Dollops of real whipped cream on a scrumptious slice of pie and a hot cup of tea is just the thing on a cool day such as this.

I love spending time in the kitchen this time of year, don't you? When I was a little girl I loved being in my Granny's kitchen because it was warm and there was always something delicious baking in her oven. Best of all, she was there! Such lovely memories I have of her. I think I got my homemaker heart from her. My Auntie P always told me I got it from my grandmother so that must be so.

What we remember from childhood we remember forever. ~ Cynthia Ozick

Today I am using my Johnson Bros. Devon Cottage teapot which was a Christmas gift from my hubby a couple of years ago. It holds pumpkin chai tea. 

This teacup is made by Enoch Wedgwood, Royal Homes of Britain, made in the 1950's with Balmoral Castle of Scotland depicted on it and trimmed with a floral border around the saucer. 

The other is Tulip Time, made by JB. It's hardly tulip time but the teacup looks wonderful with the other blue and whites. I love the scalloped edge around the saucer!

To beat fatigue, you'll all agree, there's nothing like a cup of tea. ~ unknown

The other day I spied these tea plates while out shopping for a new purse. I didn't find a purse and I had no intention of buying any more china but I couldn't resist these. They go perfectly with my blue and whites, don't you think? At just a few dollars each I thought they were a great buy. 

The pattern is called Victorian Calico and they are made by Queens-Churchill in England.

They are almost identical to Burleigh Calico which I love! Several companies produce the calico pattern and although this is not Burleigh, I'm happy to have found them.

So, what do you think? Would you like to join me for tea and pumpkin pie?

I apologize for the long post. I always set out to do a short one and somehow they usually end up being as long as my arm.

Have a lovely week everyone and God bless you!

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 Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Your yellow door and steps look so pretty and perfect for fall. I tried making my own wreaths and was not really good at it. I also have carpal tunnel too and do not want surgery. The hand brace did help me and I use it every now and than. I have had friends who had the surgery only for it to come back again.

  2. I look forward to seeing your posts on Monday....I saw something in your post that made me smile....the little chairs that we use to use in Sunday School when I was a child....I have three of them myself when our church updated and got new children's chairs...Blessings for a wonderful fall week.

  3. I like the dappled light on your porch photo. The wooden steps are a great look. I'm glad you wrote about those plates, because I was admiring them all the way through and thinking that they looked like Burleigh Ware. Where did you find them, if you don't mind my asking?
    I hope that the brace will do the trick for your carpal tunnel problems.
    Pumpkin pies will be made here next weekend! Have a wonderful week.

  4. Love your plates, Sandi! Very pretty! The pumpkin pie looks good. I made one this weekend too. I use the recipe off the Libby's can. I had carpal tunnel in both wrists. It's a problem often associated with repetitive motion, such as computer use. I had cortisone injections in both wrists. It took care of the left one permanently - no problems since and it's been years. The right one worked for a time, then I had it repeated, and I have few symptoms since. The symptoms I have now are if I'm on the computer too much, and also at night, especially if I raise my arm above my head. I have worn braces in the past as well. I probably still should at night. My current symptoms are mild and I have no need or intention for surgery. Hope you are as fortunate.

  5. Lovely post! Thank you for the passage of Galatians 6:10!!! After that horrible shooting in Las Vegas it is good to read that passage. Love your crustless pie. I will have to search the internet for a similar recipe. Thank you for your post Sandi!! Blessings!

  6. Back again. I had to comment on your beautiful wreath and the new front steps to your house. What a difference they make in curb appeal of your home. Your new chintz plates are really sweet. I wish you a wonderful October and Thanksgiving blessings. Hugs. Pam

  7. Yes please, I'd love to join you for tea and a slice of your pumpkin pie!! I'm so happy that you can enjoy all your favorite treats again, my friend.
    Your new steps, your wreath and your decor on your steps is ever so lovely.
    Thank you for the verse from Galatians, Sandi. One of my very favorite verses is Galatians 5:22-23.
    Your new plates are wonderful, and look so perfect with all the rest of your blue and white. Don't you love the contrast of orange with the blue??
    Enjoy your preparations for your Thanksgiving. Love and hugs!
    p.s. I hope the brace works wonders for you and your carpal tunnel.

  8. I love your new blue and white calico plates! A long time ago, I received a blue & white calico cow creamer made by Royal Crownford Staffordshire and it's still one of my favorites. And decorating with blue & white with orange for Fall looks fabulous.
    Dealing with carpal tunnel is not fun. I got mine from hand quilting and had it in both hands. I chose to have surgery on my right hand and got good results. I still get some numbness in my left hand when gripping the steering wheel or holding the hair dryer. I have started doing some quilting again after a long break. but I limit the time to 2 hours and wear a brace on my right hand at night.
    Your Fall porch and new steps look great!

  9. I'd love to join you for a cup of tea and pumpkin pie! I'm loving your impulse purchase of the pretty calico plates--they blend beautifully with your other blue and white transferwares.

    Your new wooden steps look great! My parents' cement steps on their front porch have also sunk down and need to be lifted or replaced.

    I'm sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel syndrome. I hope that the splint helps manage the symptoms.

  10. After reading your post, I am looking forward to our own Thanksgiving here in the US. Your pie and tea sound delicious and look lovely presented on/in your blue and white china.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is no fun. I pray this splint will help in your healing process.

    Love, hugs ~ & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  11. So happy you don't need another surgery. You have a wonderful collection of dishes. Nothing like fresh whipped cream


  12. Loved this warm and welcoming post today. Would love to sit by your fire and enjoy some pumpkin pie and a cup of tea with you. The blue and white dishes are all so pretty...perfect for the orange of the pumpkin pie! Your new front steps are perfect! I know you will enjoy them so much...and they look lovely all decorated for fall. I am sorry about your carpel tunnel. I had that some years ago, but it eventually went away and I didn't need surgery. I had to change the way I was doing some things at the time (job related), and God provided a new job for me and healed my wrist. It was all a blessing...and I've never had the carpel tunnel come back. So I pray it will be that way for you. the wrist brace was a big help. Please take care and don't overdo it! Rest is an important part of any kind of healing. Enjoy your October days. We are still waiting for the cooler temps here in Florida. Today was better than day at a time!!

  13. Love your blue and white. I'm going to have to get some white pumpkins. I see them in blog posts and think they are so pretty. I had my hand in the same contraption after some surgery ... It works! Your new wreath is wonderful. Happy Tea Day. Wishing you well....

  14. I'll be right there! Oh, how I wish! Your post is cheery and I am glad!

    Such pretty dishes, and tea cups!

  15. Hello! I popped over to visit from Creekside Cottage, and oh, tea and pie and conversation sounds so nice! I love your new dishes. I do the same thing - shop for one thing and come home with something completely different, often forgetting what I originally went out to look for.

    I do hope your hand is better soon. My husband had carpel tunnel a couple of years ago and he had to change a lot of his habits to finally heal.

  16. Oh I would love a slice of that pumpkin pie and what would be sweeter dear Sandi is if I could share a cup of tea or coffee, and that pie with you. You are precious. I love your blue and white. Hoping your new attire there will help with that carpel tunnel. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. By now your table is crowded with ladies who have stopped by for pumpkin pie and tea. The blue and white is simply gorgeous. I hope that your carpal tunnel will be improved by wearing the brace. It's always better if you can avoid surgery. P.S. I left two dozen of my hens' best eggs for your next pie baking session.

  18. I agree; fall is the perfect time for baking and for making things cozy. I always seem to bake the most in the fall. Your new wreath is so pretty, and you're right, by the time you purchased all the items to make it, you would have probably spent more. Love your new blue china. We can never have enough, can we ;) ?? So glad you avoided surgery on your wrist; I hope the brace will help you heal. Blessings to you. xo Deborah

  19. Fall has me in the kitchen baking more these days too. Your new wreath and the dishes are lovely. I'd like a piece of that pumpkin pie with my morning coffee. Good luck with your healing. Take care.

  20. Sandi, I'd love to join you for tea and pie! Especially with your beautiful blue and white china making me feel right at home. I would enjoy your crustless pumpkin pie, but I'm afraid my husband insists on a crust. He has "texture issues," so pumpkin pie without the crust is a problem for him. Oh well, more for you and me! :D

  21. I'm concerned about your wrist/hand. Wondering if you have ever had a back injury? I worked in the injury compensation field for a long time and we found that sometimes if a chiropractor did adjustments on the back, the wrist/hand problems went away. It worked for me when I had a numb thumb. Good luck.

  22. I love all of your photos; especially the one of your new steps and decor! Your wreath is so pretty. :) ... I'm sorry to hear about your hand. I had to wear one of those this summer, which put a halt to my knitting for a while. I pray that you heal quickly!

  23. Love your blue and white calico dishes. I have the Burleigh set I bought years ago 1980's.
    Love your tea pot also which I want another blue and white tea pot. It all looks so pretty and I need a piece of that pie haha

  24. Happy Thanksgiving Sandi. I am late this week...I am so glad you are feeling better. I hope the carple tunnel heals...I went thru wearing a similar brace a few years ago for a couple of months and it worked... of course I love the Calico...and the Royal Homes! Just gorgeous. your new steps look wonderful! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea

  25. Sandi, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The orange pie and blue dishes are beautiful together. You have the prettiest dishes my friend! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  26. Dear Sandi: Sorry I am just coming to comment now but my week has been so busy. I love you new steps! They are delightful and so is your wreath and pumpkin decorations. I love fall! I also wear those on both hands at night as I have Osteo Arthritis in both thumbs and middle fingers. I have plastic forms on both my middle fingers covered in tape. My husband and I try to make the best of our issues as we both have different ones. I only tell you this to let you know you aren't alone. These bodies weren't made to last forever but we do have "eternal life". Not that you don't know that already! Ha! Your pie looks wonderful - wish I could have a slice right now!


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