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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tea Things Tuesday

Wouldn't it be an exhilarating tonic for the soul to take a moment to appreciate the simple, good things in life which are so bountiful? ~ anonymous

Hello everyone! I like that quote! To take a moment to appreciate the good things and the blessings in one's life, can make life that much sweeter. I have learned to do this when things are going well as well as when things kind of go haywire. I believe it is important to have faith in God because when things go horribly wrong, and they will every once in a while, I know He will take care of it and me.

A bunch of flowers, a hot cup of tea or coffee, a good book; all of these things are simple but they add so much to one's life, don't they?

As I wrote to you last week, I have decided to stay with you here in Blogland for a while longer. I think a few of you misunderstood what I had written in my post. 

I am hoping my brain fog will lift and my love for blogging will return. I am certain there is lots I can share with you yet. Those of you who have left comments and sent emails over the past number of months are so much appreciated. While I was going through my troubles this past year, you stayed with me, encouraging me and praying for me. My friends here in Blogland, you are special. Don't ever forget that!

My bouquet of white roses brings a little loveliness to the table. I love white and soft pink roses best. White ones in particular remind me of a bride's bouquet. They really do look romantic, I think.

This week's teapot is one I spied at Home Sense one day. I had searched for a turquoise teapot for years and had never seen one until this one. Naturally I brought it home with me. I like the perky shape of it as well as the colour and the sprinkling of posies all over it. It makes me happy to look at it.

May your life always be like a pot of tea...overflowing to warm the soul. ~ Irish Blessing

I also purchased the matching cup and saucer to add to my collection of turquoise/robin egg blue pieces. Both the teapot and the teacup are made by Gracie China.

I know the next two cups look more blue but they are in fact turquoise as well; just different hues of this amazing colour. I found both of these beautiful teacups at antique shops.

This one is made by Aynsley and I found it in an antique shop in Summerside, PEI. The shape is lovely and I adore all the gold vines inside the cup.

This beauty is Blue Crocus by Aynsley. It is unusual with its sweet surprise of purple violets/crocus just inside the cup.

I also have a Royal Albert teacup in the same shade but I am not featuring it here today.

There is no trouble so great or so grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. ~ Bernard-Paul Heroux

It has been a troublesome couple of weeks what with Hurricane Harvey and now Irma plus a major earthquake in Mexico. May the Lord comfort those who have been afflicted with so many losses. I cannot imagine the devastation folks will have to live with for the next while. 
Let us pray that power will be restored to our neighbours and clean up won't take too long. God bless them!

Thank you for your visit today and do take care, dear friends. Hope to see you again next week. Perhaps I will even include a treat to go with my tea.

I am joining the following parties as well~

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 Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. I just came back from a year off. So many of my blogging friends have left, good to see you are still here. I adore that blue floral teapot and cup.

  2. I am very glad to hear that you will continue to write your lovely blog. I enjoy my visits here and your teapot and cops are stunning.

  3. I am so happy to see your posts! It provides me with a few minutes to enjoy beauty! Love the new teapot and it looks lovely with the tea cups.

  4. Oh my,just wonderful porcelains!!!Love the teacup with violets inside it.Gorgeous roses!Hugs.Maristella.

  5. Oh, that turquoise teapot and those cups are beautiful!! I love the combination of turquoise and gold. And white roses are my favorite, too. So lovely! Thank you for sharing a bit of beauty from PEI. Blessings, Deborah

  6. I agree with everyone grand to see you still here.... you and your dear blog are missed when you are away... so pleased you are feeling better and I do understand.... been right there as well!!!God bless you.. NOw regarding your post.... I am loving that blue tea pot and tea cups.... they are amazingly gorgeous....THanks so much for sharing about them!!!!

  7. I concur that it's important to appreciate the small things in life. Your pretty tea time is full of two things that bring me joy: the colour turquoise and Aynsley teacups!

  8. Sandi I have enjoyed your blog for several years and I am always glad to see you post something - it is like a quick friendly chat with a neighbor, but always with some bit of loveliness thrown in like a pretty teacup or beautiful flowers. Your turquoise teapot is lovely - I saw a teapot at Home Goods recently that I had in my cart until the very last minute and then decided NOT to buy... I do have a few already and didn't really need it, but now I am thinking I should have made a different decision! "It makes me happy to look at it" - that should be reason enough! :) Take care! ~ Janet,

  9. The roses are beautiful. The teacups are stunning. I have a fairly large collection of tea cups but I like pink. After seeing your beautiful cups I'm going to start adding some darker, bolder colors. Blessings.

  10. I just love all your turquoise teacups and that Gracie teapot, which looks beautiful with all of them, dear Sandi. I know that roses always make you happy, and your lovely quotes always bless me...thank you!

  11. White is so refreshing and this bouquet is certainly stunning! The Tiffany box blue or robin's egg blue hue of you new chintz china is so lovely. I love your collection of these same color teacups and saucers. I am glad you are a blogger for you have a wonderful post! Hope you will pop over and view my post on Sunflowers for transitioning into fall!
    Have a great week!

  12. I hope you know how much your beautiful and thoughtful posts mean to us in the blog world. I just wanted to tell that you are needed with you great ideas! Please continue to post. Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I'm not coming to your blog!
    Thanks for Kindness

  13. Enjoyed your tea party today Sandi! I adore turquoise colored teacups, and how fun to find such a lovely bargain with the teapot! I know it has been a tough year for you with all your health struggles, hoping that things are kind of evening out for you now. Your tea party pictures are always a joy to look at :)

  14. Beautiful colors on your tea things! I'm glad you're staying around blogland!

  15. Sandi, I so enjoy my teatime with you every week. Thank you for sharing your lovely turquoise tea things with us. It's one of my favorite colors. It's one I wear a lot too. Friends laugh when they look at my organized little closet and see my section of tops divided by color: turquoise and aqua, peach and coral, yellow, red.

  16. Gracie China really does a fine job with their designs. I love your new pot and cup -- I'm an aqua lover, too. So many pretty aqua teacups! Glad you are still in blogland (I am, too)! Hugs and have a great week!

  17. After my week away because of Hurricane Irma and our power loss, etc., it is so refreshing to come here today and enjoy this pleasant tea time with you. I love the turquoise tea pot and cups...they have truly brought smiles to my face. Thank you for continuing to be a part of this blogging world. You are a blessing to so many. Your tea times always give me a sense of peace and joy. Thank you.

  18. Hi Sandi, So glad to hear you are doing better and are still visiting with us in Blogland. Love the turquoise tea things. Fall can't be far behind there on Prince Edward Island; it must be absolutely beautiful. Here in Colorado, the high country is beginning to turn golden and nights are definitely cooler. I'm ready for fall but not the second act! Take care my friend, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  19. I dearly love Aynsley blues, and those are lovely! So much to pray certainly adds perspective in our own lives. Such a lovely post!


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