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Monday, 6 March 2017

Some News with My Shades of Aqua

Every second brings a fresh beginning,
Every hour holds a new promise,
Every night our dreams can bring hope and
Every day is what you make it. ~ Cure Joy

Hello dear friends!  March has arrived with the promise of springtime not far away. Up until a couple of days ago, one could feel it in the air. We're in the deep freeze at the moment but this too shall pass.

Isn't this teapot in someone's garden adorable? I couldn't resist sharing it.

Courtesy of Holly Penner

Some of you sweet friends have been wondering how I am feeling and although I don't like talking about myself, I will share a little of what has been going on with me.

At the moment, I am literally taking one day at a time. Some days I am not in much pain and other days, I have a lot. I have two medical issues that are making my life not so much fun these days.

I am having a medical procedure done this week to determine what is causing one problem. I have been in pain for a little over a year with this particular issue. It got really bad last August and it will be good to know what I'm actually dealing with.

In April I am seeing a surgeon about my cranky gallbladder which has been causing me a lot of grief. This has been bothering me for a few months and is steadily getting worse. Seems this is genetic because some family members have also had problems with theirs. No more pumpkin pie or chocolate for me until I get this fixed up. Actually just last week I have had to eliminate everything I love from my diet. Not much wonder I have been in so much pain! I have been consuming a lot of the wrong foods. So, until I get this attended to, I won't be baking any goodies. If the pain gets much worse, I expect I will have surgery before April.

No need to tell you that I am exhausted! Pain does that to you and this is the reason why I shut down my blog party. I have been able to write a blog post about once a week for which I'm thankful.

Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, I humbly ask that you would pray for me concerning these troubles. The procedure I'm having done this week, I am particularly concerned about. I know the Lord is with me and He will take care of me but it's nice to have some prayer cover.

When we put our cares into His hands, He puts His peace into our hearts. - Excerpt from Our Daily Bread

This aqua tea-for-one set holds some magenta carnations. Magenta was my favourite colour when I was a little girl. Do you remember what yours was?

Today I am sipping a cup of Chai tea which is a favourite. Fortunately, I can still enjoy my tea because I drink it black. 

I really love this teacup ! It is in one of my favourite colours, aqua, and dressed up in a gold gilt flowered scroll with shy violets peeking at you from the inside of the cup.

A cup of tea is so comforting and sipping it from this pretty Aynsley teacup makes the experience that much more special. 

I wish you could join me.

I am also having some lovely fruit sorbet which is one of the only desserts I can have right now.

The deepest urge in every human heart is to be in relationship with someone who absolutely delights in us. ~ Larry Crabb - psychologist

I am so thankful for each one of you who stops by. When I stopped my blog party, many of my friends who linked up stopped visiting. So thank you to all of you lovely ladies who continue to bless me with your visits and comments. Of course, I haven't always been diligent in visiting some of you either. My health has sort of been dictating to me how much time I spend on the computer these days.

Have a beautiful week and the Lord bless you! 

I am joining the following parties as well ~

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 Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi! I have followed your sweet blog for some time not because I love tea, but because I love pretty china! This post certainly makes me yearn for a beautiful Aynsley cup of my own - I will be on the lookout! I wish you speedy diagnoses and recovery, and will keep you in my prayers!

  2. Hi Sandi,
    Hope and pray all goes well with your test with the pain and uncertainty must be difficult.
    Love your aqua teacups and glad you can still enjoy tea time.

    Take care,

  3. Sandi, It would be an honour to whisper a prayer on your behalf.

    Those teacups are such a lovely colour.

    Brenda xox

  4. Will be lifting you up in my morning prayers under my open window. I know what it is to live in pain and losing appetite to discomfort and pain. I too have been going through a lot and doctors can't still find out what's causing all this... I do understand. Hope you start feeling better soon my friend.


  5. I wish I could join you for tea and sorbet also, Sandi! I take my tea black also. I will be praying for your procedure this week and will ask the Lord for a good result.

    As to gall bladder problems, I can well relate. I had mine removed about 10 years ago. If the surgery is laparoscopic (mine was), it is very simple. I was home in a day or two (my gall bladder was infected, so I was in the hospital awhile before the surgery). I think I came home on a Wednesday, and by the weekend I was back to teaching my women's Sunday School class. So it can be an easy thing to recover from.

    Love your aqua tea wares. They are beautiful. I think as a little girl my favorite color was blue or aqua. As a teen I went through a phase where I really liked peach or coral. Now I think I tend more toward shades of green. But I love aqua too.

    Thanks for sharing with us today -- both tea and prayer requests.

    God bless,
    Mrs. T

    1. Thank you for your visit, Mrs. T. I appreciate your prayers too.

  6. Sandy, I hope you will have some relief very soon from the pain. When you said that your favorite color was magenta as a little girl, I thought of my little granddaughter when she was about 5. Up until then, everything had to be pink, but one time after she had started kindergarten, I asked if her favorite color was still pink. She said that magenta was now her favorite color. It really surprised me that she even knew the color magenta. We sure didn't learn that in kindergarten sixty-something years ago!

    1. I had a big box of crayons in elementary school and there was a magenta crayon among all the colours. I fell in love with it. My mother always said she was going to decorate our living room in teal and magenta. She had a number of teal living rooms over the years but the colour magenta never made its way in there. It was probably too hard to find. Thanks for your visit, Victorian Girl.

  7. Hello Sandi, I am sorry you are not feeling well and I said a prayer for you today. May God restore you to wholeness and in the meantime, alleviate your pain and suffering and give you peace. God bless you!

  8. I LOVE your aqua teacup with the violets delicate and sweet...and the teapot birdhouse/feeder...I love that idea and have been wanting to do something like that in my "Secret Garden". I am praying for you Sandi. I know the Lord is with you and that He will give wisdom to your Doctors and bring healing to your body. May the Lord relieve your discomfort and help you to bear the difficulties until a cure/healing takes place. May you have peace of mind and heart each day. Amen!

  9. Love the teapot birdfeeder! Over the past few years, I've re-purposed some of my teawares as garden decor. I think your love of aqua has rubbed off on me! I will definitely pray for your healing.

  10. Oh my dearest Sandi, thank you for sharing about what has been going in with you. As you know, you are in my daily prayers, and I will be praying extra hard this week for you as you undergo the medical procedure. I also hope and pray all goes well with your gall bladder. I know you love your desserts, but thankfully you can have some sorbet. Your aqua teacup in one of the prettiest those violets inside the cup! Also, your magenta flowers are so cheery and bright. My favorite color has always been red, ever since I was a little girl. God bless you, and love, prayers and blessings be with you, Sandi.
    P.S. I loved the quote that you shared from the psychologist!! I guess that's why my one granddaughter and I love being together.

  11. Dear Sandi, so sorry you have been struggling so much with these health issues. I will be praying for the Lord to ease your pain and for the doctor's that he would give them wisdom and guide their hands to a successful procedure.
    Sending love and hugs!

  12. What a beautiful cup! I'm certain tea tastes better in a beautiful cup!

    I will pray for you as soon as I finish my comment. God KNOWS and is able to sustain you through anything. I had my gallbladder out 12 years ago. I am thankful not to have those issues anymore.

    I have pain from a low back issue and so I understand how hard it can be.

    Know that you are cared for by those who visit here and that you are being lifted to the throne.

  13. Hi Sandi, just want you to know that you arena my prayers and thoughts and I am believing with you for a complete healing and recovery.

  14. Dear Sandi, Beautiful tea cup! I loved pink as a little girl :). I am praying for you sweet sister that the Lord will fill you with His peace and comfort and heal you completely, very soon! I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and felt like a new person! One of my favorite verses that has helped me through many fearful, worrisome times is Isaiah 41:10. Definitely a good one to to write out and carry around with you during this trying time. Take care of yourself.

  15. Dear Sandi:

    Very sorry to hear of your health issues. I have always looked forward to your posts and the beautiful teacups you display. Green has always been my favorite color, but pink runs a close second. I wish you well with your procedure this week and continued healing. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Judy

  16. My Dear Sandi, I am so sorry to hear about your health problems. I had to stop my blog for many months because of my own. I do understand and am sending loads of prayers your way!!! I had a hiatal hernia a bit over a year ago and prior to surgery and after for several months I had to adjust (give up my favorite things) eating habits. I am so glad you can still have your tea! I shall continue my prayers. And hope it will soon all be behind you.
    AND I do love the turquoise tea things!

  17. Dear Sandi ~ May all go well with procedures and may you soon be on the road to recovery with no more pain.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  18. Always love your posts. Lifting you up in prayer.

  19. Sandi, May God continue to carry your through and may you have a deep sense of His care and love for you. Praying all goes well with your procedure and that you can get relief.

  20. I am happy to say a prayer for you Sandi. I hope your pain issues can soon be resolved. Love the little aqua tea cup. It seems a bit unusual to have aqua on the outside and the sweet purple violets on the inside. Take care,
    Wendy xox

  21. Sandi, I'm so sorry for your health issues this past year but happy to hear that something is being done soon to look into them. I'm also sorry you may need gall bladder surgery and will pray that you will get relief from some of the pain you've been experiencing. Constant pain is very tiring. May God bless and heal you and give you strength. Your teacup is quite different being aqua and gilt on the outside with violets inside. Aqua is my favourite colour and I think as a child it was blue but maybe because my mother dressed me in blue a lot. lol Take care of yourself and get your rest my friend. God bless. xo Pam

  22. Dearest Sandi, I hope within a couple of months (or sooner) these medical issues with be resolved and you'll feel better without pain.
    Isn't the aqua teapot with the bird sitting in the opening the sweetest thing? If I did that, for sure the raccoons would pull it down but I sure enjoy seeing beautiful things in other people's gardens.
    I realized as well when I gave up my link party, many people never came back to visit but like you, we've made some good friends from hosting.
    Be well, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

  23. Dearest Sandi, I too have been having gall bladder issue for a couple of years now I was put on a strick diet but sometimes fall off eating goodies.. and here comes that pain.. I want to get surgery but my panic makes it almost impossible.. it is very uncomfortable indeed.. well I pray you can do the other thing to see what the other pain is. Life sometimes is just so difficult.. I believe in prayer and will pray for you.. feel better my dear with love Janice

  24. Dear Mrs. Sandi:

    I love your blog. I have pinned many inspiring things from here such as recipes, beautiful chinaware, etc. Every time, and I truly mean every time, I see Chintz when I'm out and about, I think of you and this blog. I prayed for you today. And as the Lord brings you to mind, I'll continue to do so. <3

    Yours very truly,

  25. Hello Sandi,
    I hope you find some relief from your pains soon. I prayed for you as I read your post and will continue as the Lord brings you to mind (which He does in surprising ways). Your aqua teacup is a thing of beauty. I'm glad you can still enjoy tea. May spring arrive soon, and with it, renewed health.

  26. Praying that you feel better soon.
    Your blog is such a joy! I love the quotes that you choose.

  27. So sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope they are resolved soon. I'm so glad that you know the Lord and are trusting Him.... praying He will sustain you. Your cup of tea looks wonderful. :)

  28. Oh wow! I love that teapot in the garden... I must try that this year, I have several "outdoor" teapots that I could do that with! Bless your heart, so sorry to hear of all your health struggles. That gallbladder stuff is no fun, and then to have to cut almost everything out of your diet, even harder! I will pray your procedure this week goes just fine without any problems. I will pray that the Lord stays with you and gives you His peace and comfort as y ou walk through this difficult health valley. Your Aynsley tea cup is simply gorgeous. I want one :) Hugs to you today dear friend!

  29. Wonderful teacup, very beautiful post! Hugs, Maristella.

  30. Sandi, Thanks for sharing a bit about you and your aqua tea cup. Chai is my favorite tea flavor. I had Chai green today! I pray that answers will be forthcoming for you. Sylvia D.

  31. Sandi, I hope you get to the bottom of your health issues soon. It can be very discouraging. I'm so glad you're still posting - I've only ever posted once a week; don't know how anyone, well or ill, can do more! My favorite color when I was little (interesting question, by the way) was yellow; still is.

  32. Dear Sandi, Prayers for a successful procedure this week, and I hope it reveals the problem and remedy. Prayers also for your gallbladder condition. The aqua teacup with violets inside is beautiful. Take care!

  33. Sandi, I'm so sorry that you have been having these problems. I started having gall bladder problems and had to have surgery a year ago. It was an easy surgery and I have felt great ever since! We had beautiful weather today and I spent the day in the garden. I love your pretty aqua tea set. Looks lovely with magenta! My favorite color as a teen was lavender. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  34. Hope you feel better soon Sandi! Sending prayers and positive energy to you!!! Xoxo

  35. I will certainly keep you in my prayers my dear sister. I have just recovered from a bought of severe pain so I have much empathy for you. Had my gall bladder out in an emergency surgery about 10 years ago and no problems since. ood is so difficult to monitor but worth the effort in better health. God bless you and praying for wisdom for the medical folks and strength and patience for you and your family. Love and hugs for you Sandi.

  36. I'm so glad I didn't miss this post Sandi, I've been out of town and not on my computer much. Thank you for sharing your prayer needs with your friends here in blogland. I will certainly pray for you. I'm sorry that you are struggling with so much pain. I do pray that the doctors will be able to get to the bottom of this and figure out how to get you well on your way to recovery. So sad to give up the treats that go with teatime, too! Your Ansley cup is beautiful! Everything you share here is always beautiful, including that quote by Larry Crabb. Isn't that the truth? So glad to know that the Lord delights in us.
    Blessings to you, and know that I will keep you in my prayers. xo Deborah

  37. Praying for a speedy recovery! I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and that was the old fashioned way with a big cut on left side of abdomen. It tool over a week for recuperation. My daughter had laparoscopic and she was driving around in the morning of the third day. Love the sweet blue! I love a nice robust dark black tea with milk. Got used to that from the time we lived in Zimbabwe where they had the big Tanganda Tea plantations. Prayers for a fast recuperation!

  38. I have only recently begun to blog again, and irregularly at that , because of our move last summer. So much to do, so little time. I have missed my 'Teatime Tuesdays' and other tea time blogging, but try to catch up when I am on-line. I am sorry to read of your health problems and will pray for you because I believe God hears and responds to the prayers of those who love Him.

    I am hoping to resume my tea party blogs and will whether there are blog-parties for them , because I enjoy them !But for now I will try to keep in touch with my favorite blogs regardless of blog-roll parties.

    Thank-you for sharing this with us Sandi, prayers and blessings for God's discernment and wisdom for your doctors and you regarding your health issues.

  39. Hi Sandi: Boy can I relate to this post. I have missing my blogging friends and their parties. I will pray for you. Remember God is faithful! Hugs, Martha

  40. Dear Sandi:
    I pray for you and that the doctors will be able to help you! Hopefully better days are ahead and the strength to face every decision and issue!

  41. Dear lovely Sandi, you are in my prayers. Pain saps you of energy and vitality, and I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. Take one day at a time dear lady, and I pray that you have some relief soon. Mimi xxx

  42. Good morning dear Sandi, I will put you on my prayer list. I so know what happens when the medical world takes over your life. I am feeling so much better, but it has caused many changes in my life, including my diet, so I understand. I hope you feel better soon and thing will return to a more normal life for you.

  43. Praying for relief from your pain, Sandi. Hope your test results were fine. Such pretty teacups you have!
    Hugs and continued prayers!
    Nancy p.s. (sorry this is late, I have had problems leaving comments)

  44. Praying you get relief from gall bladder pain. It was a tough surgery for me so I know your pain well. I had a gall bladder surgery shortly after having a hysterectomy. It seems they go hand in hand. I love coming here and seeing your pretty teacups. Take care. Blessings


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