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Monday, 11 April 2016

No Place Like Home

Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest. ~ Henry Van Dyke

Welcome dear friends to No Place Like Home!

Yesterday we had another snow storm. On Saturday the ground was bare and now it is blanketed in snow. What a difference a day can make! Hoping this is the last of the white stuff. Like Margie, one of my blogger friends said, "Winter needs to seek therapy for its boundary issues." I so agree with her!

On the weekend I shared what the beauty of Spring means to me along with a tea time in pink.

I made a lovely cake for Hubby and me which was a little treat with our tea. White layer cake sandwiched with strawberry preserves and whipped cream. You may check out that post by clicking here.

Now, time for my features. 

Last week's party served up a wonderful variety of posts. They were all marvellous and thank you so much for sharing. You are a wonderfully talented group of ladies and I am honoured to have you participate in my little party! 

Jean @ Delightful Repast shared her scrumptious recipe for vanilla pastry cream for cream puffs. Yum! 

Beth @ Conversations from My House shared a pretty blue springtime tea. I really like her glass tea set!

Karen @ Karen's Cottage and Castle shared a beautiful post featuring her American Beauty china.

Nora @ Teacup Tales featured her beautiful lilac teacup and a visit to a lavender farm as well as an outdoor tearoom.

Gina @ Victorian Wanna Be shared her lovely spring themed thrift finds as well some gorgeous daffodils from her garden. The cherry tree is amazing!

Thelma @ Thelma's Days took us on a tour of her friend Carmen's gorgeous English garden. This is an amazing garden that would be the envy of us all!

Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life shared her son's living room which she furnished for under a hundred dollars. Great job!

Thank you everyone for participating last week. As a courtesy, and if you would like to be featured, you should have a link back to my party.

Now let's see what you are creating in your home to make it a cozy place to come home to for your family, your friends, and yourself. 

Lord, this humble house we'd keep 
Sweet with play and calm with sleep. 
Help us so that we may give 
Beauty to the lives we live. 
Let Thy love and let Thy grace 
Shine upon our dwelling place. - Edgar A. Guest 

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Thanks Sandi for featuring Carmen's Garden. She will be trilled with this. Have a great week. xo

  2. Sandi,
    Thanks so much for hosting each week!! Lovely features!!

  3. I hope you have seen the last of the white's time for spring! Lovely features this week Sandi, I loved Carmen's garden. Have a great week..hugs...

  4. Sandi Thank You for hosting. We are having storms here and my computer keeps freezing. It linked up my Spring post that I had on here a few weeks ago and it needs to be deleted. Sorry.

  5. Oh, I missed so many beautiful posts while I was away. I'm thankful for a pot of tea and nothing too pressing today, so I can catch up!
    It was snowing here yesterday in Michigan, too!

  6. YES! Winter definitely needs to seek therapy... for it seems to know no boundaries.
    But at least we have no snow here. It did, however spit some at us on Friday afternoon but nothing came of it. You post is to lovely for words.
    Happy week to you Sandi.
    God Bless You.

  7. I totally agree winter go away now... Here in San Francisco we were having beautiful weather I got the garden all cleaned and pretty ready for tea... Then came three days of ugly rain that made a big mess again... It really just needs that therapy its confused lol.. Now to go catch up. Happy Monday/ new week with love Janice

  8. Oh gosh Sandi, more snow for you! Hopefully it won't last long. We had lots of rain today, of which I am thankful. Thanks so much for hosting, sweet friend. I hope you have a beautiful week!

  9. hopefully it was the last snow storm in your country, and it is also spring.
    Here in my country it is at night frosty, but today was a wonderful sunny spring day.
    It is as always a joy for me to be here again, thanks for the link party.
    Have a happy week, Carmen

  10. Oh my goodness, still snowing? I love Carmen's garden anyway.
    Thanks for the lovely party sweet Sandi.
    Have a blessed week.

  11. Thanks for hosting the party...snowed here too! Hope it leaves soon and warm weather is finally here...

  12. Oh my goodness Sandi, snow? I'm sorry! ;)
    I like your new header, and the looks of that dessert. And of course the teacup! Thank you so much for featuring my cherry tree/daffodil post! The other features were great too!
    Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week,

  13. We also received some snow yesterday but it all melted quickly. I'm looking forward to the weekend when the temperatures are expected to reach the high 10s. Thank you for hosting, Sandi!

  14. Sandi, that cake looks so delicious-a reminder that spring is here even though the snow is hiding it!

  15. nom nom I LOVE strawberry cake and cream puffs - hard choice there so I would have to eat both! Thanks so much for the party!

  16. Dear Sandi, We had snow in Michigan on Sunday too, but it's all gone today and the weatherman promises spring temperatures by Thursday.
    I love your spring teacup in the pink setting. Also the scrumptious layer cake with strawberry preserves and whipped cream. As always, I enjoyed the creative blogs you featured this week. Have a blessed week! ~ Phyllis

  17. Oh My Sandi,
    Thank you for featuring my post - I am so very honoured! I am late to link up again and was very surprised. We both have the same favourite teacups "Serena" and "Lady Carlyle"? Your strawberry shortcake looks so delish! Hubby is a lucky guy! Thank you for hosting No Place Like Home. Have a Wonderful Week Dear Sandi!

  18. Thanks for hosting, Sandi. Wow, that cake is something beautiful. I will keeping the recipe for that one..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  19. Beautiful features, Sandi, and that cake looks so delicious. Thanks for hosting! Sorry I had to miss last week.

  20. Thanks for hosting Sandi! I would not enjoy another snowstorm! Here's hoping you are having spring soon!

  21. It's nearly 1 a.m. and now I am starving after so many blogs have shown me fabulous sweets!

  22. Sandi, thank you so much for featuring my vanilla pastry cream for cream puffs and eclairs. Today I put up the post of the pate a choux pastry for them. I was just thinking (enviously) of you a few days ago when someone was talking with me about Anne of Green Gables. We'd love to see PEI someday!

  23. Sandi, popped in to add that I love that lilac teacup! Happy Friday!


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