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Monday, 21 March 2016

No Place Like Home # 20

Having a place to go - is a home.
Having someone love you - is a family.
Having both is a blessing. ~ Donna Hedges

Happy Spring! and welcome my lovely friends to another No Place Like Home where you are invited to share your tea time, collections, home and garden posts.

I am so happy that the winter is behind us and we can look forward to lovely warm days and fields of flowers, birdsong, and getting our gardens prepared for the season.

This is what the little garden outside our side door looked like last week. You can't tell by the picture but the bed is heart-shaped. There is very little snow but it will be a while before I see any life in it. I stays rather cool here until May, sometimes even June.

And this is what it looked like this time last year. Quite a difference! That bank of snow was over your head and almost three-quarters of the small pine tree was buried in snow. The little garden is buried completely under all that snow. Brrr! We had a much better winter this year for which we Islanders are all very thankful.

We are getting a Nor'-easter today but that shall soon pass. It doesn't look like it today but Spring is here!

On the weekend I celebrated Spring in a post featuring my Rose Chintz dishes. If you would like to see that post, just click here.
My dishes make me happy just looking at them. Do you have a pattern that makes you smile? 

 Last week's party served up a cornucopia of ideas and recipes. They were all marvellous and thank you so much for sharing. You are a wonderfully talented group of ladies! I have broken my features down into categories and I hope you enjoy them! 

Janice @ Mz. Witherspoon's Cottage shared some lovely crochet work. 

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer shared the adorable Spring bunny she knitted. 

Jann @ Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson shared her 'accidental' collection of lovely blue and white transferware. Love it!

Teatime & Recipes-
Sherry @ The Charm of Home gave a review on a lovely book, Tea With Jane Austen. Her post included a teatime accompanied by a sponge cake which was one of Jane Austen's recipes. 

Pam @ Tea In Texas shared a wonderful St. Paddy's Day Tea including a darling St Patrick's nutcracker. I've never seen a nutcracker like that before.

Thelma @ Thelma's Days shared pictures of her beautiful garden. 

Thank you everyone for participating last week. As a courtesy, and if you would like to be featured, you should have a link back to my party. Now let's see what you are creating in your home to make it a cozy place to come home to for your family, your friends, and yourself. 

Lord, this humble house we'd keep 
Sweet with play and calm with sleep. 
Help us so that we may give 
Beauty to the lives we live. 
Let Thy love and let Thy grace 
Shine upon our dwelling place. - Edgar A. Guest

Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi,
    So glad your heart shaped flower bed is covered in snow this year! Wow, that is a lot of snow!
    I love the photo of your teacup with that sweet little birds nest in it, very cute.
    Thanks so much for hosting and Happy Spring!

  2. I read that a storm was headed toward NS on the weekend - I hope it bypassed you, or visited with no lasting effects! I look forward to seeing your heart-shaped bed as the season unfolds. Thank you for hosting!

  3. Hi Sandi, Oh my, I can't imagine all that snow! Glad you had a better winter this year. We've already been in the high eighties here but now a more normal temp in the sixties for March. One of my favorite tea cups is a blue willow. Just a pleasure to use and look at.
    Thanks for hosting……...

  4. Happy Spring Sandi! We are having warm weather here in Eastern New Mexico, but they say we have a chance for snow on Easter Sunday..crazy weather this year! Have a blessed week...hugs...

  5. What fun picks - have a great week!!! Glad we don't have snow.

  6. Thanks for hosting the fun party Sandi. Have a wonderful week and Easter.

  7. Wow, that is an incredible difference this year from last year's snow! So thankful your winter this year hasn't been as bad! We had a lovely 1st day of spring here yesterday, it really does feel like spring, and I had fun doing some projects around the house, and even got some seeds started. Hope you have a wonderful day today Sandi :)

  8. Cute features!
    Thank you for hosting pretty lady.
    Have a great Easter week.

  9. Happy Spring . Oh hope no more snow for you and the temps warm up . Lovely post and photos with lots of lovely features . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  10. Happy Easter this week Sandi! Thank you for the feature. I am glad you can see the ground this Easter. That is more encouraging for spring. Have a great week.

  11. Sandi, what a difference between this winter and last! Wow! I always love seeing your beautiful chintz. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Your Rose Chintz always makes me smile too! After many years in snow country...other than the first snow every year, don't miss it! My husband says one of his happiest days was selling the snow blower! But then we were at 5,000 ft elevation and averaged 300+ inches a year. Stay warm, have a cuppa, thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  13. Whenever I see the Rose Chintz pattern, I think of you, dear Sandi. That's why I had to have a teacup in that pattern for myself. It's so special that you've loved it since you were young and even more special because it belonged to your Auntie P.
    The features are all wonderful and thank you for hosting your first Spring time party. I know you're happy that the weather should be getting warmer soon. Happy Easter week, my friend!

  14. Sandi, I am so glad to see the name of the tea cup pattern - Rose Chintz here today. I've always loved that pattern but never knew what it was called. I've visited Ebay and several pieces on my "watch list". Lovely! Such a pretty link up. I may try to join next week. Have a blessed day.

  15. Sandi,
    Thanks so much for hosting!! A heart shaped flower bed!! How Lovely!! We got missed by the Nor'Easter that is going up the coast , up to you. Hopefully, you will not get too much snow. It is supposed to be near 70 tat the end of the week here? How about where you are?


  16. Thank you dearest for featuring me.. We are having in rain yeatersday and today. Can't do any planting going to be late... Hopefully soon, Happy Spring dearest, with love Janice going off to see all the prettys from evryone have a fabulous day

  17. Happy First Week of Spring, Sandi! The sun was out but the temperature was still pretty chilly today. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful Easter!

  18. Lovely Spring tea, Sandi! The Nor'easter missed us too. Just about a quarter inch or so of snow this morning, then nice blue sky. I'm not sorry it missed us. Thanks for hosting!

  19. Love rose chintz and full a full set to GW! Was a very lucky day for me. Thank you so much for show casing my knit bunny. Hoping spring weather will be here soon and for you!

  20. Thank you for hosting again, Sandi. The difference from your weather last year and this is really something! All the features were wonderful and finally, spring is here, in our minds if not in our spirits quite yet..Happy Monday..Judy

  21. I too like the rose chintz very much! It's lovely! Thank you for showing the linking to the other blogs. Weather here in North Dakota is still a bit cooler but the snow has melted almost completely. Wishing for a great week ahead!

  22. Yes, this winter was definitely easier for those of us in the north. Our mid and southern states did get more snow and cold than usual. And I just got back from Texas where it was cold! Well, in the 50s. I was hoping for some warmer temps.
    Have a wonderful Easter Sandi. Thank you for hosting. Blessings, Deborah

  23. yeah warmer weather!! Well, we are supposed to freeze tonight but still overall sunshine!!

  24. Sandi, how delightful to be featured this week! Thank you dear friend. We had the opposite of you this year. No winter to speak of last year and a lot of snow this year. lol! I love your Rose Chintz dishes! Thanks for the party and have a lovely Easter!

  25. Hi Sandi,
    All of your features are so lovely once again this week. No Place Like Home is such a beautiful linky party. I must apologize for being late to link up but I tried three times previously today and was able to. After turning off my computer and then on again it finally worked thankfully. Johnson Brother's Rose Chintz is absolutely gorgeous and you display it perfectly. I must confess that after I first saw yours I had to go out and copy you and now have several pieces that I treasure. The teapot makes such a delicious pot of tea. I do hope that Spring comes to both of us soon. Have a Blessed Easter Dear Sandi! Karen

  26. Hello sweet Sandi....Spring is such a delightfull time to share blog posts. Thanks for setting this up and I sure enjoy it. Snow? Hard to think of spring with the snow. It's very wet here in Oregon. I am longing for a bit of sunshine.
    Easter blessings for you and your lovely family.

  27. Hi Sandi,
    last week it has snowed here, my garden looked like in yours. But, thank God, the spring will come, hope so !
    Thank you for the party, happy Easter to you and your family.

  28. Hi Sandi, I sure loved your last post about spring time! Your rose chintz china is perfect for spring (actually anytime, it is so beautiful). Love your green tone teacups, too. We still have snow here and some more expected this week! We saw our first robin last week. Sure hope he gets along ok with all the snow! I love the birds and enjoy sitting in my favorite chair by the bird feeder in the morning with a cup of coffee. We did have a cardinal stop by a few times this winter! First time ever here! Hopefully soon I will be able to take my cup of coffee out on the deck.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  29. I can see that it is still cold over there. It is summer here, lol. Your Chintz teacups with the nest and eggs are so cute. Happy Easter!...Christine

  30. Sandi, This is what we are facing in chicagoland right now---sleet rain and on the backside snow...Happy spring from the heartland, LOL, Sandi

  31. Sandi, spring, glorious spring, reaches us all eventually! Stay cozy!

  32. Dear Sandi:
    I just don't have the time to link to others this week but did enjoy your post and these were all wonderful features. I love how you put the bird nest in the cup too! I am enjoying seeing different birds here in Missouri. Happy Easter to you Sandi.

  33. Your Rose Chintz teacups are so sweet Sandi! It's good that you're focusing on Spring indoors even if it isn't quite there outside. We had an ice storm yesterday so I'm staying put today. Tomorrow should see all this glitter melt away once and for all :)
    The features look wonderful, and since I am staying put, I have some time to visit more of these lovely posts. Thank you for hosting,
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,
    Wendy x

  34. Hi Sandy, thanks for sharing my flower garden. I am really grateful.
    A lot of great talented features in your link up party.
    Your Rose Chintz dishes are beautiful.
    I linked up my Easter Tablescape from last yr.
    Have a Blessed Easter. Thelma xo.


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