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Monday 28 September 2015

Shades of Coral and Peach for Autumn's First Tea Time

Autumn... the year's last loveliest smile. ~ William Cullen Bryant

Happy Autumn dear friends and welcome to Tea Time! Autumn has arrived and with it the air is crisper and the leaves are beginning to put on a show of golds, reds, and oranges. It is not really my favourite time of year but I am going to embrace it and try to enjoy this new season.

I took this picture of a lighthouse the other evening just as the sun was setting. This is down at Victoria Park where Hubby and I take our coffee in the evening. 

I am always amazed at the colours of pink and coral that tint the sky at sunset. God is such an amazing artist! 

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life. ~ PD James Victoria magazine

Is there any flower which exudes more romance than a rose? I love how the petals curl around one another as though each petal is giving the one next to it a hug.  

The fabric covered rose bowl was part of my mother's birthday bouquet and I decided to put it to use again. I looked for coral roses but there were none to be found so I opted for white.

The coral ribbon picks up on the china teacup. This teacup is Queen Anne made in England.

I love the coral pink colour which reminds me of the sunset. It is embellished with golden sheaves of wheat.

This cup and saucer is made by Royal Chelsea in England. It is dressed up in a pretty peach colour. 

What makes this set unique is the bouquet and swags of flowers inside the cup as well as the broken line of gold gilding around the rim of the cup and saucer.

I am using my Cream Lace teapot by Skye McGhie. I like how the light makes the pink depression glass stand appear peachy pink.  

Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. Okakura Kakuzō

May I pour you a cuppa? My tea today is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. 

I made some cinnamon rolls for my hubby because he really loves them. There are plenty so please help yourself. Most of my recipes can be found on my sidebar under 'Search this Blog.'

My son, the nature lover, always called them 'snails' and still does. Whenever I make them I can't help but think of the little boy who renamed them 'snails' so many years ago.

The pretty plate adorned with pink, peach, and coral roses is Limoges made in France. Some of the petals on the roses are raised so it makes for a gorgeous plate! My Aunt Judy gave me this plate out of her collection a few years ago. 

Don't you agree that tea always tastes better in a china cup?

Thank you for coming to tea with me. 

Now, I'm going to have a nosh and peruse the newest Victoria magazine. It is a beautiful day here on the Island and I hope it is where you are too. 

When you have flowers, books, and tea, you are never alone. ~ Alexandra Stoddard

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  1. Good morning Sandi! What a lovely park for your evening coffee! I love you peachy teacups, and it's so nice everything goes so well with your white teapot. The cinnamon rolls look wonderful! I used to make them when we were first married, then after 10 years, my husband confessed he really didn't like cinnamon! Lol! Thanks so much for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  2. The cinnamon rolls look so yummy! Our weather has been mild and sunny here in eastern New Mexico, perfect for enjoying tea in the garden. Have a blessed week....hugs..

  3. What a gorgeous sunset and beautiful view you had there. Just lovely. Your teacups are beautiful; I especially like the first one. White roses are my favorite, and your bouquet looks very elegant with your tea. And cinnamon rolls? Mmm . . . nothing better! How cute to call them snails :)
    Have a lovely week, Sandi, and thank you for hosting. xo Deborah

  4. Hi Sandi! I think it's so sweet that you and your hubby have your coffe at Victoria Park and enjoy that beautiful sunset. Your tea today with the cinnamon rolls is enticing me! I think I'd choose the peach teacup with the flowers inside the cup. Thanks for having us for your lovely tea party and enjoy those gorgeous sunsets while the weather is so nice.

  5. Oh dear Sandi, how beautiful the roses are and the teacups are to die for, specially the first one in pink and gold !
    The sunset and view is awesome. How sweet your hubby is, as he knows exactly what you like.
    Have a blessed week my friend.

  6. Got excited, lol...thank you for the sweet tea party, too!

  7. I do love that first photo what a beautiful place to sit and relax with your hubby . Pretty teacups and teapot oh and your place setting looks lovely and yummy lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  8. Hi Sandi, I love the white roses. They really are beautiful. The peach teacup with the flowers inside is so pretty. I'd love a cup of tea and a cinnamon snail...I mean....bun. :) Yummy. I hope you have a beautiful week! Blessings, Pam

  9. Such a pretty table with those pure white roses. I do adore all your cups and saucers! A great collection to share. The lighthouses you photograph are always delightful as we don't have any of those in Colorado! Ha! Have a great week.

  10. Your bouquet of white roses is just beautiful! It reminds me of my wedding bouquet. I could smell the cinnamon rolls from here! So delicious with a cup of tea. Your Royal Chelsea cup is my favorite. Love the gold lines along the rims. Enjoy your coffee times at the lighthouse-what a setting!

  11. I love those colors, peach, salmon and coral. The cinnamon rolls look yummy and so is the tea..,,Christine

  12. What beautiful dishes! I love the soft peach colors! The white roses are just gorgeous! Thanks once again for hosting this lovely tea party! Blessings this week, Lynn

  13. I like your peach coloured teacups and the cinnamon rolls look tempting - low cal right? ;-)
    My appreciation for white roses comes from the bouquets you've shared, they really are gorgeous.

  14. Now every time I see a cinnamon roll, I'll see a snail. HA! Love the colours of this week's pretty teacups. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  15. I love the beautiful colors you have shared this week. Perfect for Fall. Your dishes as always are amazing. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  16. A new post for tea sweet lady, as I think I already shared the one before last week.
    Thank you for hosting again.

  17. Hi Sandi! I love the pinks, peaches, and creams. Your table is all the colors from your beautiful sunset picture (sigh, I love your pictures of the island, so peaceful).

  18. Dear Sandi, Your two teacups are lovely as is the tea you've prepared to go in them - Hot Cinnamon Spice is my hubby's favorite. Your cinnamon rolls look delicious and are perfectly paired with the tea. Fall has definitely arrived in Michigan... the days are shorter, the temperatures are cooler, and the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn colors. A trip to the cider mill is in order soon. Have a great week! ~ Phyllis

  19. merci pour le thé
    dans un superbe univers quelle délicatesse
    entourée d'un si joli bouquet de rose blanche
    l'automne est une merveilleuse saison je l'adore
    bonne semaine

  20. I love the white teapot and how you placed it on the footed cake plate. The teacups are wonderful and yes, I think tea tastes better in a pretty cup (and with a cinnamon roll)

  21. Hi Sandi,
    Your teacups are so lovely. I especially like the pink with white one. I have never seen one that shade before and it really is a treasure. Your cinnamon rolls look just delicious and how sweet that your son called them snails. Your roses are gorgeous! So glad the weather is pleasant there. Today we have sun but it is quite chilly in the morn. Happy Tea Day and Thank you for hosting! Karen

  22. Hi Sandi,
    I love both of your teacups.The light house shot is pretty too.

    We have certainly had great weather here ......tomorrow sounds kind of wet though!

    I love that issue of Victoria.

    Thank you for hosting,

  23. A lovely tea. How sweet is it that your son renamed the cinnamon rolls snails. I love it.

  24. That Limoges teacup is fabulous Sandi! I love your picture by the lighthouse!
    Thanks for hosting!

  25. Dear Sandy,The picture of the lighthouse at Victoria Park caught my eye, so beautiful! It is wonderful that you and your husband can enjoy the view each evening over coffee! Your cinnamon "snail" rolls looked amazing, and I so enjoyed the pictures of your beautiful tea cups. Always a pleasure to visit here :)

  26. Gorgeous teacups! I love Victoria Magazine! :)

  27. Sandi,
    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!!

    Another beautiful and inspiring post!!


  28. Sandi, God certainly is a master artist. Love the gorgeous sunset photo! You have the most beautiful teacups each and every week. Tea definitely tastes better in china! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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