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Monday 27 July 2015

The Beauty of Roses for Tea Time

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday my sweet friends!

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ~ Henri Matisse

Isn't that a pretty bouquet? I asked my hubby to get me three roses; two red and one yellow for my tea today. He came home with quite a few more than three so I took a bouquet into my mother. I think I'll keep him!

Today would have been my father's birthday and so I am sharing my Old Country Roses because it was his favourite pattern.

Royal Albert Old Country Roses is one of the most popular patterns in the world and who wouldn't agree that this lovely pattern of red, golden yellow, and pink roses on a pure white background, trimmed with brushed on gold is so very beautiful? It sets a stunning table, I think.

My Daddy was very much a man's man who played every sport imaginable and enjoyed playing practical jokes on his friends. He did however enjoy the finer things in life too, like a pretty china pattern and flowers. 

He brought my mother roses every week because he thought they were the most beautiful flowers and he thought my mother was the most beautiful woman in the world.

I adore flowers, whether they are growing in a garden, arranged in a vase, or captured forever under glaze on china. ~ Sandi

My father didn't wish to infringe on the Lavender Rose pattern I had started for my mother so he chose just a couple of pieces of OCR for her because he admired them.

This is how I came to own these two special pieces; a little china basket and the boot. I often use these pieces for holding spoons during tea time.

The teapot was a birthday present from my family.

"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company." ~ Author unknown

...and the antique teacup was a gift from my sweet hubby in remembrance of my father.

The sugar and creamer were antique finds.

....t'is my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes. ~ William Wordsworth

If you look closely at the tea set, you can see the difference between the vintage pieces and the newer piece. Can you guess what it is?

The teapot holds about six cups of tea so I have set out three teacups for you including the OCR cup.

Royal Albert Old English Rose

Royal Albert Tea Rose

Old Country Roses
"I believe I could be a model child if I were just invited out to tea every day." ~ Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables - LM Montgomery

My father preferred strawberry shortcake instead of cake for his birthday. And because it is berry season here on the Island, I made strawberry shortcake.

I make my shortcake biscuits the same way as my tea biscuits only I add some sugar and nutmeg to the batter. I brush the tops with cream and sprinkle on a little sugar too.

I took a survey and most folks prefer the biscuits to cake for strawberry shortcake. How about you?

Would you like to join me for some tea and shortcake? 

There is a difference in colour between the yellow roses on the vintage pieces and those on the teapot. The vintage roses have a peachy hue while the yellow roses on the teapot are pure yellow.

 You know, we are all blessed with special people in our lives. My father was one of those people. He taught me what was important in life and he took me to church every Sunday. I wish he could have lived long enough to see how his grandchildren turned out. He would have been so proud to know that one of his great grandchildren has been named after him.

My Daddy, my first baby boy, and me.

My Daddy has been gone a long time and if you still have your father with you, give him a hug today and tell him you love him. 

Thank you for joining me for tea today and God bless you!

"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land..." ~ Exodus 20:12

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Oh Sandi...what a wonderful remembrance post of your father. He sounds like such a wonderful man! You are blessed to have such special memories and items to trigger them! I love OCR...who doesn't! Your tea table is gorgeous, as usual. I often do biscuits rather than the really sweet shortcake as well. Love it...just speaks of summer! Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your father. He sounds like a wonderful man, very romantic. He had fabulous taste in china. Those pieces are just lovely. My own father was amazingly handsome, charming, and kind. He had the voice of an angel and sang professionally. He adored my step-mother and brought her yellow roses (her favorite) on the monthly anniversary of their wedding for over 36 years. After she died, he brought her a single yellow rose weekly to place near her portrait and urn until he joined her six years later.

  3. Your roses are beautiful pictures...I have the same tea pot by Royal pours like a dream, love using it.

  4. What a precious photo of you with your dear dad and your baby!
    I love all your flowers, scones and your tea dishes are to die for!
    Have a blessed week, sweet friend.

  5. I love that you are remembering your Dad's birthday with your special tea, my friend. He sounds like such a dear, sweet man, as does your own hubby. How sweet of your hubby to gift you with an OCR teacup to remember your dad. Yes, I did notice the difference of color in the roses!! As for your question on strawberry shortcake, I prefer angel food or sponge cake instead of biscuits. I must be in the minority, but I still wouldn't turn your dessert down, made with your luscious biscuits.
    Thank you for hosting and also, I loved your very own quote that you shared!

  6. What a special post in remembrance of your father. What a romantic heart he must have had to bring your mother roses every week. I couldn't tell the difference between the vintage and new OCR until you pointed it out. I think I prefer the peachy yellow, although it is all lovely.
    Yes, biscuits please; but a nice old-fashioned pound cake is nice too :)
    Thanks for hosting Sandi, and have a wonderful week. xo Deborah

  7. Oh Sandi, what a wonderful "Memorial Tea" for your father. Your tea - and lovely thoughtful flowers - is all so lovely. Your dessert made my mouth water. I am joining you today with a little teensy give-away, with a couple of pics of teacups - haven't been able to host any teas of late. : - (

    Thank you for hosting! Hugs! ♥

  8. Hi Sandi, Loooove your Old Country roses set, and I love that your red and yellow roses match them perfectly, they are ever so gorgeous! I have not seen the Old English Rose before, its also very pretty. The tea rose has her own character as well, just as lovely. All these are very delightful to see. :-) {P.S. Thank you for leaving such a beautiful comment on my post, you are very sweet and I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me. Thank you.}
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you. Take care!

  9. P.S.#2
    Your father is very sweet. I like that he appreciates the finer things as well, and most of all, your mom :-)

  10. Sandi, I really enjoyed this sweet post. Your father was certainly a special man. How wonderful for your mother to receive roses each week! So romantic! I liked seeing your OCR pieces and hope to add one to my collection one day. So interesting to see the color differences in the roses. Thanks for sharing that little fact. I am mostly used to shortcake with my strawberries, but I'll happily partake in some of your biscuits. Happy tea week!

  11. Dear Sandi ..What a lovely tribute to your daddy... that's such a sweet picture of you all... Old Country Rose is such an endearing pattern too..It is always charmingly elegant with a pinch of " Home Sweet Home". The yellow and red roses are spectacular together..Are they from your garden? This is such a heart warming post... now I shall have to sit down and enjoy my tea tea and one piece of your strawberry biscuit...m-m-m-GOOD !!! Enjoy your week xoxox

  12. Hi Sandi: I am so grateful for all your prayers and kind words. You will never know how important they have been to me. I love when you share your beautiful Country Rose set. It is so beautiful, it never grown old. Sending hugs to you, Martha

  13. You're definitely blessed to have great men in your life who have impeccable taste in flowers and china! I am also a huge fan of the OCR design and always had trouble distinguishing between the vintage and newer pieces so it was interesting to learn about the colour difference in the yellow roses. I have a newer OCR tea set, but I always keep an eye out for the vintage teacups during my thrifting!

  14. Sandi, what a sweet post! Your father sounds like he was a true gentleman and how romantic for him to buy your mother roses every week. Thank you for sharing with us!

  15. Hi Sandi,
    I wanted to come back and make another comment since you said mine was accidentally deleted. Your father sounds so wonderful and your hubby is definitely a keeper too. I do love Royal Albert's Old Country rose china. I didn't know that the older Old Country Rose had more coral coloured roses and the newer ones were more yellow. I must check mine out now. I think I would prefer cake to a scone please. Your roses today are spectacular! Happy Tea Day Dear Friend and Thank you for hosting!

  16. Thank you for continuing to host this tea! It has been a very long respite since I have been able to enjoy posting, but I appreciate your continued to faithfulness to "taking tea!." Blessings this day, Lynn

  17. Dear Sandi,
    this was a lovely tribute to your Father. I am sure he would have been proud to your children and your whole family. May be he already knows. The OCR pattern is definately pretty. And the roses are perfect in the same colors. What a sweetheart your husband is. Yes, I guess you will keep him. LOL
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post and the wonderful treats. I really enjoyed them.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Your tea time is lovey, but thank you most of all for sharing your father with us.

  19. Sandi,
    What a beautiful post!! Stunning roses and I adore all your beautiful Old Country Rose pieces....I miss my Dad every day even though he has been gone for close to 30 years......
    Thanks so much for stopping by!
    I am now officially Part Time and looking forward to having more free time!!


  20. Sandi, what a sweet tribute to your father! I love the photo. You always have the most gorgeous dishes and your food always makes me hungry! lol! Yup, your hubby is a keeper! Thanks for teatime!

  21. How wonderful your memories of your Father Sandi! I love that Royal Albert pattern. It is my favorite! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Hi Sandi,
    That is such a nice tribute to your Dad......I remember your parents from those days when we used to play together.
    Your roses go so well with your Country Rose china.
    Looks like we are both enjoying our strawberry shortcakes ~ I love biscuits with mine too!

    Hoping we get a warm and sunny August and Sept. or this will be one short summer.

    Thanks for hosting,

  23. What a nice tribute to your father! The roses are beautiful and it was kind of you to share them with your mother. I prefer biscuits for my strawberry shortcake. Earlier this summer I made some biscuits and they were baking on a cookie sheet (no sides). They were very buttery and during baking the butter ran down into the oven and the oven and kitchen got all smoky! And, of course, I had to clean the oven! Lesson learned. lol

  24. Hi Sandi! Your roses tea (especially OCR) is lovely. I knew it was the teapot that was new! What a lovely tribute to your father, and I'm sure your mom enjoyed your rose bounty (what a nice hubby!). Your strawberry shortcake looks delicious! I've never had it with biscuits--but I think I will definitely have to try it.

  25. Hi Sandi! OCR is my all time favorite pattern! What a beautiful tribute to your dad. I have to say that reading this post made me a little emotional. Everything looks so darling! Oh! and the strawberry shortcake looks yummy! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    ~Ana (Cozy Tea Cottage)

  26. O my Sandi, such a lovely tea.. I love them all I recently purchase some teacups and a teapot Old Country Rose but different style..Just very pretty I enjoyed my visit with you and the biscuits look good.. nice post.. Happy Weekend with love Janice

  27. Oh, Sandi, what a sweet and touching post! I LOVE that your dad brought your mom roses every week, and I love that this pattern reminds you of him. It reminds me of my late mother, because this was HER pattern! I did not know, though, about the color difference between the old and new OCR. Thank you, as always, for educating me. And again, I so can appreciate the blessing of godly parents, and I'm grateful you had them as well!

  28. What a very beautiful post, truly heart-touching.


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