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Monday, 25 May 2015

Pink and Pretty for Tea Time

...almost before Anne realised it, spring had come again to Green Gables and all the world was abloom once more. ~ L M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Hello dear friends and welcome to my last Tea Time in May! Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends!

The month of May has brought many celebrations in our family and it has also brought green grass, trees leafing out, the spring peepers singing behind our home, and the tulips peeking up from their bed. Because Spring was so late in coming to the Island this year, May has been the month when we have watched the earth wake up and everything has become new. I do adore this time of year!

My tea today was inspired by these frilly pink carnations. Don't you just love their spicy scent?

I thought they would look pretty on the pink depression glass cake stand.

My Royal Albert New Country Roses teapot holds our tea. We are having Darjeeling tea today.

My two teacups are also made by Royal Albert ... 

The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose. ~ George Gissing

This Summer teacup is one of my favourites and although it isn't summer yet, it feels like a summer day. I can only use it for a short time so out it came. 

This quintessential English teacup depicts a charming thatch-roofed cottage scene complete with geese in the yard. I can picture the lambs frolicking in the meadow.

A whisper pink trim encircles the edge of the saucer as well as on the base of the cup and the top of the curvy handle.

And because the swan is closely related to the geese family, I have tucked in my little swan too.

This pretty teacup covered in little roses has no name that I can find but I love its brushed on gold trim and dainty design.  

Tea is a meal for all seasons; it's also suitable for all occasions. ~ Angela Hynes

I made a lovely dessert for our tea. Deb at Just Cats  had shared this recipe a few weeks ago and I decided to make it. It is wonderful and we really enjoyed it! Thanks Deb!

Layers of whipped topping, luscious lemon and cream cheese filling, all on a shortbread bottom. Dreamy!

I have used another piece of pink depression glass to serve my treat on. 

Care for a wee nosh?

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. ~ Jawaharlal Nehru

My little lambie is always looking for an adventure and she usually finds one.

Have a wonderful day everyone and look for the beauty and charm in your world.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hi Sandi. What a pretty pink tea! I LOVE carnations...probably my favorite flower...because of the scent. Your teacups are lovely. I always love English landscape teacups, and chintz is such a favorite too! I have lemon bars for tea today...looks like we shared a lemon craving! Your dessert looks wonderful. Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and have a wonderful week.

  2. Huge fan of depression glass, and the dessert looks yummy!!! Save me a piece.

  3. What a lovely tea! I'm very partial to teacups with roses. I have an Old Country Roses set and I just love it. I also have to add that your header is beautiful! Lilacs are my favorite flower. I wish I could have them down here in Florida. They remind me of childhood in upstate NY. The cake looks so yummy!

  4. Hi Sandi!!! I am excited to be back and share in tea time this week. I too LOVE a soft pink accent on a tea cup, plate or really anything!! It is just plain and simple calming. I think a soft pink flower w/ a pastel green and blue is gorgeous! Your dessert sounds so great! Lemon this time of year is divine. Is that your granddaughter? She is gorgeous - have a great day!

  5. Hi Sandi,
    I'm so happy for you that Spring has arrived on the Island! Your teapot filled with carnations is charming and I do love your RA teapot. Your summer teacup is one of my favorites, and yes please, I'd love a slice of your dessert. However, it's your adorable lambie that's stolen my heart today! Thank you for hosting your party and have a wonderful week.

  6. Hi Sandi,
    Your pale pink carnations are such a gorgeous shade of pink. Your teapot matches beautifully with them and is so lovely too. Wow! Your dessert looks amazing too. Your wee lambie is just so sweet and angelic. Happy Tea Day Sweet Sandi and thank you for hosting Tea Times. Blessings, Karen

  7. Sandi, Such lovely tea cups. Love the pink cake stand. What a gorgeous little lambie!! The dessert looks wonderful!

  8. I love your Summer tea-cup and saucer, Sandi. You certainly are having beautiful weather these days. We are having rain now. Your little lambie is so pretty. :) Deb

  9. I would definitely love to join you for tea. I like how you placed the teapot on the cake stand and your RA teacup with the cottage scene is quite sweet. I don't have any teacups with these types of scenes...I do need to collect some. It's as if they tell a story. Thank you for the lemon cake recipe. I love anything with lemon in it. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week. ~Nora

  10. I love your sweet Summer teacup and lovely setting and the cake...your little girl is the darling one in the post.
    Happy Memorial Day and a blessed week dear Sandi. I have no tea, but some small changes I did over the weekend.

  11. Hello Sandi
    The pink depression glass is a good companion for china with roses, isn't it? My hubby knows to buy me carnations over roses as they last longer and I do like that spicy scent.
    The lemon dessert looks delicious, I better have a look at the recipe.
    Happy tea day!

  12. What a pretty little lambie you have, and such a good poser for the pictures! I truly love your carnations and pink depression glass. Your new country roses tea pot is so pretty. You have two lovely tea cups to show on your beautifully set tea table. And your dessert looks so yummy. Wishing you a lovely long weekend.

  13. Hi Sandi - my oh my does that dessert look delicious! What a perfect warm weather treat!

    Joining you today with some old favorite outdoor tea time pics. Been a busy week with company for most of it, followed by graduation and Memorial Day bbqs. Hugs.

  14. What a little doll baby she is! The carnations and the pink glass is so romantic looking. I love the pretty tea cups and your lovely table setting.


  15. More Lemon! It's like we planned it. Ruth and I also have lemon. Love, love, love the mix of china and Depression Glass.

  16. So lovely and I love Roses and Pink depression glass.. New Country Roses teapot that's been on my list for a while now. One day in the future. I just love it. Desert looks very good like to give it a try sometime. Happy Monday with love Janice

  17. What an adorable photo of your granddaughter and your teacups are lovely. I definitely agree that we should look for beauty and charm in our daily lives!

  18. I was just about to say how that yummy lemon dessert was my favorite thing in this post, and then I saw your adorable granddaughter! She is a little doll!

  19. Your grand daughter looks so sweet.....and I love the setting that you chose for her photo! I love photography about as much as I love! That dessert looks yummy, I like anything with a cookie crust! Have a great week...hugs....

  20. Love the Anne quote. We are flying out from our western island to PEI the first week in June and I'm so looking forward to seeing some of the Anne sights.
    Lovely tea party - those rose teacups are so pretty.

  21. joyeuse partie de thé
    je me régale avec les yeux de ce superbe gateau aux citrons
    bonne journée
    edith France

  22. What fun it is to visit you and see all your beautiful china cups and saucers. The pink on the tea pot and cup and saucer is just exquisite. It's the most delicate pink I've ever seen and I love it. Your "little lambie" is a beautiful child! Have a lovely week.

  23. OMG Sandi ...I so happy that we can all share the beauty of May with a garden teatime... Your lovely teasets perfectly symbolize the tender joys of the newly blossoming flowers ...with just that soft hint of pink...I love it !!! and your little lambykin is sure to share in eating that scrumptious lemon pie and maybe some tea with grandma... Such a cutie !!! This was a lovely post ..Thank You for sharing the beauty...xoxox

  24. What a darling little girl! So cute.
    Your post today was so pretty, and the dessert looks so yummy! I love lemon.

  25. What a yummy lemon dessert you shared... I have to try that... And I have to tell you if I havent already your Rose Chintz china is so great... I love to collect beautiful pieces one at a time at antiques/ consignment shops but Ive only found one piece of that..... I may have to just buy a set of it at Replacements.... It is so perfect!

  26. Hi Sandi! That dessert looks terrific! I'm always happy to see your pretty Summer teacup. Anything with a thatched roof cottage on it is especially cool. Your pink tea is really nice, especially with the pink depression glass. What a cute picture of your lambie too!

  27. Beautiful! What a charming cottage on your cup, I love the depression glass cake stand! Your Lambie is so sweet....and look at all of that beautiful space in which to play!

  28. Sandi, thanks for the reminder to look for the beauty and charm in our world. I love the way you arranged your carnations. Such lovely things! My pie actually works well on the tea table because it's just an inch thick and can be cut into very small squares and put in the little paper frills. Just be sure to give it several hours to set up properly before cutting.

  29. I enjoyed scrolling through all of your pretty photos! I love teacups and tea as well and have recently started to collect.That lemon dessert looks absolutely delicious. Will have to go back and find the link to the recipe! Found you at Home Sweet Home! New follower too!

  30. Your teacups are very pretty! Thank you for your kind words today ~ still love Anne of Green Gables after all of these years!!! :) (How blessed you are to live on PEI!!!). I realized I posted up my link before; I was trying to post up one from earlier this year but the link wouldn't let me go back to January. :(
    Will have to create more teatimes as the school year comes to a close.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend,
    Barb :)

  31. I love everything about this post. The china, the quotes, the dessert!!!! The picture of your little Lamb has me quite choked up. She looks like my Princess at that age, right down to the braids. I am a grandaunt today which seems impossible. It was just yesterday my Princess was a little one with braids and sweet little dresses. Angels to you and prayers for your family.

  32. Thank you for hosting us on your lovely blog. I loved your post. The lemon dessert looks delicious.

    Have a beautiful week,

  33. Your lambie does look like a sweet adventurous cutie! I love your teapot and as always you have the most gorgeous teacups. I pinned that yummy dessert, but haven't had a chance to make it yet. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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