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Monday, 11 May 2015

Floral Treasures for Tea Time

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

Welcome to Tea Time, ladies! Since my last party, Hubby and I have celebrated an anniversary, his birthday, and Mother's Day. 

I hope all you moms had a very special Mother's Day and you felt like a queen for the day!

The nursing home where my mother resides held a Mother's Day Tea on Saturday afternoon so Hubby, my niece, and I joined her for afternoon tea. They had a young man playing soft music on the piano and each table was graced with a vase of tulips. I forgot my camera so Hubby took a photo of the food with his phone.

Each plate held tuna, lobster, and egg salad sandwiches as well as chocolate balls, carrot cake with cream cheese squares, aero bars, brownies, and two kinds of tea breads. It was a huge crowd and every one of the residents enjoyed themselves. My mother, like many residents, feasted mainly on the sweets. 

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ~ Henri Matisse

These are some of my celebration flowers and I thought they would compliment today's featured teacups. 

I don't know about you, but when I bring flowers into my home it's like I'm bringing in a little bit of paradise. 

I have two of these aqua vases and I had three bouquets of red and white roses and pink tulips. I took one in to my mother.

These lovely tulips were a gift from my son. 

I am using three teacups for my tea today. I was in the mood for pink and aqua or robin's egg blue which are two of my favourite colours and of course they are adorned with flowers.

The Aynsley has a profusion of golden vines inside the cup; a very elegant teacup.

Royal Albert's Veronica is looking pretty in aqua or robin's egg blue roses.

And Royal Albert's Old English Rose is lovely encircled with red and pink roses.

"The world becomes a lovely thing!
There's beauty as you'll see;
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea." ~ Traditional verse

For our treats today I have tea biscuits with home made lemon curd. The lemon curd was made by a friend and it's delicious!

My hubby prefers pie to cake so he had butterscotch pie for his birthday. Would you like a slice?

Next weekend we here in Canada will celebrate our Victoria Day weekend. It is a long weekend and considered to be the beginning of Summer. 

I hope you will join me again next week for Tea Time. Have a lovely day everyone!

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. What a lot of celebrating you and your family did this weekend as well! It was like that for us - a lovely weekend. One of these days I will be ready with a tea time post, but for now I will have to be satisfied with looking at everyone else's!

  2. Hi Sandi...back on my desktop so I can link! What a wonderful week, and congrats! I LOVE the tulips! Goegeous! How nice to have a Mother's Day Tea with your mother. I love the teacups and live the transferware eggcup as a jam jar! Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting!

  3. It looks like you had a lovely Mother's Day. I'm glad you were able to attend the Tea with your mom. Your flowers are beautiful! I always like to have fresh flowers in my home too. Love the color of your Aynsley teacup! Thank you for sharing your delicious treats. I would love to try that homemade lemon curd.

  4. Sandi:
    That is very touching that the nursing home had a tea for the "mature" Mom's. I love that. I think that is wonderful that it was a priority and makes me think what a great ministry that would be. The flowers are lovely. I think this is a wonderful post.

  5. Happy Anniversary,Sandi, and Mother's Day and a very happy birthday to your hubby!
    All your teacups are really pretty. Love flowers in the house and outside. Roses are one of
    my favorite.

  6. Hello sweet Sandi! Oh, it's been ages since i have joined your for tea time and I must say that it's an absolute delight to be here today! Thank you so much for the lovely party, my friend.

    Your butterscotch pie looks divine and reminded me of my dear Grandma Betty from Canada...she always made butterscotch pie :) Your tea cups and flowers are all so beautiful. Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

  7. You are so blessed to be able to have tea with your mother. Thanks for having a Tea Time party for us this week....hugs....

  8. Such a pretty post, Sandi! The tea with mom so sweet, I love, love your aqua vases and pretty flowers, and the Royal Albert teacup is such a beauty! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, happy birthday for hubby, and happy anniversary, both!

  9. I have a mother so I know how nice it is to still enjoy MD and tea together. Yesterday we went to a tea parlor and had a lovely time.
    Thank you for hosting this pretty tea party.
    Happy Anniversary and much blessings for you both and a happy birthday to your husband. Many wonderful celebs together!
    Have a lovely week.

  10. Hi Sandi,
    Happy Mother's Day to you! What gorgeous flowers you received! I agree that flowers do bring a little bit of paradise to our homes! Such pretty tulips from your son and gorgeous roses too! Happy Birthday to Mr. Rose Chintz and I can see why he enjoys Butterscotch Pie with Meringue topping - it looks delish! Your tea with your mother sounds so special and what lovely treats they provided. Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting Tea Time! Karen

  11. You've had so much to celebrate this past week, my friend! The Mother's Day tea sounded like such a lovely event for everyone that attended. I'm going to remember more often to bring a bit of "paradise" into my home. What a nice way of putting that, Sandi. Oh yes please, I'd love a slice of butterscotch pie. I'm sure your hubby was so happy with his birthday choice. Thank you for hosting and enjoy all those delightful flowers!

  12. What a celebratory week you have had! Love the colors in that "Veronica" teacup! And the tea at the nursing home sounded just lovely --- what a nice place for your mother to be, that they think of things like that for the residents.

  13. Hi Sandi,
    You had lots to celebrate! It was nice that you could enjoy a lovely tea with your Mom.
    Homemade lemon curd is a nice treat with scones or biscuits

    Thanks for hosting,

  14. Always so lovely, Sandi! You have cause for joy to be sure!
    Thank you for hosting.

  15. Hi Sandi! The Mother's Day tea at your mother's nursing home sounds lovely! I'm also glad to see that your family spoiled with you beautiful flowers--I especially love the gorgeous colours of the tulips!

  16. Oh, now I have never heard of a nursing home hosting a Mother's Day Tea, but what a completely lovely idea!

  17. I'm glad you got to spend time with your mom for the MD tea at the nursing home Sandi and your tea today with scones and pie remind me that I haven't baked anything for a couple of weeks now!
    Happy Tea day!

  18. Happy Mother's Day Sandi! I am glad you got to enjoy the weekend! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary dear Sandi. It is very nice that they had an afternoon tea at your mother's home. I hope that she and the other mother's enjoyed that. I also love your tea cups. My favorite is the robin's egg blue, it is so elegant.

  20. I love my Aynsley tea cups - they are so unique! I picked peonies this weekend and am really enjoying their scent. They are my favorite to-pick flower next to snapdragons. I love your tea posts - they are always so soothing and take me away for just a little bit from the humdrum of life! Beauty is so important! So envious of your mom's wonderful tea party - how cool that was. My mom celebrated in heaven with her mom and her mom and her mom! You know what I mean.

  21. Oh yes, I'd love to have a slice of that scrumptious-looking butterscotch pie, Sandi! The Mother's Day tea sounded like an extremely nice event. I think it's wonderful that such facilities hold get-togethers for the residents and guests. I sometimes go eat with a former neighbor who lives in assisted living, and it's quite good. Plus, I have always had a heart for older folks for some reason. Your flowers from all your various celebrations are very pretty! I always enjoy your posts! Be blessed, Bess

  22. Gorgeous roses, but the colors of those tulips is fantastic.

  23. A lovely tea time and teacups Sandi. I love butterscotch pie! Yum. I think if I ever make it to a nursing home I will dig into the sweets at such occasions too. :) I do like my sugar and chocolate. I hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend and that the weather warms up! Blessings. Pam

  24. Butterscotch pie, I have never eaten... My Mama loved Butterscotch..sounds inviting though... I love your Royal Albert's Veronica teacup, it's so pretty.. I love a lot of Royal Albert. And I'm definitely a fan Of Roses for sure.. thank you for your visit and invite. I have joined your tea party.. Happy Wednesday with love Janice

  25. You have had a very busy time of it :) About once every 6 weeks we used to put on 'posh' afternoon tea, with lace tablecloths, fine china and dainty food, in the rest home I worked in. I know the residents always enjoyed it so I can imagine how your mother enjoyed it as well.
    Your teacups are all lovely, a nice variety.


  26. Sandi, thank you for inviting me to join your tea party! The tea biscuits and lemon curd look yummy!

  27. Hi Sandi, how lovely to celebrate tea with your mama . I finally have a new laptop, so I hope to visit more often again. My life is busy now with my little grandson, but he won't stay little forever. I like ALL of your teacups.
    Hope all is well in your world.

  28. Love the Maya Angelou quote. It's so true. And the tulips your son gave you are stunning. Your display of tea and cakes always remind me of Anne and Diane. Hugs Sandi and wishes for an amazing weekend.

  29. What sweet little nosegays and the Ainsley teacup truly captured my fancy.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. What a lovely post ... I loved all your photo's.

    All the best Jan

  31. So many pretty flowers Sandi. I love your vases and the combination of pink and aqua is beautiful! Love a touch of red tossed in as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. Dear Sandi: You make my mouth water with all your lovely treats. I love the flower arrangements. You just can't have too many of them around. So lovely. Picks my spirit up to read your post...Love Auntie P

  33. Sandi, how wonderful that the nursing home put on an afternoon tea! Don't think I've ever heard of such a thing here in the US.


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