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Monday 9 February 2015

A Valentines Tea

Welcome to my Valentines Day Tea!

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give. ~ George MacDonald

Hello lovely friends ~ 
I have been waiting for a special occasion to share what my dear friend had gifted me with for my birthday last month and today is the day.

I only had about an hour to set my tea up because I had someone coming to fix my kitchen cabinets. As soon as I finished taking my pictures I had to clear it all away and everything in my pantry and on top of the pantry was loaded on to the table. This past week my kitchen looks as though a cyclone had hit it. A story I won't go into just now.
Because of my hurried tea time, I wasn't able to take my time and do the lovely affair I had planned, so please bear with me.

On to my delightful gift....
Two matching cups and saucers; one for me and one for my little granddaughter, Jenna-Lynn. One is a regular size cup and saucer and the other is a miniature set, just perfect for little hands.

Both of these sets are made by Masons and are they not adorable? I was elated when I opened the gift box and found these!

My teacup....

Red is perfect for Valentines Day, don't you think?

Jenna-Lynn's teacup.

Charming red transferware, which you know I love, and when my little lambie comes to visit, we will sip our tea from these teacups. 

This is my little lambie a few months ago watching her brother play soccer. She was mimicking her mom sitting like that with her legs crossed; so cute!

It may be a while before she and I can actually enjoy having a tea party together because she lives on the west coast. But Tea will be so much fun when we do finally get together.

The daintiness and yet elegance of a china teacup focuses one to be gentle, to think warmly and to feel close. ~ Carol and Malcolm Cohen 
For those of you who like hearts, I have set out my heart teacup too. This pretty set is from Gracie Bone China. I have tucked in a rose from last week's bouquet just for fun. 

And just to mix things up a bit and keep it interesting, I am also using my red Felicity set made by Burleigh of England.

Which teacup would you like to choose today?

The teapot is Victorian Bird made by Gracie China.

The pink iridescent tree was a Christmas gift from Hubby and I have kept it out for this special occasion. I had hoped to get it decorated beautifully for today's tea but it was a crazy week what with my kitchen in shambles and two major snow storms so I didn't get out to Michaels.

So I just used what I had on hand; a few hearts and pink roses. 

"Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile."

Chocolate anyone?

Now let's gather around my table and we'll have a wee tea party. 

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

I have cranberry muffins, which resemble homemade crumpets, and chocolate hearts to enjoy with our tea. The plate is Vista, just like the teacups, made by Masons of England.

These are the best cranberry muffins! My father really loved them and so does my hubby. They don't look very fancy with their flat tops but believe me when I tell you they are scrumptious! 

It's an old recipe and there is no need for butter because they are rich and buttery all on their own. They have a sweet and tangy taste to them thanks to the orange zest folded into the batter. They are simply wonderful for breakfast, tea time, or a snack. I will share the recipe on Thursday for those of you who would like to try them.

One thing I should mention to inject a little romance into my post is that it was on this date, February 9th, Hubby and I had our first date and our first kiss. It was the beginning of a life long romance with the one I love. Life is sweet!

Thank you for visiting today. If you have some tea wares, a coffee or chocolate pot, a collection of creamers or sugar bowls, please share with us. A tea time recipe, a tablescape, or a visit to a Tea Shop would be welcome too.

Happy Valentines Day and big hugs to you all! 

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I love that sparkly pink tree, so much fun! And those Mason teacups, one for you and one for your adorable granddaughter, were a lovely and thoughtful gift. Red transfer ware is one of my favorites. Receiving my grandmother's set years ago was what got me into china collecting. And cranberry and orange together is a yummy combination! Thanks for hosting this special tea, Sandi, and I do hope things calm down, winter storm- and kitchen-wise! Blessings, Deborah

  2. that tea pot is gorgeous and with all the red and white china it just pops out. Love it all.

  3. Hi Sandi. Happy Valentine's Day. Mason's Vista is a favorite...and how nice to have the demi for your gdaudaughter! I love your pink feather tree as well...double seasons! The muffins are intriguing! Thanks so much for hosting, and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Won't that be exciting when you and your granddaughter can have tea together with matching teacups! A pretty vignette to celebrate Valentine's Days and I can just bring my own heart teacup to join you. The muffins look yummy, and yes to chocolate!
    Thanks for hosting your weekly tea gatherings Sandi, especially the themed ones that are fun.

  5. I love every dish, every flower and your lovely table settings.

  6. What a sweet friend' dear Sandi,mot gift you with matching teacups, and what fun for you and your granddaughter when she comes to visit. Hmmmm which teacup would I choose? They're all so pretty, but I'd have to choose the ❤️ one for Valentine's Day, I do believe. I look forward to the recipe for the muffins. Thank you for hosting, sweet friend.

  7. Hi Sandi,
    Your Mason's Vista Transferware is just gorgeous. I have also started to collect it and gradually have found many pieces. Your friend is very dear - she knows just what you like. Your red roses are so pretty and your Grand daughter is precious! I have a grand daughter too! Only 5 days old! Thank you for hosting tea and Happy Valentine's Day! Karen

  8. I love Mason's vista, and I hope you get to have tea with your granddaughter very soon!!

  9. Sandi, everything looks perfect for the rushed day you were having. Your teacups are sweet and I think I'd choose the chintz Felicity one for my tea. The muffins are interesting looking so I'll be watching for your recipe later on. Your tree is very pretty. I'm glad we haven't had any snow for a few days. Such a nice break from it although it's been very cold. Have a wonderful week and Valentine's Day. Blessings, Pam

  10. Hi Sandi,
    Happy Valentine's Day! Love your new transferware tea. Wonderful that your friend gave you a mini-version that is perfect for your grand-daughter. Beautiful roses and your red and white cups look lovely with your pretty linens, pink tree and lovely white teapot. Thanks so much for hosting.

  11. Hello sweet Sandi! Everything is so beautiful and perfect for Valentine's Day :) Your granddaughter is adorable! Hugs to you, dear friend!

  12. Hi Sandi,
    Tea loving Grandmas seem to think alike. I had to smile when I saw that you had posted the idea of a Grandma-Granddaughter tea as those were my thoughts when I was preparing my post. Alas, my granddaughter is too far away for tea, but as you can see in her pictures on my sidebar, she is learning early to be a tea lover. Happy Valentine's Day. Gail

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hello sweet Sandi!
    What a romantic party we're having this week! I love your gorgeous setting, with all the yummy sweets and dishes and the heart teacup is the sweetest, ever!.
    Yes, I've a had a few tea times with my two 'lambies' but they also live far away; hope they come soon to visit.
    Thanks for the lovely party.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Your pink tree is great for your Valentine's Day table. Can't believe that it was all done in a rush. Everything looks perfectly pulled together. Love your tea cups, napkins, flowers, chocolate and your muffins. I wish you many tea parties with your grand-daughter!

  16. What a lovely tea for Valentine's Day, Sandi! The roses are beautiful and so are your Masons teacups - so sweet of your dear friend to get one for you and a smaller one for precious Jenna-Lynn! She is adorable, Sandi, and I know she will treasure tea time memories that you make together. :)

  17. I am back to see your post and tell you it is lovely. Your kitchen will be so wonderful when all is done. You sure have a darling sweet granddaughter which is great fun as you can train her up in the ways of tea. I love Mason's Vista and will be collecting it if I can. I saw a cup and saucer for $20 yesterday and passed on that price. So many have pieces and parts of Lucy's Love and your cup and saucer are indeed that! Take care and have a lovely week and thanks for linking.

  18. Everything looks soo pretty and YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a wonderful week ! and Happy Valentines Day to you and your family !

  19. Your tea doesn't look hurried at all Sandi. It is lovely! The new gift is just beautiful and little lambie will love sipping with you! What a cutie she is. I love transferware so that is my fav for today. All are beautiful of course,. You don't own anything ugly. lol! Happy Valentines to you!

  20. Sandi: No wonder you have 20 comments already on your Valentine Blog. It was great as usual. I loved the matching tea cups and would love to be there when you and Jenna Lynn sip tea together. That sounds so like a lovely Granny would do. Thanks for an enjoyable post....Auntie P

  21. Sandi: I love your Valentine Blog. My favorite is the pink tree. I have been looking for one. Maybe this year. Every tea cup was amazing. Sending hugs, Martha

  22. So happy to have something to share this week...thanks for hosting!


  23. Happy Valentine's Day, Sandi! I'm smitten with your Gracie hearts cup and saucer...I've seen them on other tea blogs and they all seem to come from the States!

  24. Your Valentine tea party is just lovely....sometimes things turn out better when we are in a! I hope to get back in the grove and join the party every week like I used gets hectic doesn't it....hugs...

  25. Oh wow Sandi! That Masons pattern is really pretty! I am on the hunt for a really great red transferware pattern. I love the ones with strawberries on them. Have a fantastic Valentines's Day!

  26. I think I'll choose Felicity for my cup of tea! I love your decorations for Valentine's Day and I hope that you and your husband will have a wonderful time on the 14th. Your granddaughter and you will have a special time to have key in the future.


  27. Hi Sandi! I really like that Gracie China set with the rose in it--the picture turned out terrific! The matching teacups gift from your friend was such a cute idea--I'm sure Jenna-Lynn will feel like a big girl having tea with grandma next time she comes to visit! I thought you pink tree turned out really pretty just with what you had. We've been lucky this year in the snow department--I'm located just south of where its been coming through, thank goodness. Though maybe one real snow day wouldn't be a bad thing :)

  28. I so love this table your red cups are simply beautiful I wish I had a pink tree but you know what is missing from this tea party? ME.Susie

  29. I have a few Gracie china teacups and love them. I have used them in quite a few tea-parties with my grandchildren. I don't think I could choose a particular tea-cup you posted , I love both of them and the teapot especially !

    Your granddaughter is so cute. A tea party with her will be a true delight .

  30. Sandi dear,
    I love that tree just the way it is! It is just so sweet and how darling is your hubby to have chosen it for you which makes it all the more special. I also love, love your transferware cups. They are perfect for Valentine's (and every day, of course). How wonderful that you "girls" have matching cups. Jenna-Lynn is darling and the way she is sitting there a riot. Just shows us how we need to always be setting good examples because little eyes are watching.
    The muffins look great too. What a wonderful post. I have looked at it twice now and continue to smile over it. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have such a great day. Ruthie
    Going back to look again. :)

  31. Still pretty lovely even during construction. The transferware is amazing!

  32. What pretty dishes... and tea... you always have such beautiful items.... and settings. :)

  33. Hi Sandi, your tea parties always are so uplifting and so beautiful. You may not think you had much time to prepare for your Valentine tea, but it is so lovely with the fresh roses and china perfect for Valentines. I am looking forward to your recipe, and will try it right away. Your granddaughter is such a love, I wish she lived near you so you could enjoy lots of tea parties with her! Now that my dear daughter is in heaven I have her three boys over often after school for the night and on most weekends They and my 94 year old Mom keep me busy, but I love being their for them. Also, happy anniversary of your first date to you and your hubby! (Love the pretty white tree!). Thank you again for hosting your lovely party and God Bless you!

  34. What a wonderful and romantic tea time you have this week. I am slow making the rounds but so enjoyed your post, as USUAL!!!

  35. I love your red transferware, Perfect for a Valentine tea. Your little white tree is beautiful also.

  36. This Valentine 's tea is so lovely! The Mason tea set is gorgeous, i love it very much

  37. Hi Sandi. What lovely gifts and I think you waited to share they at the perfect time. For feeling rushed and having a hectic week your tea looks wonderful. Hope everything goes smoothly this week and that soon you'll have time to enjoy a relaxing tea your self.
    PS- Love the quote

  38. Oh, I do love a pretty Valentine's post, and this one is extra lovely! I think the grandmother/granddaughter teacup sets are a smashing idea (well, maybe "smashing" is the wrong word to use here, ha!), and I must say, Jenna-Lynn is adorable! Hope there are many fun teatimes with her in your future!

  39. So pretty! I love the little tree and it's such a cute touch to put the rose in the teacup.

  40. I am a lover of transferware, too, but for this party I think I'll go with the Felicity tea cup. It's fun for a snowed-in winter.

  41. Those tea cups are so pretty! I love your pink tree. Happy Valentine's Day!


  42. Hi Sandi,
    I love Masons Pink Vista and have a small collection that I enjoy, too! OMGoodness, your tea table always has something very delish! I was too late for your tea party, maybe next time. I am going to take some time now to browse...Always such fun!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  43. Alpha Hubby and I had our first real date on Valentine's Day, at a church function. It is always a special day just for that moment in time we discovered God's plan for our life together!


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