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Monday 9 June 2014

Roses for Tea Time

It is the month of June, 
The month of leaves and roses, 
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses. ~
Nathaniel Parker Willis

Welcome to Tea Time dear friends! June is the month for roses and my roses are not yet in bloom. I am trying to be patient so in the meantime, I will enjoy roses on china. 

I adore roses, especially white and soft pink ones! Petals of velvet that tantalize the senses with their fragrance, who can resist a rose?

But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

This is a white rose but the lighting makes it look almost peachy.

Let's begin with roses on my table topper....

I am featuring two Royal Albert teacups that you have seen before, with roses of course.

This Royal Albert teacup was a shower gift at one time. There is no name marked on the bottom but she's a pretty one.

We are all familiar with the lovely Royal Albert Lavender Rose. I have six of these teacups.

Both of my teacups have the same handle adorned with the little leaf on top. The Lavender Rose handle is edged in gold, whereas the other is not. Both teacups have a sweet little nosegay just inside the cup.

The beautiful matching teapot also graces the table. All of my Lavender Rose had been my mother's which she passed on to me when she down-sized. It is just like new because she never used it. Do you use your good china?

I just took a Rhubarb-Strawberry Crumble out of the oven and we will have some with our tea today. The rhubarb is late this year but better late than never! I will try to share my recipe for the crumble later this week.

What a treat! Warm and succulent berries and rhubarb beneath a crunchy topping; yum! I like mine plain but some like it with ice cream.

"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet. ~ Katharine Lee Bates

I am trying a new tea this week. Twinings Honeybush, Mandarin, and Orange herbal tea. I really like the citrus flavour with just a hint of sweetness. Have you discovered a new tea lately?

Where there is tea, there is comfort, friendship, and serenity.

On June 23 I will be hosting my "Savour the Summer" Tea Party.

I will also be offering a wonderful Giveaway to all my Followers. Unfortunately, because of mailing costs, I will have to limit the Giveaway to my Canadian and American friends; so sorry! Those of you who share a tea linked to my party that week will have two entries.

Thank you for visiting today and if you have a teacup, coffee cup, teapot/coffee pot, tablescape, a new tea, or a visit to a Tea Shop, please link up and I will stop by to visit you.

You are welcome to share coffee instead of tea or any of the following: iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or punch in a beautiful bowl.

The sweetest flower that blows,
I give you as we part.
For you it is a Rose,
For me it is my heart. ~
  Frederick Peterson

I will join these parties too~

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sandi, I'm so happy to be back after missing a couple of your parties! Actually, I'm not familiar with the lavender rose pattern. It's gorgeous! The teapot is beautiful. so nice that you have a set from your mother. And that rhubarb crumble looks delicious. I'm one that likes ice cream on top! hehe Have a lovely week, hope your roses bloom soon, Deborah

  2. What a beautiful way to enjoy the blooming of roses by setting your table with a roses tea set. The roses embroidered tablecloth is so lovely as your background. Royal Albert always has such a gorgeous shape for serving tea. Thanks for hosting this week and have a wonderful tea time.


  3. Gorgeous roses . . . beautiful dishes . . . life is good!

  4. Beautiful. Roses are always the right thing. I do love Royal Albert you know and these are two prime examples of why! I hope your spring is finally allowing you to spend more time outside.

  5. Your tablecloth is gorgeous! Thank you so much for having us again this week....Hugs, Penny

  6. Hi Sandi. Your roses are lovely...and a perfect combination with the china. Perfect! Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. Hello Sandi!
    So happy to be back at your Tea Time party. I love your gorgeous setting with the lavender rose pattern, it's gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for hosting.
    Have a great week.

  8. Oh... and that rhubarb cake is making me drool, along with the beautiful teaset. I can't wait for the Summer tea party too!

  9. You always set the prettiest teas, dear Sandi. I love your real rose and those on your teacups, teapot and topper. Your crumble looks scrumptious and would be a perfect addition to tea time. Thank you for hosting your lovely party.

  10. Your rose themed tea is perfect for June Sandi and hopefully we'll have roses in bloom by month end.
    I try to use my good teacups as often as possible, especially when a friend is over - I never serve in a mug.
    The weather is beautiful this week, mid 70's and tomorrow our oldest daughter is coming for lunch to celebrate her 40th! I don't feel old, but by gosh she's getting up there. :-)

  11. Hi Sandi,
    I love your Royal Albert teacups today. Pink is so pretty and Lavender Rose is one of my favourite patterns.... and how I would love to have that teapot. Your dessert looks amazing and I wish I could have a visit and chat with you while we sip tea. Your rosees are just beautiful too! Thank you for hosting tea time today! Happy June! Karen

  12. Hi Sandi,
    Tea with roses is always lovely!
    Your dessert looks yummy and I do love rhubarb!

    Thanks for hosting.

  13. Your tablecloth is such beautiful. I always love your teatime

  14. Hi Sandi,
    Roses are always my favorite for teacups especially in the summertime! Your patterns are so pretty. I spotted your sweet spoon, too! My rhubarb is not ready yet for picking, but when it is I will be making your recipe! Thanks for hosting your tea time and have a wonderful week!

  15. Sandi, your rose tablecloth is gorgeous! That strawberry rhubarb crumble looks delicious--I definitely won't mind a bite or several :). Roses are definitely beautiful, both on your table and on the bush. Lavender rose is a wonderful gift from your mother! I don't use my tea china unless I'm on the blog or doing a party. I have a history of breaking things, so I don't like to handle my good stuff too much. Thanks so much for hosting!

  16. Hi Sandi - from the Other Island! Each week I think that I'd like to take part in this Tea Party, and each week time slips away too quickly. You cups and saucers and teapot are all lovely this week.
    Yes, I use my good china whenever I can. My mother told me that it needs to be used - much like silver needs to be used to stay shiny.

  17. Your tea time is lovely, Sandi!

    Your crumble looks SO delicious - and your lavender rose chinz is gorgeous - I love that china pattern.

    Thank you for hosting. God bless!

  18. Oh, your crumble looks delicious! I am tying this at 4:50 am and I wish I had some for breakfast! Love the rose tea set! Your tablecloth is exquisite!

  19. Our roses are blooming and as I read your post I was thinking to myself about cutting a bouquet for the table. Your rose teacups would look lively with my roses ! Roses are surely a sweetly scented gift from God .

    Thank-you again for hosting this time for tea Sandi .

  20. quelle superbe nappe avec
    les roses brodées
    je suis sous le charme
    quelle délicatesse
    merci de ce partage
    edith (iris ) France

  21. I do use my good china. I learned from my mom who's beautiful crystal and china sat in storage for 30 years because they had a home with no room. She finally unpacked them and began using them late in life. She mourned all her wasted time. She taught me that there is no one more important than family and self - i.e., don't save the good stuff for company! My newly discovered tea is Twinings 1706 Strong Breakfast which I can only order from England (sigh) but it is delish! Strong and flavourful!

  22. Hi Sandi,
    You have the loveliest teapots to go with all of your pretty teacups! The crumble looks delicious! I really need to try cooking a dish with rhubarb. Thanks for having us and thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  23. Dear Sandi,
    what a joy to have Tea Time with those treats. The table topper is lovely and goes so well with the beautiful china. Love the Lavender Rose again and again. Its one of the prettiest patterns for me. And your Rhubarb Crumble looks so yummy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea time and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  24. I imagine your kitchen smells wonderful Sandi. That looks so delicious I am sure there were those "available" to help consume it! Very pretty posting as always. Those teaset pieces are lovely!

  25. Lovely Lavender Royal Albert.... yes indeed.

  26. I'm rather late for tea however, I see you saved me a piece of crumble and put ice cream on mine, just the way I like it.

    Your table topper is divine will all her lovely roses a top and the ones on the China tea cup and pot. Thank you for tea and yes I do, find a different tea that is exciting and new. This week it is Clementine Clove, the smell is succulent, and would go perfect with strawberry and rhubarb crumble.

  27. I do love your idea of sharing your china roses as you wait for the "live" ones to appear! I just snipped a rose myself to bring indoors and admire (and keep the deer from getting it). Isn't it amazing how many different rose patterns are on teacups? And I know that like me, you are glad this is so!

  28. I love your rose tea set.........I use to follow you but lost my readers list. So I am now following you again. I always enjoy your blog post.

  29. Nothing quite like a rose Sandi! Whether it be in the garden or on a pretty teapot, cup, or dishes. Love them! I am finally starting to get some roses in my garden. A wonderful sight after losing three plants this year. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  30. Thank you Sandi for always being such a gracious hostess and sharing such beautiful tea times - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,


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