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Monday, 5 May 2014

First Tea Time in May

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.~ Louisa May Alcott

Hello dear friends and welcome to my first Tea Time Tuesday in May! Hope your May is off to a wonderful start!

Marvellous May.... is a favourite month of the year for Hubby and me as we were married in May. Actually, tomorrow, the 6th, is our Anniversary. He also celebrates his birthday this week. One of our little grandchildren also has a birthday this month. One of our sons and his wife also celebrate an anniversary and another son is graduating from College this month. Mother's Day is coming up too so our family will be doing a lot of celebrating in May.

As most of you know I took a short blog break and while away, we got our living room painted. Well, most of it is painted! I have always been the painter/wallpaper in the family but I am not able to do it any more so I've been helping Hubby as much as I can. We're very happy with the new wall colour. It's amazing how a colour change can make a room look fresh and pretty.

To start the month of May tea parties off, I have a new teacup to share with you.

I had found this Colclough a few weeks ago and was waiting for the right time to feature it. Today is the day.

This cup is in perfect condition. It's as though it was never used.

It's a beautiful shade of green with accents of white and gold trim.

Colclough  as you know is made by Ridgway Potteries in England.

Life should be savoured; sipped like a cup of tea. ~  Unknown

I am serving Ginger muffins with our tea. They sit on a Skye McGhie Garden Whispers dessert plate; a little touch of springtime with honey bees, lady bugs, and butterflies.

Have you ever made these muffins? I never have until now and are they ever good! If you like gingerbread, then you will enjoy these! They are just like mini gingerbreads. My hubby isn't exactly a lover of gingerbread but he likes these so I will be making them again. They are wonderful with just some butter or lemon curd and whipped cream. Yum!! I will share the recipe later this week.

You've all seen my Royal Elfreda teapot before. It sits on a Skye McGhie Coventry Garden plate.

Stash Double Spice Chai tea is in my cup. It goes well with my ginger muffins.

What's in your cup today?

I am delighted you could join me for Tea Time!
If you have a teacup, coffee mug, teapot/coffee pot, or tablescape to share, please link up below.
We tea friends enjoy seeing a tea shop too and if you have discovered a new tea you like, feel free to share about that. Perhaps you have a recipe  which would be a lovely accompaniment to tea time. You are welcome to share that too. 

Have a lovely day everyone and God bless you.

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. Lovely colour your new Colclough teacup is Sandi, and I like gingerbread too. I doubt my hubby would eat even the muffins so they would be a good way to have what I like stored in the freezer. Are you sharing the recipe later this week?

  2. Happy Anniversary tomorrow to you and your hubby, Sandi. You have much to celebrate this month, as I do, too.
    Your new teacup is such a lovely shade and I love the pretty plate that you've shared. I wish I could join you for a Ginger muffin and some chai tea. I love gingerbread and spicy things.
    Thank you for hosting and I hope we get to see your newly painted room. xo

  3. I was wondering if you'd be sharing the recipe for the muffins, too, Sandi?

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Your new teacup is just gorgeous....I love that color! Hugs, Penny

  5. Happy anniversary to you both and many many blessings! The Green teacup is gorgeous, I love the soft color and those ginger muffins look so wonderful with a cuppa tea. The Royal Elfreda teapot is to die for!
    Thank you for having us for tea, Sandi. Have a lovely week.

  6. Hi Sandi! glad to be back here after missing a couple weeks. I love your new cup, such a pretty color. And those muffins look so good, esp. with the lemon curd and cream. Happy anniversary to you and your husband as well!

  7. Your dishes and your photos are lovely.

    You make me want to throw a tea party.

  8. I love your new teacup; the freshness of the minty color paired with the elegant gold! So pretty. Happy anniversary! We celebrate ours this month as well. :)
    Thank you for hosting!

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet Colclough teacup, the color is just beautiful! Your tea time looks so inviting, know you'll have many guests that will love your delicious looking treats!

  10. What a lovely banner and I love the colour of your cup!
    Off island tomorrow (thus no blogging) so here are my Anniversary wishes to you both a tad earlier!
    God bless (and looking forward to that recipe your mentioned!)

  11. It sounds like you have a fun filled month ahead. Happy Anniversary to you both when it comes.
    I like the colour of your tea cup very much, it looks so pretty with the rose next to it.

  12. What a lovely Colclough teacup. I think I have at least 1 - maybe 2 Colclough's. I too have been having some physical challenges - high blood pressure for about 6 weeks. I only posted once last week. Your muffins look delicious and as always the case - a lovely post. Hope you have a lovely Anniversary!

  13. Happy anniversary! Your tea cup and its colours are very pretty

  14. Hi Sandi,
    I missed you last week! I hope that you feel energized. It is so nice to get spring painting done. Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to your hubby and grandchild. You really are busy this month. Your teacup is a lovely shade of green. It is a similar tone to the one I featured today. Love your teapot and trivet. Thank you for hosting tea today! Have a wonderful week! Karen

  15. Sandi,
    Thanks so much for the party!! I linked up my tea cup collection in my Dining Room and a tea pot and Fiesta ware tea cups in my Kitchen..Looking forward to seeing your Living Room....
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to that sweet hubby of yours!!


  16. Hello Sandi, your new teacup is marvelous - and I do love gingerbread. This has been quite a year with the long winter - we're moving right along into summertime - I hope you're temps warm soon and your wonderful garden and island come alive with glorious blooms! I appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  17. Dear Sandi,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. What a lucky month with so many celebrations and happiness. The green teacup is lovely as your whole table is. Its easy to see with how much love and care you set the tea times. Thank you for sharing this delights and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Your new teacup is very pretty, but I really liked the plate with the bees and butterflies. The muffins look delicious, especially with the clotted cream and curd.

  19. I love the color of that teacup and a very happy anniversary to you! :)

  20. Your Colclough is so beautiful! That shape and the beautiful color! Amazing. What lovely treats on your table! Wishing and your hubby a very Happy Anniversary.

  21. Hello Sandi,
    This is the month for Birthday's and Anniversary's for sure, happy to all and best wishes. The colour of your tea cup today is exquisite, a nice spring colour for sure (hoping) we really have had a long haul of Winter and the next two days are going to be a bit nicer. Soon enough my friend.

  22. Happy anniversary Sandi. It is our anniversary too on the 4th. I loved having a wedding then, everything was in bloom! Thanks for hosting!

  23. Oh my, I am loving your new tea cup! That color is so wonderful! You and I share a love of this color (and close shades to it). You must have been delighted to find it. Colclough is a fab company.
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Happy Birthday to him too!
    Those muffins sound so good...I love ginger : )

  24. Hello, That cup is just lovely! Happy May and all the wonderful special day's you have to share in this month! The color of the cup is a classic historical green color! I know because I have part of my living room painted that color!
    Blessings to you and thanks so much for allowing me to share in your party! I have just started a Link Up myself on my blog on Wednesday. Come join if you would ever like to!

  25. Hi Sandi,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! You do have a very busy month of May! Lots of nice things happening! Your tea time is so beautiful. Love the roses, your new tea cup and the ginger muffins sound so good! I will be making them soon! Thank you for hosting and Happy Mother's Day to you!
    Hugs, Nancy

  26. Hi Sandi,
    Another pretty tea cup and the muffins sound good with lemon curd and cream.
    Happy Anniversary and thank you for hosting.
    Take care,

  27. Welcome back, Milady! Blessings to you as you enjoy your new paint job and treat yourself to teatime for a job well done. Your new cup is lovely - that creamy green color is perfect next to the white rose - great combo! The ginger cupcakes look interesting and I will definitely want that recipe. Perhaps it will work well with gf flours? I did the Dolly & Me Tea and posted it last week - when you were on break. You must check it out on my home page!

    May you and your family enjoy your celebrations this month - and Happy Anniversary to you and hubs!

  28. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Are you not doing the HOME party anymore or have I just missed it in the past?
    Have a great rest of your week,

  29. In my cup today was Alishan High Mountain oolong. Your cup is beautiful! The teapot is lovely. And May is a perfect month for celebrating each and every event. Happy May time to you.

  30. Happy Anniversary, Sandi. Your teacup is lovely and your muffins look fantastic. I'll have to check out your recipe. I have been making a lot of pies lately - I'm trying to "perfect" my pie-making skills! And I'm having fun trying! :)

  31. Love your tea times - and to see all the other people's amazing collections.

  32. Sandi, May is a special month for you. I love the flowers that bloom in May! Your teacup is a gorgeous color and I love it combined with the teapot with the gorgeous pink Peonies! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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