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Monday, 29 July 2013

Tea Time Tuesday

"The very sight of a teapot puts a smile on the face of most people. One cannot help but think of more serene and genteel times. From the whimsical child's teapot to an elegant English teapot, to collectible teapots that adorn some homes, they are a subtle reminder of all that is good in this world." ~ Barbara Roberts

Hello friends and welcome to my last Tea Time for the month of July! I hope you're all enjoying your summertime.

We have been having a lot of dreary wet days here lately. It's been rather cool too so I've set a happy table for you.

I cut some old-fashioned roses.

And some freshly picked Queen Anne's Lace from the roadside. I do believe there is more Lace this year and I'm not sure why. The roadsides and fields offer a giant playground for fairies and pixies alike.

I'm using an assortment of china pieces which always makes for a charming setting.

My Maxwell and Williams Rose Bud teapot holds  Earl Grey tea which is always a favourite with me.

"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company." ~ Author unknown

You have all seen my Royal Albert Summer teacup before but I decided to use it again today because of course it is a 'Summer' pattern. This is the backside.

I love the quaint cottage scene on it! It does not boast a gold trim but a soft pink scroll instead which is lovely for a change. 

The other is one I found at a thrift shop quite a while ago. It too is Royal Albert and is called Buckingham. I believe it was made between 1970-1980. The colour is a rich deep green accented with pink roses.

What do these teacups have in common besides being vintage Royal Albert? They are both designed in the Gainsborough shape with their split handles; very lady-like with their footed cups and curvy rims.

I especially like the handle on the Buckingham cup. Can you see the row of leaves outlined in gold?

Do you like lemon with your tea? Generally I take mine black but now and then I enjoy a slice of lemon.

I haven't been baking at all this week as Hubby and I have been on the go so much but we did visit a good bakery and chose a mini lemon meringue pie for our tea. We simply split it between us and it is almost as good as my own.

Making these would be easy enough. Just use your pie crust recipe in a mini pie pan and bake. Then fill with lemon pie filling and top with meringue. I think it makes a 'sweet' presentation!

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Now, I have something else I want to share with you. May I be completely honest with you? I hope as my bloggy friends you will understand....

As most of you know, I had an accident in January and I have had two to three appointments every week since February. I am exhausted and I feel I need a break. 

I had a short one when my boys were home in June but as some of you know, I took another fall while they were here so it really wasn't a break at all.

I feel I need some time away from blogging and the computer in general. I need time to rest and not stress about hosting parties on top of everything else. I know you will all understand.

Also, my hubby is on vacation and I don't want to be sitting in front of the computer preparing posts. I may be away for only a couple of weeks, perhaps three. We'll see. But I hope to have lots to share with you when I get back.
When I return I will tell you more about my Anne of Green Gables Tea which I will be hosting on August 19.

I will be cancelling my HOME party on Wednesdays too for at least a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your Summer and I will leave this Linky open for a couple of weeks so you may link up any tea posts you may have.

The Lord bless you, and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance on you,
And give you peace. ~ Numbers 6:24-26 {NAS}

I am delighted you have stopped by for tea today! Your presence always makes my tea party that much more special and I am happy to see all your tea things whether you have shared them before or not. This party is all about sharing your joy of tea time and you may be as creative, fancy, or laid back as you wish.

If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too: Hot Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, Iced Tea or iced coffee, or Punch in a lovely bowl.

To be sure everyone has a visit, it would be nice if you visited the participant before and after your name. As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. What beautiful teacups and yes, it did make me smile too, along with such pretty lace! Beautiful last Tea Time of this month, sweet friend and here I am to celebrate it with you...although I have some coffee for it, lol.. The thing is that hubby prefers coffee, so that's what I served; hope you don't mind! Have a wonderful week welcoming August.

  2. Thanks for hosting another great party! Have a blessed week....hugs, Penny

  3. Beautiful photos, sweet friend. It's always such a joy to visit you :) Your Summer tea cup is absolutely lovely and your flowers are gorgeous! I understand your need for a break and I hope you enjoy your time away :)

    Love and hugs!

  4. What a beautiful tea you've set today, sweet Sandi! I always love seeing your teacups and the "Summer" one is a favorite for sure.
    We certainly understand your need to take a break for awhile. Enjoy your time and we will see you in a few weeks. Love and blessings sent to you.

  5. Hi Sandi,
    Your table looks lovely today. I love the deep green on the Buckingham teacup - it is such a rich colour! Hope you are enjoying your summer. Have a wonderful week! Take care,

  6. Hello Sandi, I would do the very same thing - If Dearest were off, I'd be spending time with him - I hope you have a marvelous time off and continue to heal. LOVE your teacup choices this week - perfect for a summer tea post - I am delighted to join your party and appreciate you sharing,

  7. Hi Sandi, A beautiful tea. You enjoy your break. We all need that from time to time. :)

  8. Hi Sandi, take the time you need to heal and recover. Take care of yourself. Will be watching for your return to blogging.

  9. Have a nice break, Sandi. Enjoy. Susan

  10. Sandi,
    Of course we all understand. I am probably going to take a break when they start my flooring in Sept.
    I love your tea cups. I was lucky enough to buy a few more at Salvation Army this weekend which i will be sharing in an upcoming post. i will save it to link up when you return. One of the was a Royal Albert one, Dorsey , for $3.00 with the saucer included!

    Enjoy your time away to rest, heal and rejuvenate!! Be well, my friend!! And spend some quality time with the great hubby of yours!!


  11. Sandy:
    You are so gracious. Please enjoy this time with your hubby and get all the rest you need to catch up! We all love your blog but we want you strong and rested!!!!

    This is a lovely posts and especially tour cups and saucers and bouquet.
    Take EXTRA care!

  12. Hi Sandi,
    Fantastic flowers, as usual, and the right china for a delightful tea!
    We all need to take a break from blogland once in a while, and now is the time for you, although we'll miss your company hosting these great tea parties...
    Enjoy yourself, dear Sandi, in the company of family and friends.
    Hugs from Portugal

  13. Your flowers and tea cups are wonderful. Your teapot is just gorgeous. Have a lovely vacation

  14. I always like the Rosebud pattern from MW and do take pleasure in my teacup like yours.
    Sometimes a break from blogging is just what's needed as it can be time consuming. I enjoyed my week away although I did read a few posts from others.
    Enjoy the break, relax and spend some quality time with your hubby.

  15. Oh my, the teacups and flowers are amazing, but that little pie is just about to kill me. lol It looks soooooooooooooooooooooo good. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. Sandi: Please, please, please take care of yourself. I will be praying God gives you rest in your body and heart! Hugs, Martha

  17. Dear lady - do take your much needed rest! I am in great need of one, myself. I am sorry you are feeling poorly as you recover. I will miss your lovely posts but have already been planning for our Anne tea. Your Queen Anne's lace today reminded me of the scene in the movie where Diana puts the "last of the Queen Anne's lace" in Anne's hair. Your cups are just beautiful works of art - lovely to enjoy tea with - and I hope you continue to do so as you mend.
    Blessings in Him as you heal!

  18. How lovely to sit and have tea with your husband. The tea table is so beautiful with the mixed pieces. I love your Royal Albert teacups and saucers with the pretty designs for they are both so different. Thank you for each week being so kind to host each party for if I don't link up I love readinng each tea postiing!


  19. What a lovely tea, the tea cups are beautiful, especially love the green. Glad to hear that you are taking a break, enjoy your time off and rest. you will be in my prayers. God bless...
    p.s. we aren't taking a holiday at this time

  20. Hello :)
    Roses and Queen Anne's Lace? Be still my heart! The cups are elegant and the pie looks scrumptious!Nice pics. THANKS for hosting each week. Sending you sunshine from CA,

  21. Sandi,
    Take care of yourself and get to feeling better!

  22. Hello Sandi,
    I am so glad to hear that you are taking a break too! Yay for you! That means we will both be getting rest and hopefully healing and growing stronger : )
    Your tea time is wonderfully set! I love Lemon Meringue pie...mmmmm that does look good!
    Enjoy your break,

  23. You have set another beautiful tea. I do adore that summer tea cup. It is so pretty. We do understand that you need a little time for yourself and hubby. Do enjoy your time away from blogging. We will be here waiting for you sweet friend.



  24. Oh Sandy! I hope and pray you are feeling better soon. I hope that your time with your husband is just what you need! Looking forward to your next post. :)

    LOVE that sweet summer cottage teacup!

  25. Hey Sandi,
    Your tea looks so lovely. I'm pink with envy over your tea pot! I love the green coloring on the 2nd Royal Albert and the Summer one is so pretty. Enjoy your time! ~Michelle

  26. Your lovely summer tea looks beautiful. Get some rest, health comes first. You will be missed, but we'll be waiting for your return.

  27. Dear Sandi,
    Your tea table is set so beautifully! Your pretty china and flowers are always a treat to see. Love your sweet summer time teacup. I've not seen one like that. I will miss your weekly tea's and look forward to them in a few weeks. Praying you will be refreshed during your break and that you and hubby have a wonderful vacation.
    Blessings to you,

  28. Dear Sandi,
    Your tea table is set so beautifully! Your pretty china and flowers are always a treat to see. Love your sweet summer time teacup. I've not seen one like that. I will miss your weekly tea's and look forward to them in a few weeks. Praying you will be refreshed during your break and that you and hubby have a wonderful vacation.
    Blessings to you,

  29. Sandi, as always your tea table is beautiful.

    Now you go and take that much needed break and don't worry at all about it.

    When something you love starts feeling like a burden it is time to step away a bit.

    As for your health, I am praying for your healing my sweet friend.

    Enjoy your time away - and see you for your AoGG tea!


  30. I hope you are feeling better and on the mend soon!

  31. Take care Sandi. Hope you have a good rest and some quality time with your hubby. Thank you for being such an accommodating tea party host.

    God bless

  32. wishing you some awesome down time, Sandi. Hard to believe it's already August....enjoy every minute of every day. Know that you have left footprints on my heart and that I'm grateful for our 'friendship.'

  33. Thanks for such a beautiful visit. Your time off sounds like a wonderful idea! Have a blessed and healing time.

  34. Take good care of yourself! We will all still be here when you come back, and the main thing is to relax, recover and to regain your equilibrium. Time with your husband is certainly reason enough! Have a good break!

  35. Beautiful china pieces!! I love old china - something I have inherited from my Mum. :) So lovely to drop by for a visit!

  36. Hi Sandi,
    Blessings to you. I hope you are feeling well soon and looking forward again to all the things you love to do. Rest up and stay well, thinking of you and sending positive energy for fast healing...
    LOVE your 'Summer' teacup!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  37. A happy table indeed Sandi! I love the roses and Queen Annes' lace. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  38. Hi Dear friend, I hope you really relax with your break and mend a bit more. I will miss your blogs as they are my favorite. I haven't been blogging as much this summer with the baby! Life is busy, heh?
    Love ya,

  39. Dear Sandi,
    I thought I posted when you first put this on. I am sorry I did not. I want to wish you well and I hope you are feeling good and healing. We miss you.
    Your cups are ever so pretty. I love them both. I am crazy about Queen Anne's Lace. I see it growing on the side of the road here but never in a garden center where I can buy it. I think I will try to snich a flower and hope the seeds take.
    Again, I hope you are well.
    Ruthie from Lady B's

  40. Sandi, I hope you are feeling better soon. Please take care and don't worry about the blog parties. Enjoy your hubby's vacation and these last days of summer and the beach! I hope to be back to Tea Time Tuesday (posting) soon. I have been super busy and am finding it harder to keep up with the usual blogging schedule now. I've even thought about stopping blogging. Will see - I'll keep it up for awhile at least. I won't be as busy in the gardens as autumn arrives.
    Hugs, Beth


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