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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


"Home is far more than a residence; home involves the character of living that goes on inside the house. A house is no home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as for the body."~ Margaret Fuller Ossoli

Hello bloggy friends and Welcome to my HOME! Won't you come in and I'll put the kettle on. Would you like some tea or coffee?

Before I share my HOME with you today, I would just like to say that my heart is heavy for those who were injured or lost their lives at the Boston Marathon. My SIL runs every year in the marathon and she was a half  km. away from the finish line when the bombs went off. Her husband was there waiting for her and thankfully, he was not injured.
I am thankful that they are both well and safely back home again. But for others, it is a sad time. God bless all those affected by this senseless act! My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Now, I would like to dwell on that which is lovely....I had bought some beautiful bright buttery yellow tulips at the grocery store. Tulips say Spring so well, don't they?

Aren't they gorgeous?

They perk up any room and I was inspired to set my tea around them....

I baked a lovely Lemon Layer cake for our tea. Well actually, I baked the cake for my son's birthday but he lives in Illinois. This was always his favourite cake. I'll bake him another one when he comes home for a visit in the summertime.

I invited you and some bunnies to my party.

For those of you who wanted my cake recipe, it's really quite simple...
The lemon DH cake was baked according to directions, in a tube pan. Then I let it cool, and split it into three layers. I cooked Jello Lemon pie filling and used it between the layers. 

I frosted the cake with Cool Whip, then spooned on some lemon pie filling.

Would you like a slice?

It really is a lovely dessert! Hope you'll give it a try.

This week I am sharing some fabulous posts from last week. You are such a creative bunch of ladies!

Kitty @ Kittys Kozy Kitchen shared a scrumptious and healthy snack. I will be making these soon!

Sylvia @ Sylvia's Simple Life  shared a beautiful Daffodil Tea. Every April is 'Daffodil Month' here in Canada and from the sale of daffodils, the proceeds go to support The Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you Sylvia for getting the word out! Her blue and yellow theme is so pretty!

Shannon @  A Cozy Place Called Home shared this darling Spring vignette using a little chair, some posies, and her little doll. Isn't this the cutest?

Jeannie @  The French Hen's Nest shared her easy tutorial on how to change some plain white lamp shades into toile ones. You all know how much I adore toile!

Christina @ PennyWise shared a fabulous Tea on the Titanic using ordinary white china and adding the Titanic motif using paint and transfers.

She also created a Titanic Floating Lantern in a Jar. 

Brilliant! I hope you will check out her blog if you haven't already. She offers all kinds of neat tips and ideas.

Thank you dear friends for coming every week to visit me at my HOME. I appreciate all your visits and comments so very much.

If you have a DIY, some baking or cooking, crafts, gardening, renos, tea parties, etc., then please feel free to link up with me. Anything pertaining to the HOME is welcome.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I can't believe I'm the first one at the party today! Be back and visit later...hugs, Penny

  2. Sandi,
    I am so glad that your loved ones were not injured yesterday in Boston. Many people from my area run in the marathon also and luckily no one from this area was injured as reported by our local TV stations. How horrible for this to happen...

    Thanks so much for hosting and what a beautiful post today, Sandi!! So bright and cheery!!


  3. Hi dear Sandi, I'm so thankful that your SIL and her hubby were not injured. Yes, our hearts are heavy that someone so evil could carry out these unthinkable plans.
    On a lighter note, thank you for featuring my Caesar Salad Bites and thank you so much for providing your HOME. Blessings!
    p.s I am so glad you shared the lemon cake recipe...I've been thinking about it since Monday.

  4. Sandi:As I look out my store window and watch the falling snow it looks so peaceful. Your lemon cake looks so delicious - I would love a piece with a glass of milk please! I am so glad your sister in law was fine and not at the area yet. Sometimes it helps to be slower? This is a lovely post.

  5. The birthday cake looks so delicious and easy to make. Thanks for the tip of slicing in three and using lemon pie filling for the layers. Yum! I'm so glad your family members were safe in that terrible bombing. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one. Blessings and hugs, Pam

  6. Sandi, Your lemon cake looks so delicious, I absolutely love lemon, especially if it is a little tart. I would like to thank you for featuring our toile lamp shades this week, and also thank you for hosting another great party. We always enjoy your parties.
    Many blessings to you,
    Jeannie and Linda

  7. I'm so glad that your sister and her husband are safe - why do people do these dreadful things?
    The lemon layer cake still looks good:)

  8. I love tulips! My personal favorite is pink, but yellow is a close second!

    And yes, I'd love a piece of that delicious looking cake...

  9. Your son has good taste. The lemon cake look yummy.

  10. Oh Sandi, how scary that you had a close relative in the race. So thankful they are all right. Lovely post. That cake looks so enticing.

    Jocelyn @

  11. Sandi, thank you for featuring the Daffodil Tea! I am glad that your loved ones were not injured. Your lemon cake look wonderful. Wishing you a peaceful week.

  12. Hi Sandi,
    I'm thankful that your family members are safe and I share your sentiments.

    You are so right about Home. I love the pretty yellow tulips and that scrumptous cake...YUM!

    Now I'm off to check out some of these wonderful blog posts.


  13. Oh my goodness Sandi. Thank God that your SIL and husband were not injured. I am still in shock by this horrific act.

    Thanks so much for hosting. Your post is just beautiful and plesant to look at.

  14. MMM, that cake looks divine. The tulips are so lovely in that sunny yellow. x

  15. Hi Sandi,
    Praise God your loved ones were safe. I will be joining you in prayer for those whose lives were affected.
    Thankyou for sharing your recipe with us. Beautiful tulips too.

  16. Hi Sandi...Your yellow tulips are a breath of springtime.

    My heart is sad for all those affected by the bombings, too. Sad, sad, sad. Susan

  17. Hi Sandi. So glad your family is safe. What a shame. Beautiful yellow tulips and that is some cake..Happy Thursday..Judy

  18. I'm so glad your family is safe, Sandi. What a sad and horrible thing to happen on such a happy day!

    Your cake looks so good. I know my husband will LOVE this! I'm going to make it for him as I've already got the ingredients!

    Hope you have a lovely day!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  19. Sandi, my thoughts and prayers have been with Boston. Your cake looks so pretty and refreshing for Spring. Love the features! Thanks for hosting.

  20. Hola Sandi
    Gracias por venir y por preocuparte por la traducción, no sé explicarte qué pasa con eso pues yo tu blog lo puedo traducir y si bien no es una traducción perfecta entiendo todo lo que tú quieres transmitir.

    Tal vez sea el navegador, el google Chrome es el mejor, yo tengo ese y me traduce automaticamente cuando entro en tu sitio. Leo directo en castellano.

    Igual no te preocupes amiga. Yo simplemente pongo el enlace en tu blog porque me encanta hacerlo y por compartir. No tienes que responder, sé que el idioma nos separa un poco.


  21. Thank you sandy for your recipe for the lemon cake. I am definitely going to try that one very soon as I am contemplating a tea in the next few weeks. It looks absolutely yummy! Regards!

  22. you have a lovely blog. I really enjoyed paging around it and seeing all your pretty pictures. thank you for sharing it all

  23. I'm so glad to hear your relatives were unharmed in that awful attack-what a terrifying ordeal for them- hearts go out to all those injured or lost.
    Your post was a much needed dose of cheer and I was so thrilled to see my Titanic Tea featured!
    Thanks so much for hosting your parties and for your delightful posts!

  24. Everyone is saddened by the tragic events in Boston. Your cake looks so yummy and light, I'm going to try it soon I hope. Have a good weekend

  25. Hi thankful you're SIL and brother are's mindboggling what's happened both in Boston and Texas.

    BTW...I love your post with the beautiful pictures and wish you a safe and beautiful day from my heart to yours. ..

  26. Hi, Sandi,
    I hope this finds you well! Grateful to here that your family is safe. I feel like I got to come visit an old friend this morning. It's always so nice when I have something I can come share with you!
    Sending you Hugs and Many Blessings for you and your family!

  27. The cake looks so beautiful, with those gorgeous tulips! A real burst of sunshine. Love the features and can't wait to make those salad bites!

  28. Hi Sandi.... I have no idea why my blog is acting up like that, but when I click on my link it goes to my blog , but it then opens down a bit below the post so you can scroll up and find it. I dont know to fix that but id love for you to try to scroll up and see if you can find the post and send me a comment to let me know, please, thanks so much for the head's up about it, though...

  29. Here is a link to my APples and BLossoms if you cant get it to open..


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