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Friday, 30 March 2012

Ring-aling-a-ling, Calling all Pinkies!

Ring-aling-a-ling, ring-aling-a-ling! Calling all Pinkies!

Would you like a cup of tea while you're visiting? This is the Rose Bud teacup I shared this past week at my tea party. It's covered in pink posies and is a delight to sip tea from!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the Princess phone; especially pink and white ones! We had a white one in our home for a while when I was growing up and I've always wanted to have one of my very own. But they were very hard to come by, until now!

This phone has been calling me since Christmas and I finally answered the call and brought her home! 

Isn't she purty? She is a touch phone but she's made to look like a dial phone. I just love it!

She's sittin' pretty next to a watering can holding pink spray roses. And yes, the roses are real!

If you want to see lots more pinkness, then please stop by Beverly's and you can get your pink fix all weekend!

Do you play April Fool jokes on anyone? I do and I have succeeded in getting my hubby every year since we've been married! He hasn't gotten me yet! 
The jokes have ranged from pretending to see coyotes in the front yard, {he is VERY nosy  inquisitive and he had to go look out the window}, to putting scotch tape on the bottom of the mouse so he would think there was something wrong with the computer! Yes, I know, I'm bad! *giggles* I try not to take myself too seriously!

Thanks for visiting me today and have a delightful and fun weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Oh I just adore your pink phone!

    My bff when I was little had one of the rotary original pink phones like that in her bedroom and I coveted it like no tomorrow.

    I had to settle for my BARBIE having one. Princess phones, definately awesome.

    Wowm can you believe it is time to "think pink" again? This week went by fast, didn't it?

    Have a blessed weekend, Sandi!

  2. Dear Sandi, CONGRATS on your prettay!!!
    We should have fun in life and I believe you've got yourself a treasure.

    I do remember the Princess Phones. PINK is the way to go!

    I think I could get use to the idea of having a PINK PRINCESS phone myself.

    God bless and have a sweet Spring,

  3. Hi Sandi
    I had a rotary dial pink princess phone in my bedroom growing up. Should have kept it.
    You better hope your hubby doesn't read your blog and get you with a trick this year! :-)

  4. Such sweet memories. When I was a young girl, nothing said "feminine" like a pink princess phone. Loved your apron post, too. Have a great weekend!

  5. Your choice of pinks are great. Having worked for telephone company for years, I know all about the princess phones.

  6. Oh I love your new phone! That's something we never had but I remember girlfriends who had them. You are a naughty tease on April Fool's Day aren't you. Hubby always would tease me about something like the weather. Last year Mother Nature pulled a big joke on us with a foot of snow on April 1st!! I hope not this year. Have a lovely weekend Sandi.

  7. Wow! A pink princess phone...I remember those. You've paired it perfectly with the florals. I love the teacup and saucer too!



  8. HPS!

    Lovely pinks! That phone is so chic.


  9. Oh Sandy,

    I had a pink princess phone when I was a young teen. I was so thrilled with it too. I am glad you brought that home for you. Hmmm, now I wonder if I can find one too.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  10. I take a sip of tea and admiring your new phone. So cute! I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

  11. I wanted a pink princess phone so badly when I was a child! Never got one, though. lol Your teacup is gorgeous, as always. I haven't visited Tuesday teatime lately as I have only a small collection of pretty teacups and ran out of ones to post about! That's a good reason to go to the antique stores, don't you think so?
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. What an adorable vignette! Love the phone, such a sweet color...Christine

  13. Thanks for the cuppa, I really enjoyed your company today.
    Great April fools dates..ha ha

  14. Hi Sandi: I just love your phone! I want one too. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  15. Beautiful pink! Love the cute phone.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  16. Princess phones. Oh my - how well I remember. I even had little ones for my Barbie dolls. Long since gone (the both of them, dolls and miniature phones). Everyone I knew wanted a princess phone! Happy Pink Saturday! Looks like you're celebrating pink just fine!

  17. Love the phone Sandi. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  18. Love the phone and the roses are gorgeous.
    Happy Pink Saturday.,

  19. Congratulations on your beautiful space!
    Delighted with your pictures!
    Every detail makes all the difference.

  20. Hi Sandi, happy PINK Saturday! I love your new princess phone, tres chic! My best friend growing up at her very own princess phone in her bedroom and I "think" I remember that she and I made a "few" prank phone calls from that very princess phone!

  21. Sandi,
    What a lovely post!
    I remember growing up with a princess phone but since most homes then only had one phone, it was in the Kitchen and matched my parent's Kitchen which was turquiose!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  22. What a gorgeous phone, I love it and how funny to put sticky tape on your husbands mouse LOL :)

  23. Happy Pink Saturday! Your pink phone brightened my day, it's so cute I can just picture talking on it about dreamy boys and sock hops.

  24. Love the phone and the pink roses!

    Have a great weekend,


  25. Oh I love the phone. Which I still had my pink one I had in my bedroom growing up!

  26. Hi Sandi,
    I just love the pink princess phone. I wanted one of those when I was young. The sun is shining here and that makes it a good weekend. Enjoy your phone.

    Letters from the Shore

  27. Hi Sandi,

    Love this pink phone! I had one when I was 16. Wish I could find one now. I featured one of your pretty sprintime poems on my blog. Hope you don't mind. It was so pretty, I couldn't resist. I linked back to you.


  28. Hi Sandi,
    I adore your pink phone...tres chic! Happy Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful weekend.


  29. Hi Sandy, you have a great sense of humor. Tomorrow morning I will try to fool my hubs. I don't know what yet but I can usually fool him. He is a trusting soul and thinks positive about everyone until proven wrong.

    Love your pretty tea cup as always.
    Happy days to you and yours this weekend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  30. Oops, I forgot to tell you how much I love your sweet pink phone.
    xo, me again

  31. Hi Sandi,
    LOVE your pink princess! My first phone was a TRIMLINE. NOW I wish I had gotten the princess. AND it would have been rotary dial(that's why I got the trimline, SO I could have the buttons on the receiver)...Thank you SO MUCH for your beautiful PINKS and all the memories it "sparked"...
    Big Hugs,

  32. I just laughed out loud reading your April Fool Jokes. My husband has one ready for my daughter's boyfriend. Since RB works at Indiana Wesleyan University Emily's education if free. And that's important enough to wait until graduation for marriage. RB is writing a letter "from" the university stating that since she's such a good student they are offering her a free master's degree as long as she is living at home. Crazy!

    Emily and Jonathan are changing their facebook statuses to "single" to freak out their friends.

    Gotta love April 1st!

  33. Hi Sandi, your post today is full of delicious pinkness! I used to have a princess phone, I 'think' it was yellow but not really sure, so long ago..and gorgeous roses...have a great weekend and stop by if you get a chance!


  34. Dear Sandi,
    this is really a cute phone. I love the color and the shape. And it looks so nice with the tin can and the roses.
    Pink greetings,

  35. love all your pink!!! so pretty and feminine and beautiful!! the pink phone though is the best!!!
    lucky you!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Happy April !

  36. Purely gorgeous!

    Visiting a little late for Pink Saturday. My entry is a product of creativity. Have a great weekend!

  37. I love your blog Sandi, it's always so beautiful, and I look forward to every new post xo

  38. Sandi: I've just come to your blog through the recommendation of Judith at Lavender Cottage. I am finding it so beautiful. Since my daughter is a breast cancer survivor, I have become very fond of pink. Happy Monday..Judy


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