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Monday, 19 November 2012

A Bit of Blue for Tea Time Tuesday

"From His abundance we have all received one gracious Blessing after another." ~  John 1:16

Hello lovely ladies and welcome to Tea Time Tuesday.  I would like to wish all of my American friends a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving this week! 

"Somehow, taking tea together encourages an atmosphere of intimacy when you slip off the timepiece of your mind..." ~ Gail Greco

Do you remember a while ago I mentioned I had found a number of teacups over the Summer? Well, today, I'm sharing another one.

For you blue and white collectors you will like this one. It is a Spode and I was thrilled to find this teacup! I love the little spray of posies inside the cup.

Spode's Blue Room is a stunning collection made famous by Josiah Spode originating in the 18th century. It is a medley of motifs and patterns ranging from floral and faunal designs to famous places and scenery.  And it's still in production today.

The wee bird's nest under the cloche is one my son found in a raspberry patch and he brought it home to me.

I have a couple of tiny blue and white china birdies that my mother gave me years ago and I cannot find them anywhere. They would have looked so sweet nestled together in the nest. I will have to keep looking. So for the time being, I have placed a little ornie in it.

The nest had been home to a red-eyed vireo so it is rather tiny and it still has strips of birch bark woven into it.

The nest fits perfectly under my little cloche and topped off with some snow, makes it pretty for the upcoming season.

Now, are you ready for a nosh?

I made Sherry's  Dutch Apple cake to have with our tea. Sherry's presentation was much prettier than mine but Hubby and I both enjoyed it very much. It is a wonderful cake with sliced apples on top which I have served with my Vanilla Sauce. I like how the sauce pools around the cake; yum! Thank you Sherry for sharing the recipe.

The blue transferware pitcher was made in England. I found it for two dollars at a second hand store and it is a good size for serving the Sauce.

The wee creamer I found at the same shop for a dollar. I know nothing about it other than I like it and it reminds me of Delft Blue.

is like a teacup
  to be filled to
the brim and enjoyed
   Friends~ Unknown

I am planning a Christmas Tea in three weeks time and it will be here before we know it. On December 10th, I invite you to bring out all your holiday tea things and let's have a merry tea party! If you have done any holiday baking perhaps you would like to share some of it with us that week. I would love to hear about your favourite Christmas memories too.

The button is available for you to take and use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. Just right click and save.

I am delighted you have stopped by for tea today! Your presence always makes my tea party that much more special and I am happy to see all your tea things, whether you have shared them before or not. This tea party is all about sharing your joy of tea time and any thoughts you might have on the subject. You may be as creative, fancy, or as laid back with your tea time as you wish!

Do you have a favourite teacup/teapot or mug that you would like to share with us today? I would love to see it and I'm sure others would too!
If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too:
Hot Apple Cider
Hot Chocolate
Iced Tea or Coffee
Punch in a lovely bowl.
No alcoholic beverages please.

The Tea Time Tuesday button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome! To be sure everyone has a visit, it would be nice if you visited the participant before and after your name. Inlinkz is available below for you to sign up for my tea party.

As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Dear Sandi,
    what a marvelous and delicate Tea Time! I enjoy it so much! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice Thanksgiving-week!
    Blessings, Siret

  2. What a dainty little nest, it looks sweet under the cloche.
    I like your Spode cup and saucer very much.
    Off to have a look at Sherry's recipe; it looks delicious.

  3. I like your idea of putting a bit of "snow" on the cloche top. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday, Sandi.

  4. Hi Sandi. Of course I love your Spode. So pretty! The cake looks wonderful...I think I'll try it this week. The cloche and bird's nest is wonderful! If I don't talk to you before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!

  5. Your new Spode teacup is wonderful. I love blue and white. There is just something calming about blue. I'm going to try the Apple cake ... it looks delicious. Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting!

  6. Hi Sandi!
    Such a pretty post. I love your sons birds nest under the cloche. There are so many Spode Blue Room patterns and I especially love your cup and saucer. That is one of my favorites.

  7. I do love me the colour Blue, especially the shade on your Summer Tea Cup find, Sandi. A couple of weeks ago I tried a recipe for Grandma's Cinnamon Apple Cake, which I will be making again next Tues for a VON gathering next Wed. Would love for you to drop in to see it.

  8. Hi, Sandi,
    Your blue and white tea cup and all your blue and white china is so pretty. One of my favorite color combinations, too. Your new profile picture is so pretty. I always enjoy my tea time with you dear friend. I am thankful today for your friendship. Enjoy your week ahead. Vicki

  9. I like the colours of the new teacup Sandi, it's a beauty.
    The nest looks sweet under the cloche and the frosting of snow is pretty.

  10. What a darling little bird nest, Sandi, and under a cloche it is even prettier. I love your pretty Spode teacup, too, and the cute little pitcher. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful day!

  11. Love your Spode teacup! Martha of Linderhof has that same pattern; I believe she also has Blue Italian. She loves her Spode, and I can see why! Have a great week, Sandi!

  12. Hello Sandi, Love your new blue teacups - so vibrant and beautiful - that cake looks marvelous - I am sure Dearest would love it - I hope you have a blessed week - I appreciate you sharing and hosting -
    I am thankful for you!

  13. Hi Sandi,
    how precious to find such a cute nest in the garden. The bird looks so nice and is a master in nest building. How sweet that you saved the tiny nest. And it makes a pretty decoration. The new tea cup is surely a nice find. Thats a pretty collection of matching pieces. Sherry's cake looks really yummy and makes my mouth watering. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea time and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. Sandi,

    Your cake turned out really pretty also! That is what is amazing about that recipe. It seems so simple but looks so fancy. I am glad you liked it. Funny thing is yesterday I made your jelly jar trifle. I had been thinking about making it and you had it on so I used your recipe. It was a hit. I'll post next week. Thanks for hosting!

  15. I to have a lovely Spode tea cup and saucer. That apple cake looks lovely.


  16. I love to the beautiful Spode tea cup and saucer. I am VERY fond of blue and white china. And the apple cake looks yummy!

  17. Hi Sandi,
    I always love blue and white china and the spode teacup is lovely.

    Thank you for hosting,

  18. Very pretty and yummy too.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed visiting you.
    Have a Blessed Week. And thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes.

  19. I have that same Spode tea cup and saucer -- it's a pretty one isn't it! I love the blue of the Spode things.

    You always do a great tea! That Dutch apple cake looks really good!

  20. Oh very beautiful Sandi! The blue and white is so gorgeous! I don't have any myself, but whenever I see others set up tea with it I am always impressed! Gorgeous!
    Your apple cake has my attention. That looks totally delicious!
    Thank you so much for hosting.
    I am linking up today : )

  21. What a party you're having here! So many lovely teacups and delicious goodies! :D


  22. Hi Sandi,
    What a beautiful post. How I love all your blueware. I'm just certain that tea served in a pretty blue cup tastes better!
    Thank you for hosting, my sweet friend.
    Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Dear Sandi..
    Your teatimes are always gracious and beautiful . Servings in blue china are so befitting the cool, calmness of the season and for the harvests that we have enjoyed this years.... Love your little nestlings...SWEET !!!! or should I say " TWEET " !!!

  24. A lovely post ! I am the newest follower !1001 ! Have a nice day !

  25. Dear Sandi,
    What a wonderful post. I love everything in it. I use my Spode every day and never ever tire of it. I also, as everyone else has mentioned, love the frosty cloche with the bird's next your son found. So sweet.
    Always lovely spending time here.
    Best, Ruthie

  26. Thanks for hosting, Sandy! I've shared a link and linked back on my own blog :)

    Would you like to participate in my own link up tomorrow? You are most welcome.

    A Scripture verse? Off the top of my head? If all else fails, I go with 'This is the day the Eternal has made, come let us rejoice in it' from Psalm 118. It's a universal life lesson to be in the present moment :)


  27. Oh, yes, Sandi! I do like the blue and white. I like to display it in January - winter wonderland - or in July for our red, white, and blue celebrations. Your Spode is lovely - and I like how you used the cloche over a Blue Willow plate, too! That cake - must check that recipe out!!
    Joyful this month for so many reasons - with great thanksgiving . . .

  28. Dear Sandi,

    Thanks for hosting. The blue and white is lovely. The cake yummy , the birdie nest charming. (Hope you find the blue and white birds your mother gave you)...

    Your sincere compassion and deep caring is indeed always a witness of a Christian blog and the love of Christ.

    Blessings, Wanda Lee

  29. I love blue and whites so your pictures this morning were quite a treat for me. A nice break on a busy day...thanks for sharing!

  30. Hi Sandi: I want to sending you all the blessings that God can give you. I thank God that we have become friend. Your blues are beautiful. Blessings, Martha

  31. Hi Sandi,
    What a lovely new Spode teacup you found! Your tea today is so pretty with all the blues and the apple cake looks so delicious. Love your cloche with the light frosting of snow. Hope you find your birdies, it can be so frustrating when we can't find something and we know we still have it somewhere! Thank you for hosting your tea party and have a wonderful week.

  32. Oh Sandi, all this blue from your china, specially the beautiful tea cup, fills one's eyes! And it's a Spode!
    Thanks for the lovely tea and yummy cake.
    Have a great week!

  33. That little bird nest is so precious! Love all your "closeup" photos! Very sweet.

  34. Hi Sandi,
    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for having us for tea! I've always look forward to your parties and am glad to be able to join you today.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  35. Sandi, I think your Spode cup is very beautiful!
    Of course I'm a bit biased when it comes to blue and white china :-)
    The dutch apple cake looks so delicious and perfect for a chilly day.
    I love the little bird's nest too.
    How nice of your son to keep it for you.
    Have a blessed week, my friend..Trish x

  36. Oh Sandy. Your blog is my peaceful place. The cup is really beautiful and I love the cream pitchers. I have quite a few and I know now to serve sauce from them. The snow on the cloche- brilliant! I am copying you. I just got a new camera and hope to soon participate in Teatime Tuesday.
    Linda at the French Hen's Nest

  37. Your post just makes my blue and white loving heart go "pitter patter". Happy Thanksgiving!

  38. I am thrilled to be adding your Tea Time Tuesday Party to my Tea Tuesday links from now on. The more the merrier!

  39. Hi Sandi,
    I like your blue and white ware. Blue and white china makes me smile.Your Dutch Apple Cake looks delicious.
    Looking forward to your Christmas Tea Party..
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  40. I love drinking tea out of a cup and saucer - it makes it so much more of an event! Thanks for sharing, J9 x

  41. Hi Sandi,
    I love your pretty blues! I have a bowl that matches your teacup and saucer. Your Dutch Apple cake looks and sounds so delicious. Hoping to find time to join your Christmas tea!


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