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Monday, 17 September 2012

Cinnamon Blossoms for Tea Time

"Life should be savoured; sipped like a cup of tea." ~ Unknown

Hello everyone and welcome to another Tea Time Tuesday! Today's tea party is number 138; imagine that! That's a lot of tea parties and I'm so happy you have come today!

I thought it would be fun to share the most viewed tea posts from last week. It was a tie actually!

Jocelyn at Just A Little Southern Hospitality shared her pretty Johnson Bros. Flavia china for tea with a good book.

And Diann at The Thrifty Groove served up a pretty yellow rose inspired tea. If you missed her post, you can find it here.

 Congratulations ladies....!

Now, let's have some tea, shall we? As I mentioned in my post last week, I have found a number of  teacups over the Summer and today I am sharing one of them with you.

This one, my hubby actually bought for me. Isn't he the best?

Most of you will recognize this pattern. It is Royal Albert Old English Rose. It was less than seven dollars which makes it a fabulous buy, being in perfect condition!

It is beautiful with the roses inside the cup and on the saucer. Adorned with a slight pedestal, brushed on gold trim, and a rather plain handle, it makes the perfect companion to the other one I have.

This is the same pattern, just a different shape. I found this teacup at a thrift shop last Summer for about seven dollars.

This second cup has the roses outside the cup. Both saucers are alike. Aren't they splendid together!

Is this fun or what!

"One sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight, beyond the bliss of dreams." ~ {Quote by - Milton}

I made a sweet for our tea today which I haven't made in years.

When Hubby and I were first married, I made these goodies all the time.

They are pretty, simple to make, and delightful with a cup of tea!

Cinnamon Blossoms
You use your basic Tea Biscuit recipe. Cut into biscuits and then snip each biscuit almost to the center to give five petals. Dip  the tops into melted butter and then dip the tops into a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. I opted to brush the tops with melted butter and then dip or sprinkle on the cinnamon-sugar mixture. It's less messy this way.
Use 1/3 cup sugar. I used brown.
1/2 teasp. cinnamon
1/4 teasp. nutmeg
Place a quarter of a maraschino cherry or candied cherry in the center of each blossom and bake for 12-14 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees. Makes about 15 blossoms. Enjoy!

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Next week I will be sharing an Autumn Tea and I hope you will join me for that.

Then two weeks from today, on October 1st, I am hosting a "What's In Your Cabinet?" party for Tea Time Tuesday. You may take the button below for your post or sidebar if you wish.

Do you have a special piece of china or a collection which was gifted to you or passed down from someone? Or perhaps you have something very unique which you picked up at a thrift shop or flea market and you're simply bursting to share? Well, here's your chance to do that....
Just share your special treasure with a cup of tea or coffee and write a post about it. Your special treasure doesn't necessarily have to be china either. It could be made of glass or crystal, ivory, silver, or even wood, such as a tea cart, etc. I am looking forward to seeing all your special treasures!

So remember those two dates- next week for an "Autumn Tea" and the 1st of October for "What's In Your Cabinet?" 

Have a lovely day everyone and please save a cup for me!

"You have made known to me the path of life;
You will fill me with joy in Your Presence." ~ Psalm 16:11

I am delighted you have stopped by for tea today! Your presence always makes my tea party that much more special and I am happy to see all your tea things, whether you have shared them before or not. This tea party is all about sharing your joy of tea time and any thoughts you might have on the subject. You may be as creative, fancy, or as laid back with your tea time as you wish!

If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too:

Hot apple cider
Hot chocolate
Iced tea or iced coffee
Punch in a beautiful bowl.
No alcoholic beverages please.

The Tea Time Tuesday button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome! To be sure everyone has a visit, it would be nice if you visited the participant before and after your name.

Inlinkz is available below for you to sign up for my tea party. As a courtesy, please link back to me so your visitors will know where to find all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hello Sandi,
    I just love this Old Rose pattern - it is so perfect! your cinnamon blossoms sound marvelous - I can just imagine the lovely cinnamon aroma. I do appreciate you hosting and sharing,
    God Bless,

  2. I particularly like the Old English Rose pattern, and I like the way you have mixed the shapes, it makes for an interesting twist.

  3. Such a beautiful post Sandi! It's always a joy to scroll through your blog and look at your beautiful china. The cinnamon rolls look delicious! It's fun to see that in each country people make different things for tea :-)

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  4. Dearest Sandi,

    What a lovely beautiful post! Your teacups really pop- that red and pink is amazing together!

    As for your cinnamon blossoms, I had my very first one a week ago at Bob Evans Restaurant - they look similar to yours and now I can make my own! My DH will love love love them, thank you!

    Thanks, also, for hosting one of my all-time favvie fav link parties.


  5. Hi Sandi,
    what a fun to find such wonderful cups for low money. I love the pattern, it reminds me to "American Beauty", which I like also. How nice to have two different shaped cups with the same pattern. Your sweets look tempting. I guess, they smell heavenly. Thank you for this delightful tea time and for hosting this wonderful event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Roses, roses! I love roses!!! Beautiful Royal Albert teacups. Gorgeous finds. Sweet treat looks delicious. Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting!

  7. Hi Sandi, What beautiful teacups! Your hubby is definitely a keeper! He has good taste in china, too, doesn't he? The cinnamon blossoms look so good. I'm sure it brought back memories when you baked and served them. Have a nice week!
    Blessings, Beth

  8. Hi Sandi, What beautiful teacups! Your hubby is definitely a keeper! He has good taste in china, too, doesn't he? The cinnamon blossoms look so good. I'm sure it brought back memories when you baked and served them. Have a nice week!
    Blessings, Beth

  9. Hi Sandi. I missed your info about your Sept Fall tea, probably while I was gone. Sounds like fun! I love Old English Rose, no matter what the shape! You have your honey well trained! Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. Hi Sandi! I love your Old English Rose teacups. I came very close to purchasing a set of six with matching luncheon plates for my recent Anne of Green Gables tea party, but since I already had china that was suitable I resisted [but they're still in the back of my mind!]. Your posts about Anne of Green Gables back in the summer planted the seeds of inspiration to host my Anne tea party. If you get a chance, drop by to see the photos which I posted today at
    I will have to surprise my hubby and make some of those cinnamon blossoms soon. They look delish!

    Your blog posts are ALWAYS beautiful. Fondly, Phyllis

  11. Hi Sandi,
    What beautiful rose teacups you have! Isn't it so much fun to collect them? Your hubby is so special to buy you the teacup! Thank you for the recipe, they sound and look so good! I think I'm going to try using the refrigerated rolled bisquits you buy at the grocery store instead of homemade ones for a quick dessert. Hope they turn out! Thank you for hosting your teaparty and have a wonderful week.

  12. Sandi, Old English Rose is one of my favorite patterns. Your teacups are beautiful and what an amazing price too :-) Your cinnamon blossoms look ever so delicious. Thank you for featuring my post from last week. And for always being such a gracious hostess.

    Jocelyn @

  13. I love your tea cups today. It's my favorite Royal Albert pattern. I have two like the second one with outside flowers.

  14. Oh Sandi, your teacups are lovely. Cinnamon Blossoms, not only do I love the sound of that, but they do look like flowers and so delicious too.

    Autumn Tea, I like the sound of that. Your posts are always filled with lovely charm and filled with the most delicious tea accompaniment. Now I feel like a cup of tea, just wish I could have one of those Cinnamon Blossoms.


  15. Your tea-cups are all so pretty. I must make these blossoms. Any dessert with cinnamon and nutmeg is a hit at this house. Thanks for sharing. Deb

  16. Pretty teacup, Sandi. The cinnamon blossoms look pretty and sounds good too....Christine

  17. Sandi, both of your teacups are so pretty and compliment each other so well. I love your table covering, too. I wish I could reach through the screen and snatch one of those delightful cinnamon blossoms!! Aren't they the sweetest tea treat??!!

  18. Hello Sandi
    It's nice that you can have 2 different styles of teacups in the same pattern. I was closely checking out the tablecloth, very pretty. I think I'm a tableclothaholic - if my hubby knew how many I have! :-)
    What an ingenious idea for the cinnamon blossoms and I'm going to try that with my next batch of scones.
    Thanks for sharing and hosting. I can't believe we've been meeting for tea each week for so long!

  19. Dear Sandi, This is a delightful post to read! Enjoyed the lovliness of your place!
    God bless.

  20. I love the Old English Rose pattern too but I only have a plate in that pattern.
    I have never made my biscuits into cinnamon blossoms but they do look good!

    Thank you for hosting,


  21. Oh, Sandi, lovely roses everywhere! Even the sweets look like roses...and look delicious!
    Congratulations for the great finds and thanks for this beautiful post and for the yummy recipe.

  22. Hi Sandi,
    Your new cups and saucers are so pretty! Those blossoms look perfect with them.

  23. I dearly love the Old English Rose china. I have Old Country Roses but it is not nearly as special looking as Old English Rose. One of my Canadian Cousins had this set and I admit a bit of envy!
    I have copied your recipe for the Cinnamon blossoms. I will have to try some this coming Sunday, the only day I allow myself to make things like this!

  24. Hi Sandi, I enjoyed this post for the very pretty china cups and the cinnamon blossoms. They sound yummy and easy to make. I'm not participating today but hope to join you for "What's in your cabinet" on Oct. 1 (if not next week). Have a great week. Blessings, Pam

  25. Hi Sandi! That Old English Rose tea cup is just gorgeous! I think that is the pattern my tea kettle is. I'll have to go check. You goodies look delicious! What is your basic tea biscuit recipe? If you don't mind sharing. Thanks and have a great week! Gina

  26. How fun to have found two different shaped teacups with the design pattern! The colors of those roses are so wonderful. They just pop right off the cups. thank you for mentioning my tea. How nice! Your cookies look wonderful! Thank you for hosting and have a blessed week!

  27. What a lovely post. The cinnamon blossoms look very tasty, I will have to make them sometime soon :) I enjoyed the teacups. My aunt gave me a teacup that she got on her wedding day that has the Old Rose pattern on it. It was special and fun seeing the pictures you posted.

    Have a great week!

  28. Hi Sandi
    I love the Old Rose pattern, love them all, what can I say. So so pretty, I hope to join you tomorrow for tea. And I will have to try and make the cinnamon tea biscuits. We are getting ready to fly to Ireland and England, so excited, plan to hit as many tea rooms as I can (oh the weight-I will have to walk from one town to the next)
    For months I have tried to talk with blogger Faith Hope and Charity and unable-do you know her??
    Again a gorgeous tea...






  30. Thankyou so much Sandi for hosting another beautiful linky party.
    Your rosie tea cup is adorable xo

  31. Hello dear Sandi~ Oh, such lovely pics. I can almost smell the cinnamon. I love baked goodies with cinnamon and nutmeg. Thank you for hosting. It is such a treat to visit each week :)

  32. I am so happy to join your tea party. For years I have wondered where all the teacup bloggers were and now I seem to have stumbled upon the lottery. I honestly don't think that i will accomplish any work today!

  33. Beautiful post Sandi!
    I am loving your two new rose tea cups! They look wonderful together and what bargains! It is always delightful to bring home a pretty cup that doesn't seem to be appreciated where it was!
    Your cinnamon treats looks very tasty! I would love one right now with my tea thanks! lol!
    I am looking forward to your new themed posts! I will have to take a peak in my cabinet and see what I can find : )

  34. Your teacups are wonderful! They look lovely together. I also like you little cinnamon blossoms. Had to pin that. Thanks for hosting and for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  35. Thanks for the kind invitation to join Teatime Tuesday. The rose pattern teacups are so pretty and the cinnamon biscuits look delicious.

  36. Hi Sandi,
    Your new rose teacups are simply gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your cinnamon blossoms recipe..numm numm!! I can't wait to try these! Have a wonderful week.

  37. Hi Sandi,
    138 - that's really a lot of tea parties! :o)) I enjoyed drinking tea with you!
    Hugs From Austria,

  38. Hi Sandi,
    138 - that's really a lot of tea parties! :o)) I enjoyed drinking tea with you!
    Hugs From Austria,

  39. Hi Sandi,
    Your two cups together look pretty.
    Your cinnamon blossoms look delicious...must try this!
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  40. Love this post. it really inspires me to have a cup of tea. I love how the two cups and saucers aren't the same. They are so pretty!

  41. I've never seen The Old English Rose pattern!! I have The Old Country Rose pattern in a set for 12. I collected them at various stores such as Marshall's and TJ MAXX. It is always a thrill to find one! Now I'll be looking for this pattern.
    Gmama Jane

  42. Well, your hubby certainly knows how to pick a pretty cup, that's for sure!
    I love the shape of the Old English Rose that he bought you, Sandi.
    It's one of the nicest I've seen!

    Your cinnamon flowers sound really great - I'll be having a go at making these soon.

    I love the idea of your "What's in my Cupboard" party for Oct 1.
    I'm looking forward to it - it sounds like a lot of fun :-)

    Thanks for linking up.
    I so appreciate your faithfulness and friendship, Sandi!
    Have a blessed and beautiful day.
    love..Trish xx

  43. Hi, Sandi! It's been awhile since I've been to your 'Tea Time'. I've been so busy with us officially moving to our lakehouse cottage. But, I'm back and am really enjoying reading all the great tea-lovers posts. Your rose teacups are adorable! What great prices for each, too! I love it when I find something I love for a great price!
    Have a wonderful week!
    In His Lo♥e, Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  44. Dear Sandi .. I shall have to borrow your Cinnamon bun recipe . My hubby loves them, but I often find they're too big and gooey... Your blossoms are perfect. Of course the old world rose pattern is just gorgeous ..Thanks for sharing all the beauties...Hugs

  45. Good Morning Dear Sandi,
    I have so enjoyed your lovely tea today and the recipe for the Cinnamon Blossoms sounds and looks delicious.
    I love the old world rose pattern you share in your gorgeous tea cup.

    What fun I have had visiting and catching up with your posts. Always a blessing to visit and leave refreshed.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Blessings to you my friend,
    Celestina Marie

  46. The cinnamon blossoms look great - my printer is working again today so I can print the recipe -oh goody! All lovely here!

  47. Beautiful inspiration! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  48. YUMMY Sandi...the little biscuits are darling. Maybe I can get join you for your events...seems I get so busy and miss them.Great idea..oh, guess what? I found my Anne of Green Gables doll so I'll be ready the next time!

  49. Ooh your pinks are beautiful! Love the tea cups! And I must say...I would love to have one of those yummy biscuits with a cup of coffee! Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  50. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and I'm your newest follower :)

    I love the Old English Rose set, and don't those cinammon blossoms looks delicious! I may have to try them one day.

    I think I will join in next week!


  51. Hi Sandi, love Dianns yellow tea set. Of course your pink roses are gorgeous also. Excited to join in on What's in Your Cabinet. Placing it on my sidebar. Thanks for joining Share Your Cup.


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