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Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Lovely Surprise

Good afternoon dear friends. I am sitting here sipping my cup of tea with a thankful heart for all the blessings in my life.

I love giving gifts and I know you do too. I also enjoy receiving them. Yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail from my youngest son.

He has just left Canada this week to embark upon a career which he had been studying towards for years.
His career move has taken him to Illinois, a new state as well as a new country. While he was packing up, he also packed up and mailed out a surprise for his mama.

He had gone to France this past June and while there, he picked up a couple of things for me; a lovely cake of lavender soap from Provence, and a miniature replica of the church Sacre-Coeur in Paris.

I wish you could smell this soap! It is exquisite! The little cicada came with it. Provence is known for them apparently. We also have them here on the Island. In case you have no idea what a cicada is, it is a tree cricket with a loud, shrill sound which we hear in August.

This little cicada is a magnet.

"Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your prayers." ~ Maya Angelou

The Sacre-Coeur is a famous church in Paris which stands on one of the highest points of the city. From its vantage point, one can have a wonderful view of the city. The church is pure white and it took forty years to build.

The photo below was taken by my son when he was there. This is the front of the building. Isn't it beautiful?

Family is a precious gift. In this case, my youngest son, in the middle of all his packing and all the busyness which accompanies such a big transition, thought of his mama back home and sent her a little memento of his trip to France.

God gives good gifts and my cup is overflowing with them. I am very blessed! What are you thankful for today?

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Beutiful Sandi, you are so blessed to have such a thoughtful son. I am thankful for each new day God gives me to have with my family.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Now that's a well brought up/well trained boy! How special! I love your treasures and how much more meaningful as you remember the loving giver!

  3. These unexpected gifts are very precious, even more so when it is from your children, especially boys!
    You are very blessed. And thank you for the memories of France, I lived in Montpelier not too far from Province for 3 years.

  4. There is nothing more special than a gift from your child.

  5. What a wonderful thing your son did for you. I love this story!

    I also love that tea cup you have your tea in it is beautiful.

    We have cicadas in NJ also. They are so loud sometimes you can't even think.


  6. Oh what a wonderful son you have! I would love soap from france and lavender smells so wonderful. :)

    Lovely post, thank you for sharing!

  7. Sandi: While travelling in the South of USA I have heard the sounds of cicada but have never seen one up close. They are a mysterious creature as they seem to hide in the trees. It is an unusual sound to hear and sometimes it is nice not to hear them. Thanks for the picture of one. How unusual of Jordan to send a gift like that.........Love Auntie P

  8. What really sweet gifts from a loving and thoughtful son! You are blessed!

  9. Sandi these gifts from your son are lovely!
    Sacre-Coeur is special to me for it's association with a Benedictine nun who I greatly admire.
    The soap looks too nice to use, lol!
    And you have cicadas in August - is that your Autumn?
    We get to hear them in the hot days of Summer downunder :-)
    Enjoy your sweet surprise!
    blessings..Trish xx

  10. It sounds like your sun knows his mother and what would please her. He must be a fine young man.

  11. That is a sweet gift from your son. I love lavender! Best of luck to him in his new venture. We have cicada's here too, and the noise can be deafening!

  12. Hi Sandi,
    What a lovely surprise for you=all the gifts are lovely.I love the lavender wreath.

    Wishing your son all the best in his new career too.


  13. Lavender is my favorite soap and fragrance...I breathe it to relieve stress! It works. I keep a bar of lavender soap handy at all times! Ha!! You do have a very thoughtful son...such a sweet gift. I love it when one of my sons notices the things that make me happy and goes out of his way to do something special like that...those are the treasures you will cherish forever. Blessings to you, my friend.

  14. What sweet gifts, what a kind heart! I wish your son the very best as he begins his new career. Love the purple flowers - is that heather? Somehow I didn't think it looked quite like lavender. Glad you had such a happy day, Sandi!
    Hugs, Beth

  15. Oh Sandi, What a special boy you have! I promise we will take EXTRA GOOD CARE of him here in the USA for you... I have only seen a little cicada ONCE. It was on my window near my computer. "It was NOT LITTLE, This one was HUGE"! SCARED ME TO DEATH! I called my guys for an ID...
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs, Donna

  16. What an adorable post! Your son is the sweetest!


  17. Hi Sandi,
    a loving mother created a loving son. How sweet of your son to send you those gifts. And so lovely chosen. I can smell the lavender soap in my imagination and can also hear the cicadas cirping. And the Sacre Coer is a wonderful church. I hope you see it once. The miniature church is very decorative and makes a wonderful paperweight. Thank you for sharing this happiness.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Hi Sandi,
    I'm so pleased your lovely son sent you such a special present.
    I went to France last year and went to Sacre is truly beautiful and being white it shines in the sun and is called The Wedding Cake.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  19. What lovely, and thoughtful gifts. Your son must be a lovely person

  20. Hi Sandi,
    What a precious surprise! Very sweet of your son to think of his Mama in the middle of his busyness. May our Lord guide him in every step of his life!

  21. Hi Sandi,
    What a beautiful surprise gift from your Son! So thoughtful! God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful Son. Have a nice week!

  22. Oh Sandi, Having children are wonderful. My youngest is about to make a transition as well. It may only be across the street to a house that he and his future bride will be living. They are getting married in October. I am sure her Mom and Dad will miss her even more, because after they are married she will be living about 30 minutes away. That is not to bad. My oldest lives in California and that is also where my granddaughters are. However in just a few weeks I will be out there visiting. Sandi, I really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.


  23. what a beautiful gift. And what an exciting time for your son. His whole life before him. God bless!!

  24. What a sweet son! Remarkable. I bet I know where he learned to be so thoughtful...

  25. What a thoughtful son! I wish him well in his move. Your gifts are lovely.

  26. Sandi,
    What beautiful gifts from a wonderful son!!
    You are blessed!!



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