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Monday, 30 January 2012

Tulips and Fairies for Tea Time Tuesday

Deep within the winter forest
among the snowdrifts wide,
You can find a magical place
where all the fairies hide....unknown 

Welcome dear friends to the last Tea Time Tuesday of January!

I am amazed at the wonderful turn-out we had last week for my 2nd Tea Time Birthday celebration! It was an all-time record party of participants and comments. Everyone was so kind and you all just blessed me so much with your lovely posts and wonderful words of encouragement. A warm welcome to all my new Followers too.
I have to admit, there have been times when  I felt like putting TTT on the shelf with my teacups for a while but you have convinced me to keep hosting, so thank you. Big hugs to everyone!

Before I put the tea on, I would like to share with you a lovely Giveaway I won from Kathy at A Delightsome Life. Her package was filled with such lovely things, including a new little fairy friend whom I have named Trixie. Isn't she cute with her little arms raised in delight and wings all a-sparkle? 

The Giveaway included this sweet lacy tote which Kathy made herself. Here it is pictured with a bunch of pink tulips tucked inside. The tote is edged with eyelet and a soft pink satin ribbon. A pink fabric rose adorned with a pearly button decorates the center.

Accompanying the tote and fairy was a lovely CD of A Capella hymns. A sachet which Kathy also made was filled with sweet lavender...

...and a hand-painted heart shaped tile which I have hanging on one of my lamp shades.

Trixie will spend some of her time tied with ribbon on one of my lamps.

Thank you Kathy. Everything is simply delightful!

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I'm sure you can feel  romance in the air. So, today's tea is leaning towards a little romance and a little whimsy. Are you ready for a cup of tea?

The grocery stores are carrying an abundance of colourful tulips right now so I picked myself up a couple of bunches of pink and white.

Our life is like a garden,
And with God's loving care
It blossoms with the flowers
Of His blessings everywhere. ~ Unknown

I have set the table with a simple little tea of cake and a pot of Earl Grey.

The coffee cake with lemon curd filling has a dusting of icing sugar on top. Yum!

And the fairies have joined us.

Isn't Trixie adorable? 'Horray for tea time,' she says!

Shaylee is smitten by the tulips.

And Breena loves to just relax and watch her friends. The top of the cupcake makes a soft vantage point. Breena's friend January is curled up inside one of the tulips and decided today she would rather dream about tea rather than come to the party. Perhaps she is shy. Who can fathom the mind of a fairy!

Perhaps January will join us next time. In the meantime, let's enjoy our tea, shall we?

A cup for you and a cup for me. A big slice of coffee cake...

Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. ~ Alice Walker 

Today's teacups are Pierced Lace by Skye McGhie. Sorry the light makes it hard to see the Fleur de lis on the cup. 

And the lovely green one is a hand painted cup I won in a Giveaway a couple of years ago.

Oh, do you see what I see?

January has decided to make an appearance after all! She heard all the giggles and wanted to come to tea too. 

She and Breena plan to take their naps in the tulips once our tea is finished.

"Oh, this is lovely," she says. I'm so glad she has decided to join us after all.

And we're so happy you have decided to join us today!

Special Announcement ~  On February 13th, I will be hosting my Valentines Day Tea so I hope you will plan to join me for that party as well. Let's bring out our pink, red, and heart inspired tea things. Why not bake up something special and let's get together for another delightful themed party!

Feel free to take this button for your post or sidebar.

Thank you for joining me for tea today. May God bless you and watch over you until we meet again.

"I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you." ~ Psalm 32:8 

Do you have some tea things you would like to share? A favourite teacup/teapot or mug perhaps? If you do, then I would love to have you join me! You may wish to do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too: hot apple cider, hot chocolate, lemonade, punch, etc.  
The TTT button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome!
Please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. What a "sweet" post today Sandi! Nice to see the rest of your surprise package! The fairies are so cute and everything looks so delicious! Happy TT and thanks for inviting me to your tea party! I'll take 1 lump and a piece of cake please!

  2. Beautiful post, every photograph was just wonderful! Hope to join your party soon!

  3. Lovely post Sandi with your tulips and fairies.

  4. Dear Sandi,
    that was so careful and cute of Kathy, to send you all this sweet things. The tote is beautiful made and very helpful. I imagine you in summer time with this pretty tote. You will have a lot of fun with it. And the little sweet sachet is so feminine as the fairy is cute. You made a wonderful fairylike tea time today. The coffee cake looks very tempting and you have cut really a huge slice for me. And your wonderful china makes together with the fresh tulios a great tea time. As I see, I a a bit early with my contribution for Valentins Day. Doesn't matter, I will make another for the next tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. Sandi, Love your little fairies and your cute pink-frosted cupcakes. I especially love the green floral tea cup that you won! I have a Valentine's post today; but not to fear: I've got MORE Valentine posts up my sleeve for your next couple of TTT as well.
    Hugs, Beth

  6. What a lovely post Sandi. I love your new fairie and thay all look so sweet with the tea table set. The cake sounds so yummy too! I hope you have a great week. Hugs, Pamela

  7. Such an enchanting tea table, Sandi. Everything is so pretty and the fairies as well. The lemon curd cake looks delish!...Christine

  8. Love your "tea party setting"..the fairies are adorable! I would love to take that teapot with the adorable bird home!

  9. Sandi ... what a wonderful gift from Kathy! Tulips, fairies and tea ... sounds perfect to me. Lovely tea cups. Cassie (!!) and I wish you a Happy Tea Day!

  10. Sandi,
    The fairies are sweet and cute.
    Thank you for hosting. Your cake looks so good. Pat

  11. My daughter would love this post. Maybe I'll have to invite all her faeries to teatime with me soon. They never did move to Denver, so they are close by.♥♫

  12. Love that green delicate! I enjoyed the entire post.

  13. Hi Sandi,
    Another lovely tea! I love having locally grown tulips too.
    Your giveaway was a delightful treat!
    Wasn't this a perfect winter day-for that matter the whole winter thus far has been great.
    Thank you for hosting,

  14. Sandi... happy TTT!! I'm so happy you have over for tea each Tuesday, and are not shelving it. It is a wonderful time visiting and being inspired. Your tea is perfect on this last day of January ... your fairies are a delight and do make me smile... xo Blessings HHL

  15. Sandi, what a delightful post! I loved seeing your fairy & your special gifts that you won. Wish I could join you for tea & a slice of your coffeecake!

  16. Love your tulips, so pretty and your fairies are unreal. So beautiful, as always. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  17. Romântica postagem!
    amei a xícara verde e as fadas!

  18. Those faries are so cute. I love how they appear to be just so happy dancing around for tea this week. I saw that teapot at Home Goods last week...I actually had like 5 minutes of will power (UGH)...and did not get it, but as luck would have it my daughters swimming lessons is right next to it so I am sure my will power won't be so strong next time. Hugs.

  19. Everything looks perfect, Sandi! Your teacup is such a soft, lovely shade of green! Such lovely gifts you received - love the little fairy! Thanks for hosting another tea party!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. Sandi, your tea today is like a fairytale! Very cute, and love the tulips...gorgeous! The soft pink and white looks very lovely with your Rose Chintz.

  21. And...the teapot with the birdie on top is so cute! Love it all:)
    Charlotte (again)

  22. Hello Sandi,
    Just now catching up with all the tea parties! I am so glad that you're enjoying your prize - Trixie is a perfect name and she has lovely company - always a joy to spend tea time with you! thank you for hosting and for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  23. Your green tea cup is enchanting. I like the simple lines, the color, and the little rosebuds.

    I definitely plan to be here on the thirteenth. How fun!

  24. Oh congratulations on such a fine win! Yay for you! Kathy is so delightsom and her gifts to you are so lovely. I am thrilled for you.
    All your china is beautiful, but all the tea cups are really pretty! Each one has something different about it and special.
    oh...and that cake??? My mouth truly did water!

  25. Wow, how sweet!

    I especially love that green teacup you won from a giveaway, wow!

    Thanks again for hosting another lovely Tea Time Tuesday!

  26. Sandi, thanks for hosting this week! Love the green tea cups so pretty, Laura

  27. Hi Sandi,
    I enjoyed your post and how you invited your fairys to tea! I've been collecting Cecily Mary Barker fairys for years. Their little faces are so real looking. I'll have to get the camera out and invite them to tea one of these days!
    Have a good week,
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  28. So much whimsey in one place, Sandi- and all for teatime today!! Such lovelies Kathy has sent you - but - would you expect anything less?


  29. What a beautiful post! I could stay here for hours. Thank you for sharing.

  30. I love all of your beautiful little fairies. They have made tea time so special today. Your gifts are amazing! That person is so AWESOME to send such beautiful gifts.
    Your tea cup is of great beauty! I love the little roses and such a wonderful colored cup. Treats are amazing and look so delicious.
    Your tea time was a delight!!

  31. What a beautiful gift that was. I love the fairies and the tulips/Your teacups are gorgeous, hat green is so delightfull

  32. Ha ha ...Your fairy tea is so delightful...They've got me giggling... such a yummy post too... You're such a wonderful baker.....Mmmmmm.... I can smell them from here...Enjoy your sweet gifts...They created by the heart ... Such a joy to give and to receive....Big Hugs

  33. Hello Sandi.
    It is a cake made in the cup. It still looks good.
    Thank you for allowing part of your party.


  34. Hi Sandi, congratulations on winning that gorgeous give-away!
    Kathy's gifts are really beautiful - what a special lady she is!
    Her tote and sachet is very pretty and just perfect for a true lady, ie.*YOU*, to win.
    I love your handpainted green cup and your lemon curd cake looks wonderful!
    Can't wait to see what you 'serve' us for Valentines Day :-)
    Thank you for always inspiring us to appreciate the fine and lovely things about tea and femininity!
    And thanks for linking up to Simply Sweet.
    You make it so!
    God bless you dear friend, have a great week!

  35. Hello Sandi,
    I like the friendly fairies you shared your Tea Time with this week. Trixie is especially delightful.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  36. As always, your Tea Time posts make me linger and enjoy. Love your header. What a gently story to go with your tea today. Thank you.

  37. Hi Sandi! You always have the most beautiful posts! Lovely little fairies and tulips! Love those tulips.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  38. Oh my dear friend what a beautiful post you have shared with us 2 day. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me I love your fairy and all of your beautiful teacups hugs olivia

  39. Oh my dear friend what a beautiful post you have shared with us 2 day. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me I love your fairy and all of your beautiful teacups hugs olivia

  40. Oh my dear friend what a beautiful post you have shared with us 2 day. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me I love your fairy and all of your beautiful teacups hugs olivia

  41. Hi Sandi,

    Oh my! I don't know what I love most about this post...the charming tea cups, adorable fairies, yummy desserts, etc.! They are all sooo lovely! Thank you for sharing all the beauty on your wonderful blog! :) I have not linked up to your party yet {or have I?}. I will have to do so in the future. :) Take care and have a wonderful night.


  42. I love the fairies- how perfect for you Sandi...just so very sweet. Lovely post again.I bet you were just thrilled with your package.
    Love, Linda

  43. Thank you Sandi for correcting that as I had no idea I was doing that! Looks like you were thewinner of some lovely things. Such cute fairies and beautiful photos!


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