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Friday, 18 November 2011

Pink Hoodies and Teacups for Pink Saturday

Hello sweet bloggerettes and Welcome to Pink Saturday with our hostess Beverly.

I have a couple of pinks to share with you today. Those of you who had stopped by earlier in the week will recognize this teacup from my tea party...

This is a Royal Albert teacup which I found on one of my thrifting travels to New Brunswick a few weeks ago. It is called Old English Rose and the pattern has been out of production for many years, so I am happy to have found this vintage teacup! I love the shape and the fuchsia and pink roses adorning it.

You have all heard the adage, "Like mother; like daughter."

Well, here is my granddaughter Jenna-Lynn. She is having fun on the swing and wearing her pink jacket.

I had planned on donning my jeans and my pink jacket and going to the park. I was going to get my hubby to take a picture of me on a swing. However, I got up to snow today, so you will just have to take my word for it that I like to swing too.

My granddaughter and I both have the same hooded pink jackets. "Like grandmother; like granddaughter." :)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with pink and joy!

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. So pretty!

    The pink is so cheerful :)


    P.S. I am very excited about a throw pillow giveaway I have going on. If you'd like, please come enter!

  2. I have that same pink tea cup. I won it from Cynthia's Cottage Design and I just love it. Jenna-Lynn is so very precious and especially cute in her pink hoodie!! Happy Pink Saturday.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Love your pink teacup and your pink hoodies! You are stylin! So nice you have that sweetie so close! Happy PS!

  4. Hi Sandi...Jenna Lynn is adorable! She would be perfect to share the same pink sweatshirt with.
    Happy Pink Saturday & Happy Thanksgiving..xo Tami

  5. What a beautiful teacup....and a beautiful granddaughter! How sweet that you have matching pink hoodies!
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    ;-D Kathleen

  6. Your granddaughter is a little cutie! Pretty cup, too. Bess

  7. SNOW? Oh, my! Well, you could have just sit by the fire and had your picture taken!
    That baby is sure growing! So cute!

  8. Oh heavens snow! We had a few flakes yesterday, but thankfully no more than that. I know it is coming, but it can stay away just as long as it wants!! lol!

    Your sweetie Jenna-Lynn is an absolute doll!

    I am back on after a month of computer problems...a new computer solved it all! :)

  9. Hello neighbour
    i've also found some sweet Royal Albert tea cups at our great Value Village. My gf in GA. collects pretty tea cups like yours. It's a passion isn't it.
    LOVE your grand baby in PINK and I believe you about the snow. It hasn't snowed here yet, but I know it's coming soon.
    Happy PS Sandi.
    Love Claudie

  10. great pink post. The star of your show is the precious little one.

  11. Your granddaughter is the cutest in her pink jacket! I love your teacup, wish I could have tea with you and later invite you for tea at Pink Saturday! Have a terrific weekend. FABBY

  12. Happy Pink Saturday Sandi Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous share today. I so love that teacup and saucer. It is so elegant and the perfect welcome for a cup of tea.

    Love sweet Jenna-Lynn in her pink jacket and swinging away the day. Isn't that photo just priceless?

    Ouch did you say snow? Oooh this is why I love living here in the desert. No snow here. We are having the best weather right now.

    A beautiful share sweetie, so pretty and pink. Have a glorious weekend and Happy Thanksgiving as well. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. Well, I can hardly believe it is Thanksgiving already. Seems like we just planted our flowers...I am so very thankful for many ways God has blessed me...I give HIM all the Glory!I ask for many blessings to come your way through this holiday season!
    Those grand babies are the best!

  14. wow! your blog is eye candy!
    love it.

    love that china, too. so pretty!
    pink is my fave colour.
    great pink post!

    happy weekend!

  15. Dear Sandi,
    your little Jenna Lynn is so precious. And she grows really fast. Time is running! She looks so cute in her pink jacket. Did you sew it?
    Best greetings, Johanna

  16. The most classic of patterns...always beautiful, always timeless!! Love how you guys are like little twinzies...adorable!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!! xOxO Nerina

  17. OH my sweetness! Over the moon darling baby and ooohhh la la that pink tea cup is deelish!

  18. Hello Sandi
    Your china is beautiful.. my Mother In Law had the same set of china. Your Grand daughter is so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend!


  19. That cup is so pretty with all thoses for a queen.. Love the little one on the swing with her pink hoodie

  20. Lovely cup. Your granddaughter is just adorable!!

    Hugs, LisaKay Belles Roses Romantiques


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