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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bottle Love

Hello everyone-
I love bottles! I especially love aqua blue bottles and canning jars. The other day I found this jar at the 70 Mile Yard Sale and I paid fifty cents for it. It has a handle and a rooster motif on the front.

I thought it would be prettier with some pearls on it and some baby's breath tucked inside.

Then I brought out my blue jar with the burgundy top and frenchy motif on it.

As well as a little hobnail type jar with a cork stopper. I've had this bottle for years.

I grouped them altogether on top of my little teacup cabinet in the dining room and decided to make a little vignette out of it all. I tucked in some fairy-dusted baby pumpkins and vines.

I have some chickens and roosters that would look great with these bottles too. Once the pumpkin season is over, perhaps the feathered friends will take their place.

I am joining the following parties:

Sherry - Home Sweet Home Party
Marty - Table Top Tuesday Party

Thanks for visiting and I wish you all a lovely week.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Hello friend,
    Time passes so quickly when school begins that I sometimes don't get to drop in for a visit! The jars made me think of my grandma's cellar where her treasures in similar jars were stored, but it was sort of creepy to me so I didn't spend time down there. It was outside the house and down some steps. I can't even remember if there were walls, or just the earth, maybe just a "dugout".

    I do like the glittery WHITE pumpkins.♥♫

  2. I so love bottles too, yours is so pretty displayed all together. I love the little pumpkins sprayed white too with the glitter. I must see if I can find some here. I'm just off to the shops with my hubby for our Friday morning tea,so will look out for some,athough it isn't big here (Halloween) we are getting there. We even got little children coming to the door for trick and treat last year, which was a first. x hope you have a nice weekend

  3. Blue bottles are so pretty. I missed my chance at a blue Ball canning jar at the local antique barn as I passed it over the first time and then it was gone.
    You have a nice little collection Sandi and they look nice with the enhancements.

  4. I have some blue/green mason jars I found while cleaning my Dad's and I love them too. Have not put any flowers in them yet. Yours look lovely all grouped together and filled with flowers. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. Oh Sandi, SOOOO pretty! LOVE the color of those bottles - that soft aqua blue is so gorgeous.

    BTW just because we live in an old house doesn't mean my husband is "handy." Trust me, I'm handier than he is!


    As he said when we moved in here 3 years ago, the sweetest words in the world are "Pay the man." And it also explains why it took us 30 years to be able to live in an old barn like this!

  6. Sandi...what a cute idea to add the pearls to the old jars. I just love the old jars of any kind.

  7. Sandi...what a cute idea to add the pearls to the old jars. I just love the old jars of any kind.

  8. Lovely vignette. Seaonal and peaceful. Aqua color glass bottles. Ahh.
    Image going to a 70 mile Garage sale.
    - Joy

  9. Sandi, your bottle creations are beautiful! Love your vignette, it's perfect!

  10. Charming collection, love the rooster, pearls and glittered pumpkins! :)

  11. I like the color of the bottles, Sandy, and I like the rooster etching on the first one. I hope you will come and sign up for my giveaway...Christine

  12. Hi Sandi...

    Ohhh...I love your pretty jar and white pumpkin vignette, my friend! I have a "thing" for pretty jars too! I love the little hobnail jar with the cork's unique! I also read your last post as well. Love the pretty glittered pumpkins...sooo very soft and sweet! Thank you for sharing your autumn pretties with us!

    My friend, I sooo enjoyed your visit yesterday! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the sweet note! You are such a dearheart!

    Love ya,

  13. Hi Sandi,
    what a sweeet collection. And you gave even the simple jars and bottles a special touch. Looks great,
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. it looks really beutifull,I like bottles too.The very first is amazing!!

  15. Sandy, your bottles are all wonderful. I especially love the one with the rooster on it. What a great idea to use them with the pretty white pumpkins. Great vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. How pretty.... I love old bottles too, and the decorating possiblities are endless...your bottle vignette is just full of vintage charm....I love it!
    Big hugs,

  17. I love that squat hobnail bottle. Just darling!!

    Susan and Bentley

  18. I love jars too (among many other things :) ), so I really enjoyed your post. Thanks!

  19. love each bottle tto and together they look fantastic! the different shapes and the arrangement is so lovely...

    Brayton Homestead

  20. Love the bottlesand the vignette is wonderful! JoAnn

  21. I love your bottles and that little white glittered pumpkin is a charmer! Sorry I am late getting around, modem and internet out 1/2 of last week. Thank you for joining me for the HSH Fall Open House!


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