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Monday, 19 September 2011

An Autumn Tea for Tea Time Tuesday

"Besides the autumn poets sing,
A few prosaic days
A little this side of the snow/
And that side of the haze." ~ Emily Dickinson
Welcome friends to another Tea Time Tuesday. We are well into September now and Autumn is only a couple of days away. So, I thought I would do an Autumn Tea today.

"Drink your tea slowly and reverently as if it is the axis on which the whole world revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future...." ~ Vietnamese-born Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and author
To be honest, I don't much care for Autumn. It is a reminder that Summer has gone and Winter will be on its way with its ice and snow. I am much more a Spring and Summer girl. But today, let's talk about what I do appreciate about the coming season.

There is beauty to be found in every season and inspiration can be gleaned from nature all around us. But, when it comes to Autumn, I am taking baby steps...

Autumn calls for brisk walks, inhaling the fresh air and savoring the sights and sounds of Autumn, such as the changing of the leaves....The leaves have not really started to change yet here on the Island, so I had to borrow this from the internet. Isn't this scene stunning? 

The colours of Autumn are rich with reds, golds, and yellows like pumpkins under a cobalt sky. I borrowed this from the internet as well. I have a picture of my little grandson running through a pumpkin patch but I simply cannot find it at the moment so this picture will have to do.

Going to the apple orchard is always fun. This is my lovely DIL and two of my grandsons enjoying a day of picking apples.

Changing out the soft Summer decor for a more muted or vibrant one is always fun. The floral wreath on the front door is replaced by a colourful Autumn one and the urn filled with geraniums is replaced by pumpkins and chrysanthemums on the front step.

I love baby pumpkins, white ones in particular. I like to paint them and sprinkle them with glitter, then decorate them with posies and ribbon...

The barbecue is getting a bit of a rest these days as I am in the kitchen more cooking nice hearty dinners for my hard working hubby. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding is a favourite at our house in the cooler weather. Fresh yellow beans snuggle up to mashed potatoes and gravy. Slices of succulent roast beef are accompanied by Yorkshire pudding and some lovely home made mustard pickles....

I enjoy baking tummy-satisfying desserts too, such as this warm Apple pudding with hot Vanilla sauce on it. There is just a hint of cinnamon in the apples. Yum!...

There are the fruits of our labour; jams and pickles....

Even this little guy gathers his food for the Winter months. Once again, I borrowed this from the internet...

This time of year, the iced tea is replaced by spicy teas like Twinings Chai...

The warm glow of candlelight beckons one to sit and relax...

And what could be nicer on a cool evening than curling up with a loved one and a cup of tea in front of the fire.

Oh yes, there are many things one can enjoy about Autumn and many things we can be thankful for...And,  my favourite holiday, Christmas, is just around the corner!

The inspiration for my tea vignette today was taken from Victoria's front cover of the September/October issue.

The colours differ somewhat and there were no pomegranates available at the supermarket so I made due with what I had. I was inspired to set the tea table in red transferware instead of the browns which the magazine features. Reason being, I have no browns!

The basket of berries on the cover were not available at my house either, so I used some pretty carnations in a canning jar which is my choice of vase this time of year.

Fresh apples, peaches, and pears were also used as well as some spicy crackers and a nice Havarti cheese.

The plates have acorns on them so I thought they would be a good choice.

The stacked transferware teacups were a gift from my cousin Val.

Do you think I pulled it off alright? I am also joining Kathy today for her Welcome Autumn Party.

Next week, I will share a new teacup with you. I hope to see you then. In the meantime, there is still time to enter my Blogaversary Giveaway. If you are one of my Followersthen you are welcome to enter here.

I am delighted you have stopped by today and I would love for you to join me for Tea Time Tuesday. All you have to do is share a favourite tea cup or teapot, a coffee mug, or something tea related. If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too: apple cider, iced tea or iced coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, or punch. The TTT button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome! Please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

"Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." ~ Colossians 4:6 {NIV}

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  1. Sandi, your transferware is lovely. I quite enjoyed your fall tea. I love the fall. Finally, no more 100+ degree days. Now, if the fall would bring us rain things would improve greatly! Happy Tea Day! The Chai looks good.

  2. Sandi, you did a lovely job replicating the cover of Victoria magazine. I really enjoyed your post today. You and I think alike about the seasons. Spring and summer are definitely my favorites and I like fall until Thanksgiving - if we could only jump to spring again after that! I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Pamela

  3. Sandi, love all your delightful pictures. I just adore fall.

    Thanks for hosting.


  4. I think we all have autumn on the wonder! A lovely seasonal post. Much to rejoice in with each season. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post!

  5. Dear Sandi,
    you pulled it up superfine. I like the red transferware much more than brown ones. It is so happy like a red apple. I love the apple theme. How funny, I mad an apple post for this tea time tuesday as well. Apples are one of the best fruits in autumn. You are so right with your opinion that we can find in every season nice things. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and for hosting this nice event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Hi Sandi
    I'm sure you'll find lots of things in autumn to love.
    I would rather have a plate of crackers and cheese with fruit than sweets with my tea.
    Good thing we're all different and don't like all the same things. :-)

  7. Hello Sandi,
    I agree, there are so many wonderful things to love about autumn.
    Beautiful picture.
    Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

  8. Hi Sandi, Beautiful post, so inspiring. The squirrel was just too cute, your meal yummy looking, the walk calming, and the end to a perfect evening, tea and a fire.. hugs ~lynne~

  9. Dear Sandi
    I have lots of problems with my Blog and I dont know if I will be able to link my tea cup
    Anyway meeting you is a pleasure for me

  10. Sandi, I love so many things about your post. Your transferware is beautiful, and the teapot is one of my favorite shapes. Autumn does bring thoughts of winter and the end of summer. I'm always a little sad this time of year, but we have the holidays to look forward to. Your fall photos are lovely.

    The French Hutch

  11. Sandi, I'm with you about Autumn. It makes me a little sad since I know Summer is as far away as it can be when Autumn arrives.

    Your tea scape looks perfect! I love that red transfer ware and the acorns on the plates. I like how you have added glitter to your pumpkin, too. So sweet!

  12. Sandi .. you have created a beautiful setting from your inspiration of the VB cover. I hope to get out to the apple orchard with the God Children this year and bake some yummy pies. Looks like a day at the orchard was share with your family.

    Love the spray painting and glitter idea for the pumpkins ... and your cheese, crackers and fruit trade yum! Not to mention your scrumptious dinner... oh how I wish I had someone such as yourself for a neighbour.

    I too am a Christmas loving girl! Though I love autumn and summer ... thank you for hosting a gorgeous feast for the eyes .. I'm hungry now ;)xo HHL

  13. Lovely post! Thanks for the reminder to get out my fall wreath! I've been to bust enjoying our 3 weeks of summer (which is gone now) LOL! Thanks for the lovely fall setting.

  14. I really loved your post today, you did highlight the best of autumn that is for sure. Those plates are great w/ the acorns..too bad I don't have one for my little acorn sandwiches this week, ha!! Enjoy your week and your chai tea!

  15. What beautiful images Sandi! Your red transferware is so pretty and perfect for this ime of the year! Thank you for hosting.

  16. Hi Sandi! What a warm and seasonal autumn setting you have provided today - even though you claim to not count the season as a favorite. I especially loved your cozy fireside! The tea setting inspired by the Victoria cover was creative in making the most of the items you have that were in the spirit of it to perfection. I would suppose autumn on PEI is magnificent! Looking forward to what you've in store for us at Christmas!

  17. Hi Sandi,
    This Fall tea time is just so inspiring and beautiful. I love the colors, your transferware, the delicious dishes of dinner and dessert. Your DIL is a cutie holding the apples from a day at the orchard.
    I understand not being a fan of Fall and I used to feel this way too until we moved to Texas many years ago. Now the return of cooler days is welcomed and become a favorite.

    Your little painted pumpkins with glitter are darling. The perfect touch in your header too.

    Yes, Christmas is just around the corner. This year seems like it just flew by. Probably because I am getting older. LOL

    Blessings to you dear friend and thank you for sharing a beautiful Fall Tea and thank you for being such a wonderful hostess.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Hi Sandi,

    I just adore your pink pumpkin! How adorable!

    I'm not into fall's just too hot still here in the south!

    I enjoy it...maybe when the calendar says it's fall I'll start putting my things out and hope and pray! haha!

    Thank you for sharing a lovely autumn tablescape!

    Hugs sweet lady!

  19. I too have been holding back on embracing Fall. I love your gentle steps towards Fall.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. For those of us hoping to keep fall away a bit longer, the apple and pear speak of it, but the transferware keeps us in an in-between time, to help us get used to the idea. Very, very pretty, Sandi.

  21. Oh Sandi! This is one of your lovliest posts ever!! Your home cooking looks fabulous! I want to join you!! Wow, what gorgeous candid photos. I love Fall!! I cannot wait to put up my autumn decor. My 26th anniversary is this week....just in time for the official start of Fall. Thanks for hosting this party.
    shawn :)

  22. Sandi,

    What a pretty post - your tablescape is so great, made want to sit down with you for tea! I love Victoria Magazine and you captured the cover very well...

    Thanks for hosting!

  23. Love the plates with the acorns on them. Tea drinking is always a delight. Pretty pictures thanks for sharing, Laura Cottage and Broome

  24. This is such a wonderful post for fall! It's certainly making me ready for the fall season now! The pink pumpkins are so pretty, too!

  25. There is nothing so refreshing after an Autumn walk than a lovely warm cup of tea.

  26. Sandi .. Your posts are always warm and enchanting ... red transferware is a big favorite of mine and it seems to fit in with every season...Your home pictures are so endearing and remindful of the importance of family.. Please do enjoy your last week of summer and keep the magic in your heart...Hugs

  27. I love your pink and glittery pumpkin!I'll have to remember that one.

  28. Sandi,
    I came over and read your post and admired your pretty vignette. I guess I forgot to do the rest! Sorry! Methinks, a child distracted me. When they are all grown I won't be able to blame them. LOL! All linked up. Thanks for having us over!

  29. Hi Sandi,
    I love all the seasons but I am clinging to summer as long as I can.The weather has been beautiful this September hasn't it?
    The Victoria is a great source of inspiration and you presented us with a lovely fall tea.
    Thank you for hosting this lovely tea time!


  30. Hi Sandi...

    Autumn is my favorite time of the year! Ohhh...I bet autumn is especially beautiful where you live, my friend! I sooo enjoyed your lovely photos. Sandi, I just adore red transferware so your lovely tea table is really "tickles my fancy"! Hehe! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of autumn with well as your lovely autumn tea, sweet lady!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

    PS...Ohhh...and I love, love, LOVE your pretty pink, glittery pumpkin! Sooo pretty!

  31. Dearest Sandi.

    Where to begin?.., What utter loveliness in your Fall post!

    I love transfer ware and your vignettes are each and every picture is a feast for the eyes!.., Isn't Victoria mag., just such pure inspiration indeed!

    An excellent re-interpretation and replication of that amazing cover of Victoria mag., to be sure Sandi.., Well done!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

    P.S. Please kindly pray for my safety and peace of mind for our flight, as my dear hubby and I haven't flown in years and although he is as cool as cucumber as usual, I am very excited yet just a wee tad nervous.( Although I know that God is taking care of us and therefore I shouldn't be)..,

    ~ Thanks for your kind words and I guess the strike was avoided via a tentative settlement after all, and by the grace of God!

    P.P.S. ~ (Also Sandi,I have corrected my unintentional faux pas. I could not find your numbers on all of your tea posts and I apologize though you were most gracious)!

    Hugs from Wanda lee

    Cheers and hug from Wanda Lee

  32. I had those lovely dishes and gave them to my daughter. What a lovely tea setting! What a wonderful time of year and you are starting us out right with inspiration!!

  33. Hello Sandi,
    This is truly a lovely Fall Tea. Your photos are so lovely, like still-life paintings. Definitely could come from Victoria Magazine. Your dessert looks absolutely scrumptious!
    Spring and Fall are my favorite here - we are being blessed at the moment with rain - such a welcoming sound!
    I hope you have a lovely week and a beautiful beginning of Autumn!
    Thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness!
    God Bless,

  34. Dear Sandi, you created such a rich blog post ...This is why I love AUTUMN ... I would be delighted to have a cup of tea with you ! Don't move ...or change a thing ...I will be right over :) Enjoy the season!

  35. Sandi, your Autumn Tea is just perfect! Lovely post. Now I will link up to you also - forgive me I am new at this. Have a wonderful week and greetings from the other Canadian Island! Hugs...

  36. I think you did a gorgeous job on your Autumn tea! Everything looks delicious and beautiful. I am super hungry now I have visited you. I wish I could sit down at your lovely table and enjoy your lovingly created food!
    I love that THN quote!

  37. Sandi, you pulled it off superbly, my friend!!
    What a beautiful post!
    I love the pretty colours and patterns of everything you put together.
    Your home looks very cosy and inviting too.
    You are so right about each season have it's own type of beauty.
    Just like people :-)
    Thanks for linking up today, my friend.
    Have a blessed day..Trish

  38. Hello, there, Sandi! Oh my! I am so glad I visited your blog today... I enjoyed all of those pictures, and just generally had fun!

    Have a happy day!

  39. This is awesome.. I LOVE IT…Found ya on hop and officially following ya with smiles..Hope you get a sec to stop in & say hello..:)) I have a fall inspired blog party going on and would LOVE for you to link this awesome piece to it today ) TY

  40. Oh waht a wonderful day picking apples with the dil and the grands! I love, love the transfer plate with the pumpkin on top! Awesome fall pictures! Beautiful Victorian post, I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharin and fun Tea Party Tuesday. Hugs, FABBY


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