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Friday, 19 August 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful week. I just heard that the Miracle Makeover response was over 5000. Congratulations to everyone who helped to make it so successful!

I am just getting back into my routine after being on vacation for a few weeks so my pink offerings are small today.

My rose bushes are slowly losing their blooms for another year but I managed to bring these little pink beauties in and make a wee arrangement in a tiny creamer. The creamer and saucer are from my beloved china pattern Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros.

Add in some sprigs of baby's breath and sprinkle some rose petals...Voila!

My sweet little granddaughter is growing fast and I just had to share the latest picture of her wearing her little hat. Her mother chose this little hat because she knows of my love for them. Smile pretty, Jenna-Lynn!

Both Jenna-Lynn and the hat are adorable, don't you think? She is now 8 months old. Squeezes from Nanny, Jenna-Lynn!

In case any of you missed my tour of Green Gables, please check my previous post.
Thanks for stopping by to see my pinks. Now go visit Beverly ~   who has a host of pink participants for you to visit. Wishing you all a delightful weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Pink G'morn, Sandi ~
    What a beauty Jenna-Lynn & so adorably darling in her pinky hat.

    Love the roses in that beautiful china.

    We are having early sign so fall here
    because of the heat/drought this year.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. The thoughts of summer's blooms fading makes me sad Sandi. I always delight in seeing an odd late blooming rose in September though. Jenna Lynn is so beautiful! What a sweetie. Our almost 11 month old grandson will be here for a visit in less than 2 weeks. I hope you will get to see Jenna Lynn soon. Blessings and hugs, Pamela

  3. Hi Sandi,
    Jenna Lynn is such a cutie! It looks like you had a lovely vacation-I enjoyed your pics.
    So,you and Heather and Keith go way back-so nice to catch up again. I love the P.E.I. Preserves too.
    Hard to believe how fast summer is going-lovely to have some sunny days in a row now though.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  4. Thanks for stopping by, by way of pink Saturday. I sure do appreciate it. I look forward to seeing more of your blog and hope you come see me soon. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  5. I love roses, but in this case I will let you keep them. I would trade them for that darling, precious child. So adorable.

  6. Hello Sandi....Isn't your little Jenna-Lynn the sweetest! I can't believe she is already 8 months old!

    Where has this summer gone? I can't bear the thought of cold and snow again. It seems it just left us...

    I had one good blooming of my roses and that was it. :( They got fed and loved and talked to and admired, but no more blooms....Maybe next year will be better!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Oh my heavens what a beautiful post! Love your pretty pinks!
    Big hugs,

  8. Your granddaughter is a true beauty, just too adorable! Love the roses in, and the beautiful tea pot! Have a pretty weekend.

  9. Thanks so much for the invite, although I had invited myself, LOL! I took note of the blog address, thank you again. and I'll see you there! Hugs, FABBY

  10. Your roses and your grandbaby girl are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us! Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love Tammy

  11. Hi Sandi, even the smallest bouquet is lovely, and that dish pattern is one of my all time favorites! your little baby doll is such a sweetheart, thanks for linking up to VIF! xoxo Debra

  12. Happy pink day. Such a sweetie you have. Love her grin. Have a great weekend.

  13. pretty sweet pinks today, roses/china/and grandbaby!

  14. Sandi, your granddaughter is just adorable, and of course the roses from your garden are still beautiful. Happy PS

  15. Your granddaughter is adorable! I love that Rose Chintz china. I almost bought some once at a flea market, decided not to and now regret it. Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Hi Sandi,
    Jenna-Lynn is just so precious. Love the hat. I am a hat person too. When my girls were young I actually made them "Little House on the Prairie bonnets" all the time to match the sundresses I made. The big brims on the bonnets kept the sun off their delicate little faces. Jenna-Lynn has such an adorable little face. I do hope you get to see her soon. Here in Florida, Fall is a long, long way away at this point. But a refreshing cooler breeze would be so welcomed to the humidity and heat. As always, your roses and rose chintz china look exceptionally beautiful. Blessings,

  17. Your roses are beautiful but not as beautiful as your sweet Jenna-Lynn. Hope you have a wonderful week. Shannon

  18. Gorgeous Roses, and an adorable little cherub x


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