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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tea in the Garden

Hello everyone and welcome to a new tea party with our hostess Bernideen.

Today, we are supposed to share tea in the garden but at this point, all I can do is dream about it! So, dream, I will!

Friendly-faced little pansies have not yet awakened from their long winter's nap. But I have photos from a few of my flowers from last year.

*Sigh* There are no flowers in my garden yet. Oh, there are signs of life out there but only bits of green here and there so far. The bleeding hearts are growing though and soon they will look like this.

The lilies are above ground but that's as far as they've gotten. The tulips will soon look like this.

The hostas are still sleeping too but in another month, my roses will be blooming hopefully.

I like to arrange fluffy, frilly pink roses from my rose bushes in a teapot. This one is my Rose Bud teapot. Oh, I can almost smell their scent!

If one has roses blooming in their garden, then one must have roses blooming in their heart.

Another rose snuggles up to a tea cup.

Time for a cup of tea.

While I dream about tea at my favourite Tea Room, I remember this scene just outside the Tea Room at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Co. in New Glasgow. Behind the beautiful roses is the River Clyde, making for a stunning vista.

While I wait for the fragrances of my flowers, I will enjoy the melodies of the birds and the spring peppers singing. And of course there are those of you in Blogland who are enjoying their flowers now so I can always go visit all of you! I have a very busy weekend so it may take me a while to visit you all.

Thanks for stopping by. Please visit Bernideen ~
and join her for tea in the garden.
Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mothers.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. You'll have gorgeous flowers before you know it - you can come over any time to share mine!
    Hope you have a blessed Mother's day,

  2. I am wishing you a beautiful Pink Saturday, a beautiful Mother's Day nd many days of sunshine to fill your garden with the scent of sweet smelling pink roses and other garden favorite flowers! Your post was very uplifting for me today. Hugs Anne

  3. thank you for the lovely photos and for your spring hopes...soon...very soon...happy mother's day. -xok.

  4. Happy Mother's Day weekend Sandi! I too am waiting for my first blooms in the garden...hopefully next week. Take care!


  5. Lovely Sandi! A spring post of beauty and joy!

  6. Hei Sandi,zum Glück habe ich dein Blog gefunden...finde ich wunderbar.Möchte ich dir Christliche Grüße aus Germany schicken.
    Schöne Muttertag morgen.Bussi.Luciene.

  7. Everything looks so pretty. Happy Mothers Day.

  8. Hi Sandi - the view over the roses to the river was so lovely. Thank you for another tea time post. Very relaxing.
    - Joy

  9. Hi Sandi
    Yes, soon we'll have flowers in our gardens. I saw one tulip that has opended so it won't be long before there's an explosion of colour here.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  10. Hello Sandi and thank you for participating today. I acutally had an event at my store today for mothers, daughters, ladies and girls and so I baked all day yesterday. Whew - a busy week. Your post here is lovely and thank you because I know it takes time to do these things. We have a warm day here so hopefully we are all closer to full bloom springtime.

  11. Hi Sandi,
    Oh I think I LOVE tea in the garden. Are you still participating in the various Tuesday tea parties? I think once things start coming into bloom it will be gorgeous. Thanks for sh aring with us. Have a Happy Mother's Day :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. Hello Sandi,
    very charming post, as always. Love the Chintz pattern so much. I wish you a beautiful Mother's Day.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. Sandi, Lovely as always. My fav are the tulips. Would love to have tea with you in person!

  14. Hi Sandi,

    Your gardens are charming as well as your Rose Bud tea set! I am eagerly awaiting as the blooms start to open. I will be joining you later today for tea.


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