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Friday, 27 May 2011

Any One Still Having Blogger Problems?

Good morning blogging friends~

I am still having problems with Blogger. I can't log in to my blog. It just keeps sending me in a loop when I try to sign in!

I can't get into my dashboard either. It sends me back into the loop again.

The only reason I was able to post this is because of some glitch yesteday when by surprise, I was able to get on my blog and get into it through old posts. I know, it doesn't make sense!

I don't dare turn off the computer or take my blog off because I won't be able to get into it again. Is any one else having this problem?

I'm glad I have my post all ready for the weekend otherwise I would not be able to participate in anything.

Sharing from my heart~Sandi


  1. The only problem I'm noticing is that the blog follower buttons aren't showing up. Other than that for me... It's akright....hopefully they get on top of things soon because it is annoying! Right!

    Ciao Bella!


  2. I so know how you feel....I am having issues seeing my followers. I would highly recommend that when u can get it you back up your blog if you havent ever done that. Email me if you have questions...

  3. Last week, Blogger was unavailable and was eating posts and comments; this week, it will let me in to my account if I'm posting, but it sends me in the loop if I dare to try to post comments. Sometimes I can type in my name and URL, others my Google account comes up, and still others I get nothing. And I can't follow anyone, since that button won't show up on other blogs. If I didn't hate Wordpress so much, I'd leave Blogger way, way, way behind ....

    (I see below that I can post as myself here -- hallelujah! Not a given ....)

  4. Hi Sandi,
    Hope you get this as I am having an awful time too. Blogger is doing for me the same as all the other comments above. And, My followings are not showing on mine and others that I can see.
    This morning I got a comment from another blogger who said, some are loosing their blogs all together, so back up is a good idea.
    It is very frustrating. Let's hope this gets resolved soon. It has been a week of this for me already and I know you have dealt with it that long or longer too.

    Blessings sweet girly,
    Celestina Marie

  5. I'm getting e-mails that readers cannot comment, and I'm not able to comment on my own blog either.

    I just this morning got through on one of theirs---I've been trying all week to say I'm glad they came through the storms OK.

    I still get in a loop which will not take me through to the word verification, just my own password over and over.

  6. I'm hoping they fix this soon or one of the more technological of us (not me, unfortunatley) has to find a reasonable alternative to Blogger. I'm not a fan of Word Press, but I'm guessing there must be others out there.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. See if you can get to your site by going to a friend's site and clicking on your picture from one of your comments. Blogger has these problems all the time.

  8. Or your site on somebody's else's sidebar.

  9. yes...sandi...others are having difficulty commenting...they can read my post, but some of their comments are just not being accepted. i have missed your posts, and look forward to this being resolved. blessings to you this weekend.

  10. ps some of your postings have mentioned backing up your blog...i would love to know how this is done - if you find out, please pass it along. thank you.

  11. My blogger problem is my Followers pictures have disappeared. They show up as a number in the dashboard but just as a large blank space in my blog. This is the 3rd day too.

    Thanks for posting about the blogger problems you are having.

    - Joy

  12. Sandi- I found this tip on Cabins and Cottages.
    If you are having difficulty leaving a comment:
    **De-select the "stay signed in" box at the Google sign-in in order to leave a comment.
    It has worked for me.
    Hope this helps ... Blessings, L

  13. Yes! I have been having terrible problems as well - hit or miss with mostly the miss of leaving comments for people! I am frustrated and ready for them to fix this!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. I have exactly the same problems! I´ve just found out today that if I use the Mozilla Firefox 4 browser, I can log in and use my blog as always. I can´t access my blog using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome ou Rockmelt.
    Hope it gets better soon! It´s quite annoying!

  15. I have to say to myself, "It's free. They'll get it fixed eventually." The only way I can get to my dashboard is on my laptop. Otherwise, it's type in my password; it disappears, etc. goes the loop over & over.

  16. I can get in via IE but it is not stable and feels like walking in quickstand to try and surf around in blogger.

    Hope they get it sorted soon.

    Blessings Kelsie

  17. Hi Sandi,
    Fortunately I haven't been having any problems lately...although about a week or so ago, I was having the same problem that you just described. When I tried to log out of my blog, it just kept returning to the dashboard. So my fix was to simply click on the "red x box" in the upper right hand corner to close down that internet page alltogether. I did a "clean" on my computer, restarted my computer, then everythinng worked fine!!! It was a blogger issue for sure.. I'm praying that the problem with your computer will resolve itself!!! Have a lovely, blessed weekend. Love and hugs from ORegon, Heather :)

  18. Really frustrating isn't it? Have had more luck after using google chrome..........

  19. I have been having trouble with getting into my blog and other programs. I have mozilla firefox and it is not working, I also got in in a round about way.Love your post some of my favorite colors


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