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Monday 25 April 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Springtime, flowers, and tea; what a delightful combination!

Hello dear friends and welcome to my 65th Tea Time Tuesday.

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely and meaningful EASTER weekend. My little grandson got baptized on Easter Sunday morning so it was very special for us. Afterwards, the family gathered together for a potluck dinner to celebrate. It was a lovely Easter Sunday celebration!

My tea post today is all about sharing our unique tea things. Now, I don't have anything really wild, just a wee bit out of the ordinary.

So, make yourself comfy and join me for a pot of tea and some dessert in the den.

NOTE~ It was just brought to my attention that Pam at Breath of Fresh Air, who co-hosts with Wanda Lee of Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday, is very ill with Strep throat and Scarlet Fever. Please pray for our dear blogging friend, Pam, that she will get well soon. 

I just got Victoria's Gardens of Bliss and I am swooning over its lovely contents! Hubby is out working on the gardens even as I prepare this and I am just filled with awe over the beautiful blooms and ideas I am finding in the magazine.

The greatest gift of a garden is the restoration of the five senses. ~ Hanna Rion

I like to create delightful floral displays in unique containers. I enjoy flowers as much as a cup of tea. Even better, is to enjoy them at the same time!

Tea is liquid wisdom; just add water.

My pink carnations from last week are still fresh enough to use in my tiered dish and I thought they looked wonderful with my first cup of choice! The carnations still have their spicy scent and their colour is still a delight to the eye. I love how pretty they look in this! A little birdie sits perched on the top and he is admiring them as well.

I have several of these tea-for-one sets and I thought I would start off my share today with my Cream Lace one. Although it's not what you would consider very unique, I thought it looked pretty with the pink carnations. As you already know, if you've been following my blog for any length of time, Cream Lace is made by Skye McGhie and I love most patterns made by this company.

The stamp on the bottom of the cup.

My first unique teacup is a creamy coloured wrought iron one!

I have had this for quite some time, long before Michaels started to carry them!

It makes a wonderful receptacle for a plant or some flowers such as this geranium.

Next is my giant teacup and saucer with a rooster strutting his stuff on it. The cup and saucer are separate pieces just like the real thing.

This came from Michaels with the flowers already in it. I got a good deal on it so I purchased it, flowers and all, about three years ago.

It will make a great planter and sometime I will plant something cute in it.

This is my newest acquisition, a little blue demitasse cup.

It is a German cup but made in China. It was quite pricey but I had my eye on it for quite some time and finally treated myself. It has a stamp on the bottom which reads IHR, Ideal Home Range. There is also a little gold emblem on the inside of the cup. Perhaps Johanna @ Silber Rosen - knows a little about this company?

I didn't have a blue teacup and I thought this one was rather cute! A beautiful shade of blue and trimmed in gold. It is the colour of the sky on a bright sunny day which is why I think I was attracted to it.

I've saved the best for last! 

A little while ago I had won a three footed teacup from Martha @ Marthas Favorites ~   I had shared it with you before but today, I am showcasing it with some beautiful hot pink tulips. Don't they look wonderful with the teacup?

I love the florals and the sponged on gold! Isn't it pretty? I love the little feet too!

The cup and saucer are two different patterns but the colours are alike so they go together. Love the iridescent finish on them!  Thank you to Martha for her wonderful Giveaway!

Next week I will show you the teacup my hubby gifted me with for Easter.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life" {John 14:6} and His Word is true today. We can count on it no matter what comes our way or what new ideas we encounter. As you sip your cup of tea, just as people have done for centuries, remind yourself that God's Word stands the test of time and serves as your foundation in every situation. {Excerpt from Tea Time With God}

Thanks for joining me today. Now I'm going to take a look at all your tea things. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sandi, as always a very welcome tea break, from you to all. Very much appreciated and I look forward to "Tea Time Tuesday".
    - Joy

  2. Such beautiful teacups! Love the white teapot, too. The tulips are lovely and that tiered piece with your pinks in it is stunning!

    Don't you just know that the angels in heaven were rejoicing as your sweet grandson was baptized! What a perfect Easter you had!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. Hi Sandi!
    What a fun tea post today. I love that tiered stand with the flowers! And all your oversized teacups are just wonderful. Both of your new teacups are so pretty. Thank your for hosting and have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Sandi, I love the bright blue teacup from IHR and the 3 footed one that you won. Those tulips are a gorgeous colour! I'll be back tomorrow with my unique teacup. Blessings, Pamela

  5. It sounds like you had the best Easter and Congrats to your Grandson. What a wonderful day to be baptized. I love your tea party post and I have never see a wrought iron teacup before. It looks beautiful.

  6. I love all these lovely tea delights! Thank you for sharing. Anne

  7. What a beautiful Easter for you and your family. Such a very special occasion, a grandson's baptism.

    Your tea things are very pretty.I'm on the hunt for a tablecloth in that shade of blue. I must confess, I have the Rose Chintz pattern and I have only used the teapot...It's such a pretty pattern, I really need to bring it out of storage.

    Many blessings,

  8. Dearest Sandi,
    Thank you for hosting this lovely tea party. I will tell you that I adore your little cup with the feet - they are always my favorite!! All your pictures and tea items are beautiful!

    Thank you for letting us know about Pam - we will be praying for our precious friend.

    Congratulation on your grandson's baptism - how wonderful!
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Ah such loveliness! I am truly awed by how beautiful your carnations looks!


  10. That blue tea cup is really elegant and lovely
    Sharing a cup of tea with you is always a pleasure

  11. Sandi, Your tea cups with flowers are great! Love the demitasse cup and the one you won from Martha also. I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for your testimony.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  12. Hi Sandi,
    Your new tea cup is so pretty-it is nice to treat yourself once in awhile!
    Glad you had a lovely Easter and Baptism made it extra special.
    Wasn't it a beautiful day today? I have been busy in the garden lately and am running a little behind in other things so it may be next week before I can join TT again.
    Take care,

  13. It's great to go through your blog for a tea time
    The flowers in the tiered dish are wonderful, and the blue teacup it's so dainty and Tulips were the flowers in my wedding bouquet.
    Congratulations to your family a baptism on that day is special.
    Good wishes for Pam and hugs for you.

  14. Thank you for a wonderful post! Easter is my favorite time...remembering how much we owe to the love of Jesus!
    I love the blue cup and your tea-for-one is lovely!

  15. sandi, beautiful tea time.... i especially enjoy the carnations in the tiered tower. thank you for sharing... ah, i hear the kettle now. -xok.

  16. Very pretty! It is always fun to see more non-traditional tea things!


  17. Hi Sandi,

    How sweet that your grandson was baptized on Easter! I love your lace teapot! That is such a pretty pattern. Love the teacup from Martha, and the pretty tulips!


  18. Wow, Sandi, that was a great post. Ohhhhh, that tea cup from Martha is a swooner...ahhhhhh. So lovely. Thanks for sharing! Susan

  19. wow...just amazing. I am a new blogger but long time lover of all things vintage tea. I am starting a Tea time Tuesday tomorrow on my blog - it is my first one so I can join in on all this amazing beauty! That tiered stand with pink flowers! oh gosh is that wonderful! Thanks Trish

  20. Sandi, you have really treated us today with many lovely tea cups! Your new little German cup is very sweet, I do hope our friend Joanna has some information for you.
    Thank you so much for letting us know about Pam.

  21. Beautiful tea cups and vignettes! I love the flower arrangement in the three tier stand, what a beautiful idea to do! Thanks for sharing! Love it! Thanks for hosting, I'll be joining too!

  22. Dear Sandi,
    I hope you had a lovely Easter time. Your Tea Time is again so wonderful with all the beautiful and charming tea accessories, you have. Thank you so much for hosting this great event.
    Greetings, Johanna

  23. Bonjour,
    I love your tea time full of "douceur" of soft pinky Roses
    Have a nice day

  24. All of the teacups are so pretty, and you have me very interested in Skye McGhee. The blue demitasse caught my eye and heart though!I do love blue.

    Flowers just seem to make our hearts happy and your tiered dish of pink carnations is so pretty. I just might try that as a table center-piece some time soon.

    Of course I shout "Amen Sister" & "hallelujah" as I rejoice with you in our risen Savior! Bless you.

  25. Hi Sandi! Your new blue tea cup is so pretty. Very elegant indeed. Thank you for hosting this lovely party!

    Susan and Bentley

  26. Sandi,

    What gorgeous pieces you have! I love your teapot and fancy teacups. Wish I had as many dishes as you do! Hope you had a blessed Easter.

  27. Pink flowers, pink teacups, pink anything will always be my favorite! Easter is such a glorious day for a baptism! My cousin's new grandson was born on Easter evening, so many blessings from God.

    My spirit is always lifted when I stop by for a visit. Thanks for sharing with us. ♥♫

  28. little blue demitasse cup is wonderful. I'm in love with the color. i love footed cups and this one is a beauty. lucky girl! lovely tea. thoughts and prayers to Pam. happy tea day!

  29. Sandi,
    It sounds like you had a very blessed Easter.
    You have some very lovely tea things - love the wired cup! The three-footed teacup is beautiful!
    Hope you're having a blessed day,

  30. Hello Sandi
    A lovely tea post, I like how you've used flowers today in tiers and in the wired teacup.
    An Easter Babtism is a special one and it sounds like you had some quality family time together.

  31. Hello Sandi; I so love your flower creations.. so beautiful... and I love the tea cup,,as well,,


  32. Hi Sandi!
    Such lovely tea cups!
    And the tea for one set is gorgeous, so elegant and delicate in that cream lace decoration!
    Have a wonderful week!

  33. Hi Sandi,

    it's always lovely to join your tea time tuesday! Congrats on your grandson' baptism, Love your teacups, beautiful carnations flowers and i adore the three footed one that you won, all of your teacups are gorgeous! my prayers go for Pam, I hope she gets better soon! thanks for hosting! Susan

  34. Very lovely! I always enjoy visiting your blog and having a cup of tea with you:)

  35. Hello Sandi,
    Thank you once again for sharing your beautiful tea post with A Delightsome Life - you are a blessing,

  36. Wow I am in love with your carnation tier thingy and you did save the best for last although I do love the demi blue cup.

    What a lovely tea you have set!

  37. You always have the most beautiful teacups and accessories. I love that precious little bunny all decorated with flowers and the three tiered server with the flowers is such a great idea and so pretty. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  38. Hi Sandi: As usual your blog is beautiful. You are so talented lady. I had forgotten about the tea cup you won! I am so glad you are still enjoying it. Blessings, Martha

  39. Wow! I enjoyed all your lovely displays for your teacups. My favorite is the tiered stand with the pink carnations. Happy Tea Time.

  40. Dear Sandi, what a sweet tea! I love the last cup especially. I don't have a footed cup yet, but now I'm 'aspiring' towards that goal! :o)

    They are just so so pretty! Thank you so much for adding me to your tea party list.

    My post is about Tea on the Go, sadly, because that is the state of life right now. Hardly a quiet moment. My son in graduating and we are trying to get him into the military and having difficulties with medical papers. I literally spent the whole day driving to hospitals--instead of visiting blogging friends.

    Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. I'm looking forward to posting regularly again (instead of once a week) when the dust settles around here. :o)

    I really enjoyed the lovely pictures--especially the cup with pink flowers. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home (Tuesday Tea)

  41. Oh much to enjoy. I love demitasse little cups so I'm totally smitten with your new one! Very pretty. Thank you for your post.
    Lady Linda

  42. This particular post in every single way was beautiful. From prayer to baptism to flowers and teas. Lovely. Gentle hugs. Tammy

  43. Sandi, your little blue cup is lovely , and your three footed rose cup and saucer is a beautiful treasure. Thanks for sharing. Elaine


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