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Monday, 7 February 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. ~ John Boswell

Hello friends and welcome to my 54th Tea Time Tuesday!

I am so happy you have stopped by today! The tea is ready and I'm looking forward to spending the next few minutes with you, so please come in and make yourself at home.

Any time is a good time for a nice cup of tea but Wintertime is an especially good time. Since Valentines Day is next week, I thought I would serve tea in my red toile Florence teapot. This is another pattern made by Skye McGhie.
This pretty teapot has two different patterns. On one side, as shown in the photo below, it is a fishing scene.

The other side shows that of a cottage scene with a picnic beneath a tree; very charming! Scenes of yesteryear captured on porcelain which we can enjoy today. Wonderful isn't it!

Romance never goes out of style.

I am using a mismatched teacup today. A lacey-edged Cream Lace by Skye McGhie saucer sets off the red toile teacup. I think all of these pieces have romance written all over them!

I also have these two Florence mugs. They are nice for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
I love the cut-outs on the bottoms of the mugs.

I have made a yummy Gingerbread cake for our tea today.
There is fresh whipped cream and strawberry-apple sauce to enjoy with it. It is tasty with either but Hubby likes it with a little of both.

Here it is served in a red transferware bowl with the apple sauce. The bowl looks more brown here but it really is red.

A red-rimmed footed sherbet dish holds the apple sauce.
All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each passing year. ~ George Orwell

With Valentines Day almost here, I thought it would be fun to share your favourite Love story.
I love romantic comedies myself. You see I'm a romantic at heart and I'm very sentimental but I also like to laugh.
I have several favourites that I could watch over and over again and indeed I have watched them over and over! Sleepless In Seattle is one of them and it still brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it! My hubby always watches these movies with me and he is moved by them as much as I am.
But I would have to say that You've Got Mail is at the top of the list. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are just so charming together in this one! The movie makes you laugh and cry and there's so much good music all through it that one can't help but love it! And I do think daisies are the friendliest flowers!
I'm naturally very picky about my movies and I don't care for vulgar language or nudity. For me to love a movie, it has to not only have a great storyline but the soundtrack has to be appealing as well and this movie has it all. When it comes to movies, unless it's a movie like those mentioned above, I only watch them on TV after they've been edited, which includes this one.
So, what's your favourite movie or story?

This is your last week to enter my Anniversary Giveaway. As I've mentioned before, this Giveaway is open to my Followers only and due to shipping costs is open to Canadian and US bloggers only. Entries close at 4:00 PM on Thursday the 10th and I will announce the Winner on my Valentines Day tea next week.
If you are a Follower and you have participated in any of my tea parties between the weeks of January 24th and February 7th, you get another entry for the Giveaway. Those of you who have participated each of those weeks, will automatically have your name entered that many times.

This adorable little birdie creamer, a package of pretty cards with matching envelopes, a pink china heart-shaped tea bag holder, a bag of assorted teas, and a sweet crystal tipped spreader are all waiting for one of you!

Happiness is having tea with a friend.

Next week being Valentines Day, I thought it would be fun to share our red or pink tea things. I have a new teacup I want to share with you. I also thought it would be fun to share our favourite love song. It can be an oldie, instrumental, or maybe you'd like to share 'your song,' ie yours and your sweetie's! It's up to you! Can't wait to hear what yours is!

Before I bid you farewell for another week, please be sure to take some time for yourself to unwind from a busy day. Pour yourself a cup of tea and curl up with a good book or magazine. Victoria is always a good choice to unwind with.

"The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace." ~ Numbers 6: 24-26 {NIV}

Should you wish to participate in today's Tea Time Tuesday with me, please share a favourite teacup, teapot, china mug, or some china used in a tea. You may do coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider instead of tea. A tea quote, scripture verse, or poem would be most welcome. The Tea Time Tuesday button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or on your sidebar if you wish. As a courtesy please link back to me so your visitors may find their way here to visit all my lovely participants.

Thank you for coming to tea. It's always a pleasure to have you!

I am also joining the following hostesses for their parties:

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Sandi, I love your teapot and footed sherbet bowl. So very, very beautiful. I always enjoy your posts and thank you for sharing and for sponsoring your giveaway.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  2. Hi Sandi, What a lovely post today. I think the teapot and matching mugs are so pretty and the gingerbread cake looks very yummy! Blessings!, Pamela

  3. Hi Sandi,
    It was a nice visit at your Tuesday Tea today.After having my mouth all beat up and numbed at the Dentist today, it was good just to look and imagine sipping and tasting! Hee!
    I love the toile teapot and cups.(it is my favorite)
    I agree with the clean movie choices too!
    Thanks for another great Tea!
    Warm Blessings, Linnie

  4. Sandi,
    I just love your red transferware!! The tea pot is just stunning as are the mugs and tea cup!
    What a wonderful Tea Post!!
    I too love "You've Got Mail" but my favorite Love Story Movie is "Somewhere in Time". I think I have watched this movie over a hundred times!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!


  5. Sandy I think this teapot is my favorite one I've seen of yours so far.It's just gorgeous.I love it.I also have to agree with you-I prefer You've got mail over sleepless in seattle too.

  6. Hello Sandi,
    you made such a lovely tea, thank you for inviting me. This teapot really beautiful and also the mugs with the cut outs. The gingerbread looks mouthwatering with the whipped cream.
    I don't know the moovie "You've Got Mail". The love story I like best is "Gone with the wind", a bit oldfashioned.
    Wish you a wonderful week.
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. Sandi, I LOVE your red beautiful and reminds me of that red china plate that I purchased at a yard sale :) :) Oh, the cake with the homemade whipped cream looks divine :) :) :) OH, I do love a good love story/romantic movie. It has to be decent...There's quite a few that I like...but the one that comes to mind now is "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott, a sort of modern-retelling of the Cinderella story :) :) Thanks for letting me stop by for tea ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. Sandi, love all your photos. They are so romantic and I love your teapot! So, so cute.
    The footed sherbert is one I collect, King's Crown or Thumbprint as it's called.
    My favorite movie- Pride and Prejudice
    Hugs- Tete

  9. Your transferware is lovely -- and that gingerbread looks yummy!

  10. Lovely romantic post Sandi. I love the movies Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have made together.
    Almost couldn't do my post today - Google popped up saying I was out of space! Oh well, can't expect a freebie to last forever so I bought some GB and continued on.
    Look forward to a Valentine post next week.

  11. A beautiful tea today Sandi. I love the two different designs on your teapot. How clever.And the cups are just so pretty! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  12. Hi Sandi, Love your toile teapot and teacups. Hope you have a wonderful tea and take care. hugs, Jen

  13. Hi Sandi,

    Im back to join you again after the long silence. My, what a lovely teapot you have and having two different pattern in a teapot makes it more interesting. thanks for sharing.

  14. Another lovely post. I like the two sided aspect of your teapot. The red is so nice for Valentine's day and at the same time beautiful any month of the year. Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks is also a favorite of mine. They are magic together. I just watched that for what must be the 75th time on tv the other weekend. Blessings,

  15. What a beautiful set! I have boys in my house that love tea and would love that set. Love the design, very nice for Valentines day.

  16. I love this movie too - Joe Fox did have a bad mouth though- Hollywood seems to feel the need for some reason. The cake looks very yummy! I often think of the Shop Around the Corner. Believe me in this economy it is very tough to compete. I am in year #24at my shop and it has never been tougher!

  17. Love the movie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your transferware. YUMMMMMMOOOOOO!



  18. Everything is lovely as always, that cake looks so goooooood.

    I hope you are having a fabulous week..

    Blessings Kelsie

  19. My oh my Sandi, I love your post this week! What a pretty teapot and mugs!..,

    Thanks for hosting another delightful, 'Tea Time Tuesday'.

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  20. Lovely set...I just love toile. Thanks for the post, the hosting and a blog friendship!

  21. Oh Sandi, I am falling in love with your red teapot! I think the teapot is so pretty! and the cake is yummy! love love love the teapot! thanks for sharing!

  22. Hi Sandi! I love your teapot! the fishing scene and the cottage scene are just sooo gorgeous! Sleepless and Seattle is also one of my favorite !I think that's a perfect movie to watch on V-day! i never get enough of it, You've got mail movie reminds me of my own love story with my husband when we first met over the net :) Happy Tea Time Tuesday!

  23. The cutouts on the various pieces is so unusual and pretty.

  24. You've Got Mail is such a wonderful film and so is Sleepless In Seattle but my favourite Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film is Joe Versus The Volcano.
    I adore all those old Meg Ryan movies and often post about them on my blog, my favourite film of all is Meg's Prelude To A Kiss.
    You've got a lovely blog Sandi and it's funny I was actually drinking my first cup of tea of the day when I came across it.
    I'm glad I dropped by :)

  25. Hello Sandi,
    Lovely post - I love that movie too and the older versions:
    The Shop Around The Corner - Jimmy Stewart
    The Good Old Summertime - Judy Garland
    Your Gingerbread cake looks marvelous -
    I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit!
    Wishing you a sunny, Delightsome day,
    Thank you for joining A Return to Loveliness!

  26. Love all your pretty reds. Have a most happy Valentine's Day!

  27. Hi Sandi,
    Can you believe this is my first time joining in on Tea Time Tuesday.. I have been wanting too for such a long time.
    Have the sweetest of days and hugs, Elizabeth

  28. Sandi, your post is so lovely. I love your china, it is just so beautiful. I do love the cream and red colored china and have many of different patters. Yours sets such a lovely tea table.
    Mmmmm, the gingerbread looks so yummy too!
    I do love the movie, You've got Mail as well.

  29. Hello, Sandi,

    Your tea service is very pretty. I do like the rose colored scenery on the pot. Thank you for the lesson in tea etiquette - most delightfully interesting and helpful.

    Have a wonderful day,


  30. I am all set for tea - everything looks so good.
    Wonderful post.


  31. Hi Sandi....I know I am kinda late, but I joined in the party. I really need to try to remember this each week. I love tea - and anything to do with it!!

  32. Sandi:

    I'm enjoying all of the variations of your Valentine tea! Thanks for hosting.

    - The Tablescaper

  33. You always have the most beautiful dishes and tablesettings. Love the transferware and the cranberry glass pieces. Everything is gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  34. hi Sandi,
    I have the same teapot and teacups once again! I love them too. Gingerbread cake would be just the thing for this snowy day.It sure is beautiful out there today altough the sunshine yesterday was pretty nice too.
    Thank you for hosting again,

  35. After I read this post late last night I went on-line and spent way too much time looking up Skye McGhie china. I love it, but alas, it looks like a pattern I will not be able to get unless I chance upon it at a garage sale or thrift shop. So beautiful!

    Your whole post is lovely, thank-you!

  36. Dear Sandi,
    The teapot is one of my favorites. Two designs on one pot. Sometimes you need a mug, for an extra sip of tea.
    I hope I have entered your giveaway.The dear little bird pitcher will surely go to a welcoming home.
    Thank You for hosting.
    Have a blessed week.

  37. You are so right, romance never goes out of style. And my all time favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice. I love the BBC version the best, but I have the newer one as well. The love story between Elizabeth and Darcy is timeless. Thanks for hosting TTT.


  38. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I have a set of beautiful dishes that coordinate with your Rose Chintz! They use the same rose! It's on the sidebar on my blog where it says Thanksgiving Table (Or something like that...??) My mother in law, who is now deceased, gave them to my husband at least 25 years ago when he was a teenager and I bought more of them on ebay. I LOVE them and would really like to find a teapot to go with them!
    My favorite movies are Jane Austen movies! (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, etc...) I do love You've Got Mail and An Affair to Remember. (Sounds nasty but it isn't!!)
    Have a LOVELY day!
    Beth B.

  39. Gingerbread cake is a tea time favourite at Grandma's. Love your tea set it is so beautiful and inviting. Nice for you to host a giveaway and the little bird creamer is such a good giveaway.

  40. Hi Sandi, Your blog is so beautiful and positive. Thank you for sharing. Your tea time is wonderful. Being a teapot novice, I didn't know that their are teapots with two different side scenes. That is so fun to know!
    Thinking of spring flowers, Carol

  41. Sandi,
    Thank you for your lovely comments! I am so enjoying your deelish tea party post!

  42. Hi Sandi! How lovely! The red transferware is my favorite! And your king's crown sherbert dish is fabulous! I have a few goblets that I inherited from my mom. Happy weeek!...hugs...Debbie

  43. Hi Sandi: I think this is the most beautiful post you have done to date. I love the tea pots and the food looks delicious. Your post is the best. Have a wonderful week dear friend. Hugs, Martha

  44. I just fell in love with those mugs. They are so cute, but all of your things are too.

  45. Sandi, I might have to start joining ya'll on Teatime Tues. I have tamed my coffee habit with tea and am very happy about it. I feel happier and healthier now. Love your post this week!

  46. Hello there :) just wanna say those tea pot set of yours are beautiful, I'm loving it.

  47. Oh how beautiful! I am visiting via the Valentine linky.
    I wanted to invite you to the two linky parties I am planning. The first will be on February 23~ High Tea Tablescapes. Details can be found on my Wednesday posts. There will be PRIZES!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  48. Oh my goodness, I love your Florence teapot! It's just beautiful! One of my favorites has been Johnson Bros. Old English Castles, I believe is the name of the pattern. I started to collect it a few years ago, then gave up on it. Recently my sister gave me some beautiful Spode plates in a similar pattern. I think I'm inspired to continue my collection! You're blog is lovely!

  49. Hi Sandi,
    Thank you for sharing everything! from the lovely rose bud trio, the beautiful pink rose, the table setting look so beautiful and the chocolate sweet are looking so yummy on the mini teapot tray! how romantic the love story between you and your husband, I love the photos of you and him, so classic, and I do love beegees too! beautiful post!


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