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Friday, 22 October 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello bloggerettes and welcome to Pink Saturday once again!

Today I would like to share a Giveaway which I was fortunate to win from Debra at Common Ground~
It is Carolyn Westbrook's newly published French Inspired Home. It is a wonderful hard covered book filled with pages of lovely French country designs.

The book arrived sweetly wrapped in this pretty pink tissue paper and tied with pink ribbon. Debra had also included this wonderful linen screen printed cloth which I will use in one of my tea parties soon. Thank you so much Debra!
The front cover features a white slip covered sofa with a gorgeous pink throw and pillow on it. Luscious pink roses are also part of the yummy decor. The lovely swan planter in the background has a tinge of pink as well.
Now on to more pinks in the book...

Carolyn says, "Squeezed in between the French, slip covered armchairs is a small, curvaceous table painted in just the right tone of pink for the color palette I was going for."
Isn't that little pink chest just gorgeous? So are the cushions!A pink throw and roses which are from the cover.
"A time-worn outdoor table makes a wonderful coffee table alongside the slip covered sofa."I love this beautiful pitcher filled with soft pink roses!
"Resting atop a pale blue Asiatic Pheasant china pedestal, kitchen essentials such as dish soap have been repackaged to become objects worthy of display, while the scented candle not only freshens the air but is pretty in its own right." "This room is full of the finest French elements; a pink bombe' chest, an ornate framed mirror, a gorgeous lamp, and the special footstool that was passed down from the home owner's amazing grandmother, who owned an antique store on Rodeo Drive." I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of the decorating and photography from Carolyn's new book. There are many beautiful pages of different Frenchy designs. You can visit Carolyn Westbrook at her blog here~

It's only about two months away from Christmas so I am working on some Christmas crafts. I have my newest little Christmas tree to share with you. This is a tree I already had in my home and the decorations were just added to it. You will notice there is some pink in it and topped off with a pretty pink bow. I am going to make a wreath to match but I'll share that another day.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and right now they have pink bathroom tissue on display in some supermarkets. I picked up some myself. Please make sure you get your mammogram, dear ladies! It could help save your life.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will visit Beverly and see her host of pinkies today.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. The book you won is just heavenly. I love that pale pink chest especially! That's a sweet little tree you've decorated and I look forward to seeing the wreath. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I have not seen this book, but it looks beautiful. What a lovely win, congratulations and Happy Pink Saturday.
    I think your tree is as cute as can be, great job, Char

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing about the bathroom tissue, I have to stock up for fun, I hadn't seen it, but then I purchased a large pack at Costco so that is probably why, you tree is cute and Congrats on your win! Have a fun filled Pink weekend!

  4. Oh how I want that book! I would spend hours just drooling over all the goodies inside.

    I really, really want some of that pink bathroom tissue, now all I gotta do is get Mr. Sissie to pick it up for me! LOL.


  5. Hi Sandi, Cute pink Christmas tree and I too purchased the pink bathroom tissue. Congratulations on winning such a beautiful book. I hope you have a wonderful pink saturday.

  6. Greetings Dear Sandi & Happy Pink Saturday! Congratulations on your win ~ I've heard so many wonderful things about that book! Your wee Christmas tree is so, so stunning ~ you've done a beautiful job! It will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas decor! I'm going to keep a look out for that pink toilet paper ~ too cute! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xox

  7. Hi Sandi,
    You are a lucky girl to have won that book!
    I love the Christmas bliss magazine too-hard to believe Christmas will be here before we know it.

    Hope you have a great weekend,


  8. A great book with lots to say "awe" over. I will have to look for the pink toilet paper.

  9. Congrats for win that lovely book!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. I'm your newest follower.

  11. Sandi,
    What a beauty of a book to win!! I am so happy that it was you who won it!!
    Love your Christmas projects!
    I will now be moving on to some Christmas crafts for the upcoming craft Fairs that I am doing.
    Have a great weekend and i will be participating in Tea Tuesday with the post I have up now!!


  12. Great book, wish I'd have that! Love your romantic blog! Greetings!
    Claudia from FrenchCountry

  13. Congratulations! This looks like a very lovely book to sit and enjoy with a cup of tea! Happy Pink Saturday,

  14. Sandi,

    Lovely post. The header is just gorgeous. I am going to make some of the little trees this year. I love to decorate for the holidays.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  15. Love the book - nice way to incorporate touches of pink here and there - the little pink chest is so pretty. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Congrats on your win! That book is drool-worthy! LOL
    Love your pretty tree...can't wait to see the wreath!
    Happy PS

  17. Congratulations on your BIG win.

    I remember when we all bought colored TP; I usually bought blue (of course!).

    Have a great weekend, Sandi.

  18. Oh are you ever fortunate to have one that great book, I'm definitely need to get one. Thanks for showing us little peeks in what's inside. Let's talk about the tissue paper, that is so cool. I hope it's safe to use because I would love to get some of that. I didn't think coming over here was going to cost me anything. teehee

    Have a Wonderful Weekend Sandi and HPS*

  19. congrats on the lovely book win!
    inspiring :)
    have not yet seen pink rolls here - will definitely check for it!
    enjoy your PS!

  20. I am so glad you showed this book!! I was considering ordering one from Amazon after my friend Amy at Maison Decor posted about it- but I like to thumb through them a bit first so waited...but It looks AMAZING!!! Happy you shared inside pics! Thanks so much and so glad to have you as a new friend! :)

  21. What a fabulous book you won. Totally gorgeous photos within. I am definitely going to see if my library has a copy. Congratulations on winning.

    Your little Christmas tree is lovely. Of course, anything so decked in pink has to be beautiful, right?

    Happy pink Saturday, and a blessed weekend.


  22. Hi Sandi!

    What a lovely win! Congratulations.... My sofa is very similar to the one on the cover...and is slipped in white matlasse'.... One of these days I'm going to get it posted. :-)

    Your little tree could not be cuter. LOVE it... Pink is so heavenly, isn't it?

    I guess I'd better get myself to the grocery store. My Hubbs does nearly all of the shopping.... I just don't think he'd be all excited over pink tissue.

    Have a wonderful weekend...


  23. I tried to get some of that pink bathroom toilet paper from the company in Canada-but they won't ship to US. Wish we could get it here!

  24. I tried to get some of that pink bathroom toilet paper from the company in Canada-but they won't ship to US. Wish we could get it here!

  25. You won a marvelous prize! I love books and I love decorating books!
    I am sorry I missed Tea On Tuesday, we had our hands full this week and I was outside helping hubby with his railing project for our porch stairs....I simply forgot!
    I will be there this next Tuesday...
    Your little Christmas tree is just as sweet as can be....perfect for the Christmas dinner table!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  26. Lucky you! The book is wonderful, thanks for sharing the pics.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  27. Hi Sandi! Congrats on winning that terrific book! Love the pics you shared from it! Love your tree, can't wait to see the wreath. Those would fit right in here at my house!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  28. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I absolutely love Carolyn Westbrook, her decorating style is gorgeous.

    Love the pink tissue too!

  29. Everything in the book is so pretty, I just love French inspired furniture. But the toilet paper is the best. I haven't seen any in the stores but I am heading out to Publix right now. I am redecorating my bathroom in pink and I need that tissue paper!!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I so appreciate your sweet comments. Have a great weekend.

  30. You have such a pretty blog. Each week you share more lovely things then most. I never saw the pink toilet paper in our stores. Guess Texas is a little behind times. You were a very lucky winner.

  31. That looks like a lovely book and some pretty pink items. Happy Pink Saturday!

  32. Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous! And now I have to go check that book out.

  33. Hello Sandi! What a fabulous book! I have seen the picture of that last pink chest of drawers and fell in love with it. The color is just amazing. Your tree is getting me in the mood for Christmas! Happy Pink and have a wonderful weekend!

  34. Oh wow! I love the book you won. Gorgeous pics. Oh, I am so ready for Christmas, I just can't wait! My favorite is that darling pink toilet paper! How fun! Happy Pink Saturday.

  35. G'morn, & congrats on your win. I think it would be fun leafing thru these pages of that gorgeous book.

    Your tree is gorgeous ... I am going to take a stab @ trying to do one this year, love your inspiration.

    Have a blessed day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  36. That book looks fabulous, lucky you! Love your Christmas tree!

    Happy belated PS,

  37. Beautiful..Thank you for sharing..

  38. Ohhh, I would love to find some pink t.p! I remember my dear Aunt Aileen used to buy Aurora tp and it had pretty pink roses on it. Ahhh, such femininity :) HPS~

  39. Hi. Congrats on winning Debra's giveaway! That book is wonderful!
    Love the pink TP; reminds me of my daughter buying purple TP when she was in England . . .
    ~ Julie

  40. hi sandi, thanks for your sweet comments on my post.I just got this french inspired decorating book myself and absolutely love it! blessings to you, Christie

  41. Hi Sandi,
    what a fabulous win, Congratulations! I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it and you will share lots of good ideas from this book with us. Your pink Saturday is always nice to see.
    I would love to participate tomorrow with your Tea Time Tuesday.
    Greetings, Johanna

  42. Sandi,
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my pink saturday post! Your site is very pretty and nicely designed.

  43. Happy Teacup Tuesday - I have already started listening to Christmas music as I start my Christmas crafting, so I enjoyed your little tree


  44. Oh, what a lovely book! I'm still visiting around PS posts. Have a wonderful week!


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