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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Pink Saturday

Hello pinkie friends and welcome to my Pink Saturday post. As always, we want to thank our lovely hostess Beverly for hosting this fun event every week.

This has been an incredibly busy week getting ready for my company. Nothing like company coming to get the house cleaned up and the junk cleared out. Hubby has been teasing me all week about the number of boxes I had saved 'just in case I need them.'
Today I would like to share something a little different. It is all pink and it's all leading up to an exciting announcement..... Talk about Christmas in July!

One can't have a party without pink balloons, can one?

Pink roses, is there any other colour that bespeaks romance and femininity as well?
OK, slip on your best pink bracelet.Pink diamonds are precious but there are some things in this world more precious than diamonds!

There are some gifts so sweet they don't require a bow!
Isn't this pink baby bonnet just darling? Pink, ribbon, and lace, how sweet is that?
This frothy and sequined little pink baby's dress is adorable, isn't it?
Love these little pink lacey-frilled socks! I've always wanted to buy one of these headbands!Well, after having three precious baby boys myself, who I wouldn't trade for anything in the world by the way, and then being blessed with four sweet little grandsons, I had pretty much given up on ever having a granddaughter.... Then lo and behold, this past week, my middle son and his wife, who flew in at 1:30 AM this morning, with my little not quite two year old grandson, had it confirmed that their baby on the way is indeed a girl! I am so excited! After almost thirty-six years of buying blue, I get to buy pink!!

I am going to get a little pink princess for Christmas! What wonderful news, and all in time for Christmas in July!

I am going to have some pink lemonade and celebrate!

Would you like to join me?

Here's to GIRL POWER or should I say PINK POWER!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Be sure to visit all the pinkies lined up at Beverly's!
I wish you all a very pink weekend.

Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I'd like a glass of that lemonade! It looks delicious. Great pink post!

  2. Congratulations! I say YES to girl power!!! Pink Girl Power!

    I'm so glad that you are going to have a granddaughter to spoil pink.


  3. Congratulations!!! I so am excited for you just thinking of all the girly pink stuff you can buy. Have a wonderful weekend and take care.

  4. What exciting news! Congrats to all of you. How fun to start shopping for pink goodies now. Enjoy the weekend; I know you must be on clouds!

  5. Congratulations! Enjoy your quest for buying everything Pink! Have a great weekend with your Family..


  6. Sandi -how wonderful for you to be able to indulge your love of pink with a little baby girl!! I have a granddaughter (born in April) and it is so much fun - I also have a little grandson and he's pretty cool too!!

  7. Hi: I am so happy for you. A grandbaby! Think of all the pink! What a blessing! Have a great weekend.

  8. Sandi, this is thrilling news. With two daughters and four granddaughters (only two grandsons) myself, I know how much you are going to enjoy your new little princess.
    Just think, you'll have a little lady to share all your tea things with and tea parties to throw!
    Enjoy the visit with your family.

  9. Congratulations Sandi Sweetie...
    Happy Pink Saturday and you are going to get a little precious pink bundle for Christmas. Can't you just smell that baby smell already?

    We have 8 gandchildren. 4 - boys and 4 - girls. Half and half. Our newest grandchild was born June 10, a beautiful little boy named James. If we could only have the grandkids first, we wouldn't have our own. Aren't they a bundle of fun?

    Thank you for my balloon. I love my bracelet, it is just precious, and darlin I love the pink lemonade. It has been so HOT here in Phoenix, I think I will drink another glass for the road.

    Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  10. Congratulations Sandi!! A sweet little baby granddaughter, oh how try not to spoil her TOO much, lol :) Like that could ever happen, right :)

    Happy Pink Saturday!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  11. Hi Sandi, Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime. I am enjoying reading yours.

    Your 'pinks' are gorgeous especially that little dress and bonnet and socks for that first granddaughter... She is beautiful---but I know I don't have to tell you that. Congrats!!!!!

    I raised three sons --but luckily, my first grand was a GIRL...I absolutely ate her up!!!!! She now is 16... Yipes--how time flies....

    I have 5 grands (3 girls and 2 boys)....

    Thanks again..

  12. LOVE the girly pinks!! They are so pretty!
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. I just love all the pink pretties, and congrats on a little girl in the future, I had all boys too, and I finally got a grandaughter, you wiil have fun buying all the Pink stuff for sure!

    marian elizabeth

  14. Aah, so pretty! Love the roses especially!! Congratulations on that 'pink' bundle of joy!

  15. HI Sandi...thanks for sharing all the beautiful pink things. I agree that pink is perfect for all things feminine and romantic :) :) OH huge congrats on the baby granddaughter-to-be!!! I'm happy that you are blessed with such a big family...You'll have fun doing girly things with her..I bet you're already planning ideas :) :) :) Have a great weekend and a great time of blessing/fellowship with loved ones. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  16. Such gorgeous pink tree .
    Congrats Sandi and yes to pink power!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. G'morn, Sandi ~ I tip a glass of pink to you! Congrats! Pinkies are such fun ...

    Have a lovely PINK summer's weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  18. Sandi,
    CONGRATS to you on a new Grandbaby girl coming your way!!
    I too have sons and there seems to be no chance of any Grands in the near future so someday I hope to have a baby girl in the family too!!


  19. Such pretty pinks... congrats on the grandaughter! I am hoping for one myself someday... I have 3 grandsons. Love them, but can't put them in pink:)

  20. Sandi, your gorgeous pinks today just make my heart sigh!!!!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. Oh Sandi, I see so much fun ahead for you. CONGRATULATIONS, it's a girl. Wow, what a perfect day. Happy Pink Saturday and have lots of fun with your company, Char

  22. Happy PINK Saturday
    I would love to have some pink lemonade thank you. Congratulations on the great news with the upcoming arrival of a little granddaughter. That is so special.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family..

  23. Sandi, that is such wonderful news..a new baby girl for you! Oh that is my dream too after raising sons..but no grandbabies yet and honest I would be thrilled with either as long as they were healthy!

    And thanks for the lemonade yum!


  24. How wonderful for you that you will soon have a beautiful granddaughter to dress up in PINK! Congratulations!
    Have a beautiful visit with your family!
    ;-D Kathleen

  25. Happy Pink Saturday, Sandi.

    I am so excited about your pink wish come true. I have a son and grandson, so no one for me to buy pink for either.

    Congratulations to you and your family.

  26. Happy belated pink day. Lovely pinks you shared and congratulations!


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