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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A Special Tea Time Tuesday

Hello everyone and welcome to my 12th Tea Time Tuesday post!

Every once in a while my Tea Time will land on someone special's birthday and today is one of those days. My youngest son Jordan has a birthday today and so my post will be honouring him.
Jordan is the youngest of my three sons and he is a very nice young man! Trust me when I tell you, you would like him if you met him!

He is about seven months old in this picture with his brothers.

I still remember the day Jordan was born! It was on a sunny Monday morning and he was delivered by C-section. Two weeks later, we were moving to another province.

It was one of the most difficult periods of my life but Jordan's dear little face and those of my other two little ones' made it possible for me to endure it. God gave me the grace and the strength to get through what was a very hard transition!

Jordan was pure joy to raise and has always possessed a wonderful disposition. He was an adorable child who often wrote me little love notes. I have saved every one of them too!

When he was a little boy, he loved playing with building blocks and numbers. He could print his name by the time he was three and he knew the whole alphabet. His father and I thought he was destined to become an architect but he grew up having a passion for Math instead.
He has the bluest eyes you'll ever see and dimples too. He has a great smile which simply lights up any room he walks into.

Jordan has always been a very conscientious soul. Everything he does, he does it to the best of his ability. He has been working since he was eleven years old when he took over his brother's paper route. When he went away to university, he became a supervisor on a job which helped to pay his living expenses. He has also been studying for years!

He has accomplished a great deal in his 29 years!

He is handsome, witty, and multi-talented. He plays the keyboard and all the percussion instruments and he possesses a great sense of humor. Whenever he is home, one never knows what one will find in their shoe or underneath their pillow!

He also has a very big heart and is generous and thoughtful.

He is still single due to the fact that Miss Right hasn't come along yet. Then again, he has also spent the past ten years, concentrating on his education and hasn't spent a lot of time looking for her. But when the time is right, she will walk into his life and he'll be smitten!

He loves my chocolate chip cheesecake!

Today Jordan is in his PhD program at the University of Toronto, studying to be a Math professor. He is almost finished, and where he will go from there, we don't know yet. Obviously, he will go where the job takes him! I just pray he doesn't have to go too far away from home.

For my Tea Time post I would like to share a couple of special things he has gifted me with over the years. Any tea would be lovely with these accompanying it!

These gorgeous candle sticks were sent to me by Jordan about four years ago. He was away at university and went looking on eBay one day for a Mothers Day gift. He thought these were the same pattern as my Rose Chintz, so he bought them and had them sent to me as a surprise. They don't match the Rose Chintz perfectly but I really love them! Aren't they beautiful? They are called Summer Rose Chintz Victorian candle sticks. They are made of porcelain and the only other piece I have matches them perfectly.
The little china tea bag holder is of the same pattern. I would love to find a matching tea pot someday or even a teacup. Unlike the tea bag holder, the candle sticks are trimmed with gold and very elegant.I love chintz of any kind.
The birdhouse, he gifted me with a couple of years ago for Christmas. He knew I loved and collected birdhouses so he looked for one that would match my dishes. He's pretty smart, wouldn't you agree? They're a pretty good match!

This pretty teacup is the only one I have which is closest to the Summer Rose Chintz pattern. It was a shower gift once upon a time. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the name of the pattern because the only stamp on it says fine bone china and made in England by Royal Albert. It's a pretty thing, just the same! I love a teacup with a flower inside the cup, don't you?

I am the mother of three wonderful sons and I am so very proud of them all! We are a very close family and although we are spread out across the country and cannot see one another every day, my heart holds each one of them very close.

Jordan, although many miles separate us from one another, you know how much I love you and wish you could sit at the kitchen table with me and enjoy your birthday cake with a cup of organic Green Chai tea!

I thank God for you; for the blessing you have been to our family.

You are the poem I dreamed of writing,
The masterpiece I longed to paint.
You are the shining star I reached for
in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child.
Now with all things, I am blessed.

Happy Birthday Jordan!
I love you and I'm so very proud of you; I am blessed to be your Mom!

"Her children rise up and bless her." Proverbs 28:31

I apologize for the length of my post today, but if you're a mother, I know you will understand.

Thank you for stopping by for tea. If you would like to participate in Tea Time Tuesday with me, please let me know in your comment and I will gladly add your link to my post. Hope you all have a beautiful day!
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  1. Oh Sandi!

    What a wonderful post! Happy birthday Jordon! And what WONDERFUL taste he has in giving gifts! All of them are just beautiful!!

    My post is up to join your party here:

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. How sweet, Sandi your post was so beautiful and so filled with love. I hope Jordan has a wonderful Birthday. He certainly is very thoughtful and has fabulous taste when buying you gifts.
    Thank you for sharing your special post it makes me smile.

  3. Hi Sandi,

    I enjoyed reading your post about Jordan. HAPPY BIRTSDAY, JORDAN!
    The nice little boy become a handsome man and it amazes me that Miss Right has not come along yet. May be, he will get a lot of fan post now, because he is a nice young man with so with so many good qualities.
    And he has a good taste, what we see on the choosen candlesticks. They are lovely, like all your porcelain.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Sandi,
    Right after I responded to your email, I hopped over to view your post today. What a lovely tribute to Jordan. Those Rose Chintz candlesticks are beautiful. I love that chintz pattern myself but do not have any of it. Was just viewing a teacup last month from that pattern. See, I just have time to post a comment and say hi and have to rush to get ready for work. Retirement, 19 weeks this Friday and counting!!

  5. Hello Sandi
    A son like Jordan would make any mother proud! He certainly appreciates your love of tea and has given you some beautiful gifts over the years.
    Happy Birthday to him anbd wishing you a great week.

  6. Sandi,
    What a wonderful post and there is nothing like a Mother's love!1 He has definitely done you proud! And is he ever handsome!! My, My!! I adore those candlesticks!! So pretty !!

  7. O, I am so sorry to be so late to the party. I do have my post up and would appreciate you adding me to your list.

    Happy Birthday to your amazing son. He is, indeed, very handsome. Yep..a lady will breeze in one day and take his heart.

    Your tea pot and cups are so lovely.

  8. Your tea things are pretty but the most wonderful image on the page is that of your mathematician son!

    Be very glad he did not marry while completing the PhD program. It puts such a terrible strain on a couple (speaking from experience) - now he will be done soon and watch how quickly he finds the right person!

  9. Happy birthday to your son. It's wonderful that you are so proud of him and by what you have shared it is no wonder.. he sounds like a very kind and caring person. The candlesticks are gorgeous, as are all your cups too. I always enjoy seeing birds in posts... love your little white one.

  10. Hi Sandi - I enjoyed your post today and I have joined you too! Have a great day - Bernideen

  11. Omgoodness! I love the candle sticks..they are gorgeous...and so lovely that they are from your adorable(from the kid photo) and handsome(based on the adult photo) son!

    that is just too precious...
    thanks for coming by today!

    your pretty pink rosed tea cup is so beautiful to look at!

    have a great day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  12. and I love that your post was long! btw! it was great to enjoy with my own cup of tea!

    thanks again!

    ciao bella

  13. Hello Sandi,
    I enjoyed your post so much! A son like Jordan is a true blessing! And he surely has great taste.
    I must add, what gorgeous and scrumptious cakes! The chocolate chip cheesecake it's my kind of dessert, and omg! The checked cake is amazing! I have never seen anything like that before!

  14. Hello there sweet Sandi,

    Happy birthday to your dear Jordon; such lovely gifts he gives!

    Those beautiful items are so pretty!

    I would like to join your teaparty this week if I may?

    ..,(This Tuesday Tea post of mine post will be up for several more days, so when folks click on the your particpants list info., they will find this exact post)..,

    I will post a link to you on your blog once I see that I have hopefully been able to take part this week; if you have any questions you may pop over and poat a comment.

    Also, you are most warmly invited to take part in my, 17th, 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee', blog tea party meme, which is held at my Silken Purse blog each week.

    Please do join in with me as well for my 26th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two'!~ I just love these blog 'Tuesday Tea' parties and yours is always especially lovely Sandi!!

    Have a marvelous week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  15. Oh Sandi, that was such a sweet post! Count me in, and tell him Happy Birthday!!! Love your candle holders, and teabag holder.. And that chocolate chip cheesecake looks delicious!

    I am late as usual, my apologies, but here is my Tea Time post finally. Thank you again, so much, for hosting! Tuesdays are so nice! ~tina

  16. oops! Here it is!

  17. Hi Sweetie!
    Oh what a lovely post about your son! He reminds me a great deal of my sweet Michaela. Love those candle sticks, I think I have a cup/saucer and Teapot that match is another one of my FAV patterns.

    I am so sorry about the lateness of my, bible study and headaches and vieing for my time!

    Have a great day...and hopefully I can visit everyone's Tuesday for Tea's post!


  18. Sandi, I love your tribute to Jordan! He sounds like a wonderful person. I look forward to hearing about your other boys sometime too!

  19. Sweet poem and post for your son. Mother memories are the loveliest things to share with other mothers!

    I had to laugh when you said your son has not met the right person for his life. Neither has my daughter! Although, lately she's been smitten with our new great niece (she is Olivia's God Mother!), so maybe she will be open to looking for the person God is getting ready for her!♥♫

    Thanks for sharing and being our hostess!

  20. What beautiful tea things you have!!!
    And I just love those "chintzy" candle sticks!!

    m ^..^

  21. Hi, Sandi,
    Jordan is a sweetheart, and I can see how proud you are of him and all of your sweet family. I wish him the happiest of birthdays and continued future success. Those candlesticks he gave you are exquisite. Have the loveliest of weeks, sweet friend! Blessings to you! Vicki

  22. Happy Birthday to your Jordan.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely post.
    Your china is so pretty, I love those candlesticks! He did good!
    Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday.

  23. Such a beautiful blog. I too love chintz and am delighted to have chanced across your inspirational posts.
    Happy Birthday to your son Jordan.

    I shall enjoy following your blog while sipping tea served in my favorite Summertime chintz teacup!
    It's nice to meet you Sandi... Rose

  24. Happy Birthday Jordan. Love all your special tea time gifts. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Blessings, Martha

  25. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday handsome Jordan
    Happy Birthday to you

    Sandi darling, congratulations my luv, what a very special day. I am so sorry I missed it, do forgive me darling. Your post is deliciously lovely as always and I enjoyed taking tea with you, even cold tea!! Enjoy your day.

    Love & Hugs

  26. Oh Sandi I somehow missed this yesterday, but I am soo glad I found it this morning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son. What a darling little boy he was, and SUCH a handsome young man now...I love that he gave you those beautiful things that he knew you'd love. So shows his heart for you. The candlesticks are gorgeous. I LOVE them. I see that we both have 3 sons. (though I do have a daughter as well) We both know the joys that has brought us, how blessed we are. Have a wonderful day. HUGS...

  27. Hi Sandi,
    Hope your son had a wonderful birthday!He does have great taste in gifts for sure.
    I also hope you and your husband are feeling better now.
    Take care,

  28. Sandi, It is so nice to visit you tonight! Happy Birthday to your sweet son! What a lovely tribute.

  29. Hi Sandi,
    lovely post and happy bday to jordan.
    love your chintz collection and your teacup and saucers are so beautiful. thank you for sharing.
    pop over to my blog for my ta cup tuesday post. I like to collect coffee and tea sets and simply adore mismactched and orphaned cups, creamers and sugar bowls.



    Thank you for sharing this special birthday with us this tea-time Tuesday! Thank you for having me too!

    Best wishes,

  31. Sorry I am a bit late for Jordan's birthday but want to wish him lots of happiness anyway!
    Did you make those chocolate roses on that cake? They look so deliciously yummy!
    Love from Georgia/USA


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