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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Giveaway Arrived

Hello everyone. Today I would like to show you what I won from Yvette's Giveaway at "The Charm House." The parcel arrived the other day and it was just full of goodies!
Everything arrived in a box with Mickey Mouse on it; very cute!
When I opened it up, it was full of pink tissue paper with brown polka dots. Yvette had everything wrapped so beautifully! Thank you Yvette!Two small boxes were tied up with pretty brown ribbon. As you can see from the pictures, there were all sorts of goodies......a Promise Book, a notepad and pen, four vintage clothes pins wrapped with binding, a bag full of spools, and the three hard covered Readers Digests were also tied up with brown ribbon. There was also a personal note from Yvette to me. When I opened the two little boxes, one held some vintage jewelery.

The other held a bird's nest with three eggs in it. Lots of surprises! What's your favourite? Blogging is so much fun!!

Yesterday, another parcel arrived which I will show you later on this week.

I also want to tell you about my friend Katherine at Country Romantic who is having a giveaway on her blog. She is giving away a beautiful Victorian album.

Please keep Katherine and her family in your prayers as her grandmother passed away the other day. Why not stop by and pay her a visit? I know she would appreciate a visit and a word of encouragement at this sad time! Blessings on you all!


  1. Very pretty giveaway! Lucky you!
    Have a nice day,


  2. Nice surprises for you Sandi.Isn't it great to have warmer weather finally? We are finally able to do some garden cleanup.
    Take care,

  3. Oh Sandi, what a gorgeous giveaway you received. Thank you so much for visiting with me, it just makes my day having people take the time to drop in and say hi, I'm so blessed that I have met you out here in this big blogging world, God is so good He blesses us each and everyday.

    Have a wonderful day Sandi, may it be filled with His kisses from heaven.


  4. Wow, really nice suprises in there. I saw the words DREAM. I love that word. I love blogging too. I've been a winner three times and I'm hoping for a fourth (smile) Enjoy your unique gifts, you derserve them.

    Love, peace and blessings!

    Hope that your mom is doing good and that she has been smiling and laughing and feeling loved!

  5. Oh, such sweet surprises! It will be fun to see where you will put the darling little nest. In your garden? On the table?

    Hope all is lovely in your gardens!
    Have a wonderful spring day!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  6. Congratulations. I especially love that little nest with the sweet eggs.


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