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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

My SnowBabies Collection

As promised, here is my collection of SnowBabies. I have been collecting them for a number of years now. They have all been gifts, representing a family member or occasion. I still have a few to add to the snowy playground as there has been a new member of the family born in September and I have yet to find the perfect ones representing my hubby and one of my daughters-in-law. They are having a wonderful time frollicking in the snow while the train puffs by above in the shadow of the feather tree.

You can click on each picture to make it larger if you like.

The little glass train was a gift from Hubby last Christmas.
The little Baby kicking the soccer ball into the net represents my grandson Cameron who loves playing soccer.
The little guy carrying the cake with the candle in it is my grandson Jared and he is bringing a birthday cake to his Nanny on her birthday.
The little guy on the glass drum kit is my grandson Brent.

The little Baby exchanging puppy kisses is my daughter-in-law Carina giving her puppy Skye a kiss.
The Baby with the Christmas stocking represents me because I love Christmas!

The two little Babies in the gift box are my two oldest sons, Jeff & Joel; my very first collectible.

The little guy playing the snare drum represents my youngest son Jordan. He gave me this one for Christmas the year he played The Little Drummer Boy in the school band concert.

Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. Your collection is adorable.... I can't decide which snow baby I like best... they're all so cute!

    Have a blessed day


  2. The Snowbabies are darling. I clicked on one of the pictures and it really does help in viewing them. I love all your decorations. The birdhouses and Christmas plates are really special.
    Thank you for praying for Vivian and her family. I was really happy with the way the surgery went.

  3. I have a snowbaby collection too! I love them, and will one day give them to my grandkids. They seem to really like them a lot. I think my husband bought the first one and from then on, he kept adding one each Christmas, until I had to tell him no more! I don't have any more room to put these little things! I especially like to look at them in my curio cabinet during the year, just because.
    You have a nice blog. Come visit mine!


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