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Monday, 6 August 2012

Tea Time Tuesday

"Come, let us have tea and continue to talk about happy things." ~ Chaim Potok

Hello ladies and welcome to my first tea party in August!
How was your weekend? Hubby and I spent most of ours on the beach although we did take take a day trip down around the Cavendish- New London area where all the Green Gables and LM Montgomery attractions are. We also enjoyed a Garden Tour which I will share with you later this week.
Queen Anne's Lace is growing in such abundance here on the Island, covering our fields and ditches with blankets of lace, that I just had to pick some for another bouquet. It is so pretty!

It looks so very sweet in a little jam jar tied with a satin ribbon; a soft cloud of lacy flowers for fairies to slumber upon.

I have something new to share with you again this week.
Remember last week when I told you that Hubby and I had been browsing the antique shops? Well, I found a teacup I have been searching for a few years now. I am so happy to have finally found one!

Isn't she lovely?
Lady Carlyle.....Established 1944 to 1946 - September 2010. It is yet another beautiful teacup made by Royal Albert.

This particular teacup is in the Melvern shape with soft scallops all around the cup and saucer. 

And doesn't it look lovely with the Anysley teacup I featured last week?

The Anysley teacup, by the way, I have named Princess.

It think it is a suitable name for such an elegant teacup, don't you? 

My new teacup is also pretty in pink and I have been in love with this pattern for a while. I do love the dreamy colours! This cup is a floral fantasy bringing summertime to the table in all its splendor. 

If you look closely, you can see tiny posies which make up the deep pink border.

This teacup looks like it's ready to go to a party for it's all dressed up so pretty and fancy-schmancy.

The romantic floral pattern features a deep pink border with a lovely array of posies, roses, bluebells, and forget-me-nots. 

A pretty handle too.

I am enjoying my cup of Earl Grey with the biggest, yummiest,  gooiest,  cream cheese frosted cinnamon bun you can imagine! It has been too hot to bake so we bought these at the supermarket and we were not disappointed.

It is as good as it looks!

Tea in a pretty teacup is such a treat, especially when there is a lovely bouquet inside the cup to look at while sipping from it!

"Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind; dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness." ~ {Quote by- Lu Yu}

I came upon the most delightful poem the other day and since I have a Queen Anne's Lace bouquet today, I thought I would share a portion of the poem with you.

The Fairy Garden
When you step amongst the blooms,
Beware, they're really fairy rooms
And 'tho they only reach your knees
To fairies buds are tall as trees.

Queen Anne's Lace, shimmering white
Blossoms plucked in morning light
Make silver threaded wedding dresses
And veils to cover lovely tresses.
~ Copyright by Diana Greenwood

My little fairy Breena likes my new teacup. She just settled down for a short visit, bringing lots of fairy dust with her. She adores Queen Anne's Lace and roses as much as I do.

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

I have been really fortunate this Summer to find some very lovely teacups. Cups that make my heart sing!

Have you found a new teacup lately? I would love to see it. Actually, I am happy to see any teacups you may have. So please link up below and share it with us.
Just feature your teacup, china mug, or teapot and come back here and link up with me.

"Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart." ~ Psalm 37:4

I am delighted you have stopped by for a visit today. Your presence always make my tea party that much more special! Do you have a favourite teacup/teapot or mug that you would like to share with us today? Perhaps a favourite tablescape you would like to share. I would love to see it and I'm sure others would too!

If you wish, you may do coffee instead of tea or the following is acceptable too:
Hot apple cider
Hot chocolate
Iced tea or coffee
Punch in a lovely bowl.
No alcoholic beverages please.

The Tea Time Tuesday button on my sidebar is available for you to use in your post or place on your sidebar if you wish. A poem, tea quote, or scripture verse would be more than welcome!
To be sure everyone has a visit, it would be nice if you visited the participant before and after your name. Inlinkz is available below for you to sign up for my tea party.

As a courtesy, please link back to me so that your visitors may find their way here to visit with all my lovely participants.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. Your new teacup is very pretty. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling when you find something you have been looking for. The Queen Anne's Lace look really good. Nature is very generous with her gifts.

  2. That certainly is a lovely cup and saucer!

  3. Sandi,
    What a lovely tea cup!1 All I have been able to find in that pattern is a dinner plate that i have hanging on the wall in my Guest Room!


  4. Sandi, you have the best teacups. I love the rose color and so ornate! Beautiful!

  5. Both teacups are charming Sandi, mostly because they're pink. :-)
    Sweet little poem and I too think of QAL as a plant fairies like. I'm hoping the seeds from the pink plant I found will produce pink again - and then I can share the seeds.

  6. love the beautiful tea cups Sandi, great collection you've got and beautiful presentation. love the pink tones/colours. :o)

  7. Lovely post Sandi! Your newest teacup is one of my very favorites.

  8. A gorgeous teacup in abeautiful setting and with a yummy piece of can't get any better!! I'm posting my laundry reveal, but I have some pretty teacups in the right cupboard, along with my fav mugs. Happy Tea Time Tuesday and thank you for having me.

  9. What a stunning teacup. I love the pattern and the color. So charming!...Christine

  10. Dear Sandi,
    Queen Anne lace is so romantic! I think, Lady Carlyle is just the right compagnion to the Princess. I didn't knew that the pink pattern is made from tiny posies. How very sweet! It is truly a wonderful teacup and so is the Princess cup. Both together are a great matching pair. And - yummmmy, how delightful looks this cheese bun. Your photos are magazin worthy! I love the one with the cute fairy and the one with the white rose. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and for hosting this charming party.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Sandi... I so happy that you found Lady Carlyle ...she was a two teas this past week with friends.

    She elegant and perfect for sharing the adventures of summer with... Enjoy your new lady! xo HHL

  12. Hi Sandi. I love Lady Carlyle. Such a lovely pattern, and it does go so well with your other pink beauty! Glad you had a wonderful beach and garden weekend. We stayed in and watched the was nearly 90 degrees here which is quite unusual! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  13. I have always LOVED the Queen Anne Lace and it works so well with your setting today. Beautiful pattern on your new find and I think that Princess is the perfect name for last weeks set.

    Little Breena is just too cute!! I would so love to visit Prince Edward Island...*sigh*... :)

    Thank You for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful night!


  14. That new teacup and saucer are the prettiest I've seen in a long time! Someone sent me some seeds for Queen Anne's Lace, but I didn't get them planted last spring. I hope they'll come up next spring as I'd love to have some for cutting like yours! The poem fits so well with your bouquet this week. I'll have to look it up!

    Thanks for the lovely tea break this afternoon. I feel refreshed enough to scrub the final set of cabinets so I can shellac them tomorrow and then paint with the Annie Sloan paint.♥♫

  15. Hi Sandi,
    How beautiful your newest teacups and saucers are... They DO make such a sweet pair tucked under your dome! I TOO "LOVE" Queen Anne's Lace...I adore it's lacy look and how pretty it makes everything look. Mother Natures Perfection!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  16. Hi Sandi, I love your newest teacup! Isn't it special to find one that you've been searching for? I love teacups, but what's with me? I like to drink tea out of a pretty mug at home!! Sad, I know, but that's what I like. Your Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful and that cinnamon bun...mmmmm!!!

  17. Hello, Sandi

    The new teacup and saucer is so lovely. You do have the knack for creating a beautiful tea.

    I thought I'd participate this week. Thank you for hosting.


  18. Hi Sandi,
    Thanks for hosting this lovely tea! That new find is really beautiful!
    It's been so hard for me to participate this week! But I finally managed...
    Have a great week.

  19. that teacup took my breath away, Sandi! I am so happy you found your treasure it was meant to me! Lovely day for tea. I will hopefully be linking up this week! YAY!

  20. Lady Carlyle is a stunningly beautiful teacup! I absolutely love it! Love the Queen Anne's lace and also the white rose and baby's breath. Another beautiful Tea Time Tuesday!!!
    Hugs, Beth

  21. You found such a special teacup! I love the colors and the flowers inside the cup! Your Queen Anne's Lace and your fairy with the fairy dust makes such a special table setting. I think I need to go buy a cinnamon roll soon, yours looks yummy! Wishing you a blessed week and thanks for hosting your sweet party, Sandi.

  22. I'm smiling Sandi ... as I too have posted " Queen Anee's lace with my Tuesday Teacup ... What a coincidence..( Ha ha)... Your Lady Carlyle is stunning..

    One of my friends has a complete set inherited from her mother...It absolutely beautiful...Lucky You... and what a place of honour you have found for your treasure..

    Lovely post , Dear lady ..Enjoy your summer sips...Big Hugs

  23. A beautiful as well as delicious looking tea! Mmmmmmm.
    Your newest tea cup set is lovely. I have the very same one and love it too!
    I am looking for the other shaped Lady Carlyle, some day I will find it just like you did your Malvern.
    Funny how china can make one giddy
    : )

  24. I adore Queen Anne's lace. It flowers in Spring in Australia. I thought it may be your summer at the moment. So it must flower latter in your country.Your cups are delightful.

  25. I did get new teacups last week and was going to feature them, but had also gotten blue ones and decided to match up the chandy, (I know blue doesn't excite you), your two new cups n' saucers are gorgeous, I especially love the new one, was checking it out on ebay a couple of weeks ago and was expensive. The Queen Annes Lace is beautiful too, I also picked a bouquet -it lasts a long time also which is great. Love your poem, so appropriate, but that bun-oh my gosh-it is too hot to cook here too, which is why I'm eating fruit and cheese, but would rather have what you're having...

  26. Dear Sandi
    I love your Queen Ann laces and your tea cup it´s a very classic and beautiful pattern
    I´m glad sharing with you a cup of tea again

  27. Oh goodness, I love your fairy poem and I Love Lady Caryle. I have always been drawn to that pattern. It has everything I love~pretty roses and lots of pink and just a dreamy design. I love that you said it is all dressed up, fancy schmalzy. Tis true.
    I adore Queen Anne's Lace too and just picked some this weekend to add to bouquets for my granddaughter's Christening party. It grows along the side of the road here. I never see it in any nursery. I hope to keep some seeds and get lucky next year. It is so delicate and it really reminds one of lace.
    What did you use for your sparkle?
    Glad to see you enjoying all the beauty around you.
    Ruthie from:

  28. Hi Sandi,
    Another pretty teacup for your collection.
    Beach day again-what a summer we are having.

    Thank you for hosting,

  29. What a beautiful find at your local antique store! I love the pink and footed cup. Little Breena is precious and I love seeing her having fun at the tea party. The Queen Anne's Lace is so beautiful. It looks lovely on your table. Hey, can I have a bite of your sweet roll? It looks delicious. Lovely, LOVELY tea party!
    Thanks for inviting me. I have a wonderful time.

  30. Your new tea cup is beautiful. How lucky that you found it. The Queen Anne's Lace looks great in the mason jar. Have a great week! ~Michelle

  31. Hello Sandy
    I am sorry that has failed to translate, I appreciate your visit ... Please visit often and be welcome!

  32. Hello Sandi, your weekend sounds lovely - I can just imagine it being beautiful this time of the year. I can't wait to see and to read about your garden tour. This teacup is definitely worth waiting for! I think she'll now be on the wish list of many - including mine!
    I do appreciate you hosting and hope you have a blessed day,

  33. A beautiful post Sandi. I love that teacup. It's so pretty with it's pink and the bouquets of flowers. The Queen Anne's Lace bouquet is lovely too. Blessings, Pamela

  34. Hi milady! How I miss posting for teatime these past couple of weeks! I am having teatime withdraw symptoms and I am looking pleadingly at my calendar and wishing that all my busy and deadlines for projects would just erase away so I can play with my dear friends in Blogland - especially on Tuesday!!

    Your cups from last week - Princess - love it - and this week are lovely! Yes, do display t hem together. I am sneaking a peak at some teatime blogs today - and really should have been downtown with errands. Oh, well - the bank and post office will have to wait til tomorrow . . .


  35. Hello dear friend! Thank you for stopping by. I was just so late today. Your cups today are beautiful. I love the Royal Albert. I have that pattern and it always puts a smile on my face. Hoping this finds you well. Blessings, Martha

  36. I love your new teacup and it compliments the Aynsley so well.Isn't it wonderful to share time in special places with our husbands?

    Queen Anne's Lace is so beautifully bountiful in our area too, and the clouds of white on the hills and in the fields is breath-taking.

    Love this post, thank-you.

  37. Hello Sandi~
    Oh what a gorgeous teacup! You have a wonderful collection. I really enjoyed seeing the QA Lace. I have never seen it growing. Your photos are beautiful....and that roll looks yummy. Thanks for hosting each week~
    Enjoy the last weeks of summer,

  38. Oh my goodness-this new cup is definitely my favourite, so far!
    It is absolutely gorgeous, Sandi!
    I love the pretty shape and everything else about it.
    It looks wonderful with your lovely Anysley cup.
    I loved the poem too!
    Have a very blessed week, my friend..Trish

  39. Hi Sandi, your Lady Carlyle is sooo lovely - a real treasure!!!
    Thank you for stopping by - what a pitty that google translate didn't work. I tried it when I read your comment but I had no problems with the translator - may be it had jus a bad hair day or something like this ;o))
    Warm hugs from Austria, Traude

  40. Hey Sandi~~ It's Theresa from over @ Shoestring Elegance. My Mum is back in Moncton right now and headed to the Island on Friday, to see a friend that used to have a Tourist Home in Clinton, we used to stay at, who now resides in Kensington. I showed her your lovely Blog before. Since you are so close to are favorite places in the world, she asked me to find out if you had an "open Tea Room"? You can reply to me @ my e-mail Thanks sweet lady, I hope you are enjoying a lovely evening
    Many Blessings,

  41. Hi Sandi,
    Your tea cups are favourite today is the deep pink and gold set. They look terrific displayed under the glass dome.
    The vase of 'Lace' is so delicate and pretty
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia


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