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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Make Mine Pink!

Hello dear friends~ Those of you who have stopped by this past week will have already seen this teacup. However, some of you haven't seen it so I'm sharing it again.

I love pink! My wonderful hubby chose this teacup for me when we were out and about browsing the antique shops.

Contrary to what some of you may think, he does not share my love for teacups and china.
He is however learning to use the right side of his brain so he can  appreciate it and he likes to accompany me to the shops. 
And while I indulge myself in looking at all the treasures found there, he likes to find other things such as old books and magazines.

So, having straightened you all out on that fact, here is one of my newest teacups.

It is the perfect shade of pink!

It is an Anysley for all you teacup lovers out there. And doesn't it go splendidly with my Rose Chintz!

Tea really does taste better in a china cup!

If you would like to see more of this teacup, please check out my previous post. Thank you so much for coming by for a visit.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


Georgianna said...

Hi Sandi! That beautiful cup is indeed the perfect shade of pink. I would love some of that pattern to go with my rose chintz. I'm sure I told you but I have three generations of Rose Chintz in my collection. We don't use it every day but I never grow tired of it.

Wishing you a wonderful day! – g

Maribel G. M said...

Otra bella taza nos muestras.
Te dejo un beso.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my what a pretty pink teacup. You find the prettiest ones.

Jocelyn @

Maribel G. M said...

Querida, tengo en mi blog dos traductores, espero que alguno le sirva y pueda leer mis relatos.
Un beso

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

So pretty, Sandi. Your hubby has great taste and keep up the good work. . Your training seems to be working for him! Happy Wednesday..Judy

Smareis said...

Passei pra conhecer seu blog e gostei muito de tudo que vi.
Ja estou seguindo pra voltar em outras visitas.
Belas imagens dessa xícara de chá, a cor é linda.

Grande abraço! aqui do Brasil!

Mari said...

Hi Sandi,
Oh my that is a beautiful tea cup, just yummy in pink ;)

Big smiles~

Carolyn said...

Your new tea cup does go very well with your rose chintz!
Thanks for coming out in the rain tonight and hope to see you again tomorrow.

Take care.

romance-of-roses said...

Well I had not seen it and think it's gorgeous. Bet the tea taste better also, that is what my hubby says when I get a new cup set. Hugs, Lu

Antiques And Teacups said...

My dear husband, although he enjoys antiquing with me, still says there should be a hardware or tire store next to every antique shop or gift shop! I do love that teacup!

Cynthia said...

I love this cup and saucer. I love the shape and the design on the cup.

These cabinets are messing up my blogging this week but I can't wait to join the tea gang next week.


Curtains in My Tree said...

Love you new tea cup and saucer
also tea does tatse better in one of our china tea cups, even better in bone china

what prices do you find beautiful tea cup sets like that in your area? here if I don't find it at a yard sale or thrift store they are pricy likr $15. set. just curious

I am on the hunt for transferware sets

Curtains in My Tree said...

Love you new tea cup and saucer
also tea does tatse better in one of our china tea cups, even better in bone china

what prices do you find beautiful tea cup sets like that in your area? here if I don't find it at a yard sale or thrift store they are pricy likr $15. set. just curious

I am on the hunt for transferware sets

Sarah (Nikki) said...

very pretty cup and saucer and I envy you right now in the land of Anne...the prettiest Island ever...wishing you a beautiful day out day....will stand with you at the Lake of shining waters.

Lavender Cottage said...

Does your hubby read your posts? Mine does, and I must say he too is becoming more agreeable to me looking for teacups. But, don't ask him to drink from one!
I worry that no one will want my treasured collection when I'm gone. :-(

debra said...

VERY lovely!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beautiful!!! I love tea cups! I have some of my grandmother's demitasses cup collection, too. Did you see my post about them?

I enjoyed visiting with you. . .

Deanna said...

So very pretty!!!

Trish said...

Yes Sandi, it is the perfect shade of pink and looks lovely with your chintz!
I am a lover of old books too -especially christian ones - so I'd need to use both sides of my brain to go shopping with you, lol!
love and blessings..Trish

Liz said...

That was so sweet of him! :) My hubby just doesn't get it. :( But he does try. :) This is a beautiful tea cup.


The French Hutch said...

A beautiful teacup and saucer Sandi. I agree, the color is perfect for your Rose Chintz! I should say, your husband certainly does know how to shop for beautiful teacups. Happy Pink Saturday!

The French Hutch

LV said...

Your "fellow" has good taste. I love all your pretty pink cups.

Jann Olson said...

Hi Sandi, your cup really is the perfect shade of pink. I love it with your Rose Chintz! My hubby does not share my passion for vintage items. But he too let's me indulge and will go with me when vacationing. At home he let's me go by myself, well actually with friends. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cup with Share Your Cup.

Sarah said...

Sandi, each one is delightful. Happy Pink ~ Sarah

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

It does go beautifully with the the color and I love that your Sweetie likes to go with you .
Happy Pink Saturday said...

That pink grabbed my attention on Beverly's links. It's a neat design/style - very attractive and even more so w/you chintz china - both complimenting each other quite well.

I was wondering if we'd see some old magazines or something too! :) I'm sure that tea tastes especially good in that particular tea cup, being blessed w/your husband's choice for you! Little things. . .wonderful.

Enjoyed my visit!

Michelle said...

Fantastic find, lovely treasure, so pretty. Have a wonderful PS.

Lady Linda said...

Hi Sandi...such a beautiful cup. I just always love pink! Never get tired of it. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Love ya,

Susie Jefferson said...

Oooh, pretty! And delicate and elegant - what a find!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Rostrose said...

Hi Sandi,
What a gorgeous pink teacup - I love it! And how good that your hubby is willing to jump over his shadow ;o))
Hugs from Austria,
✿ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ✿ ♥♥♥♥ ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ

Olivia said...

Oh my what a beautiful tea cup and how sweet for your hubby to think of you!

Magnolia Cottage said...

I think your teacup is beautiful. My hubby said he liked it when I collected sailboats more than my teacup collection. Oh well, I love them so it's all good! Happy Pink Saturday! Have a nice weekend.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Sandi,
I looked at both posts of this cup. It is so lovely, and yes, the perfect shade of pink! I especially love that photo of the cups in the cloche.
Hugs, Cindy

eJoops said...

How lovely!

My PINK, your comment is always highly appreciated! Have a great weekend.

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous! Playing catch up with Pink Saturday, didn't want to miss all the beautiful entries this week.

Your comment makes me happy.
Have a blessed Sunday.


Melissa Bishop said...

I think the first quote saying to have tea & then talk of happier things is so apropos especially in light of recent events. An early morning spent in delightful conversation with friends over tea is just what we all need!

Sherry said...

Beautiful cups Sandi! Thanks for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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