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Monday, 20 August 2018

I've Been Naughty!

May your life always be like a pot of tea... overflowing to warm the soul. ~ An Irish Blessing 

The other day, I was naughty!
I walked into The Anne of Green Gables Store looking for a specific item when lo, and behold, I spied something as soon as I walked through the door. That something made me smile!

As soon as that something saw me, she spoke to me and said, "Well hello, Sandi, I've been waiting for you! Wouldn't I make a fabulous addition in your home?" My heart went pitter-pat at the sight of her and knowing that she wanted to come home with me, well, what could I do?

I looked around for the other items I was wanting and then gently picked her up on the way to the cashier. The lady who waited on me told me they had gotten only two of these in and she wished she had more because it's such a beauty. She too loved the old-fashioned design of it and it was not  pricey.

I had promised myself I wouldn't purchase any more china because we had planned on down-sizing. But plans change and we're staying put at least for a couple more years. I really don't need any more of these but I honestly couldn't resist this lovely thing.

Now here she is sitting in all her prettiness... 
Crafted from fine porcelain and embellished with big pink roses and a lustrous gold trim, she beckons one to admire her. She is part of the Hampstead Collection and she holds 4 cups of tea. She's delightfully fancy but has old-fashioned charm, don't you think?

Home is where your teapots are. ~ Helen Oyeyemi

I have no idea why, but I have always been enamoured by a pretty teapot and I started collecting them years ago. I love teacups too but there is just something special about a teapot that makes me yearn for those genteel days of by-gone years when ladies, wearing their pretty hats and gloves, enjoyed their tea amidst polite conversation. 

I suppose it's my way of connecting with the past and perhaps a reminder of my grandmother whose pantry always held jars of homemade cookies and canisters of tea and coffee, as well as the beloved teapot. Lovely memories!

Getting back to my teapot...The cover is adorned with what reminds me of a little tiara on it. 
Her gently scalloped lines just add to her loveliness. Pretty roses on the spout too. Would you have brought her home with you?

A great idea should always be left to steep like loose tea leaves in a teapot for a while to make sure that the tea will be strong enough and that the idea truly is a great one. ~ Phoebe Stone

I gave away two teapots to make room for her; less guilt that way! And, I have made myself a promise not to step too often inside that store because I ALWAYS see something I like. Believe it or not, that is the first time in over two years I have stepped inside that store. Oh, they carry such pretty things!

Now, let's enjoy some tea from my newest acquisition, shall we? I am using my pink damask tablecloth that I got on sale a few months ago. 

Do you take your tea black or with milk and sugar? They say one must use milk because cream is too heavy. I always take mine black but every once in a while I like black tea with a slice of lemon.

It was a dreary day with the chance of rain when I did my photo shoot so pictures are a bit dark.
Chocolate macaroons are our treat today.

Aynsley made in England which I shared not long ago but it's such a good match to the teapot.

Windsor set made in England. It has the barest pink on both the cup and the saucer.

There is still light and joy to be found in little everyday moments. ~ unknown

... like having tea poured from a pretty teapot.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~ Van Gogh

So where does the nature come in? Well, roses are a beautiful part of nature. They bring beauty into every room whether arranged in a vase or forever preserved under a glaze on a lovely piece of china, such as a teapot!

Have a beautiful day, dear friends.

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Sharing from my heart ~ Sandi


  1. What a lovely find. Tea tastes so much nicer when served in pretty china cups and poured from a beautiful teapot.

  2. Yes, I see just why you HAD to have her! The roses are so lifelike and she is definitely worthy of wearing a tiara!

  3. That is a beautiful teapot! I think that store would be dangerous for me to go into!

  4. Absolutely stunning Sandi, Yes, I would have brought her home with me! I like my tea with a little milk. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I smiled all the way through your post, Sandi, first to see why you were naughty, and then to see why! Yes, your new teapot is a beauty and looks so pretty with your teacups. I so enjoyed your lovely quotes, and your yummy looking chocolate macaroons. Your tea table looks so delightful, and I wish I was there to sip some tea with you...mine with milk and sugar, please!

  6. I will always support naughty purchases of pretty teapots. I'm so glad that you brought this beauty home--it matches perfectly with all your other tea pretties.

    I'm also impressed that you gave away 2 teapots to make room for the new one. I don't practice this rule as of often as I should!

  7. That is a very pretty teapot and I would have been tempted to bring it home with me, too. It fits in well with your teacups! I take my tea with honey and milk in the mornings and just plain or with a touch of honey later in the day.

  8. She certainly is a stunner, so hard to pass things up when they speak to your soul.

  9. Such an amazing beautiful teapot. I enjoy all the quotes used throughout your posts.

    Enjoy your day


  10. I completely understand the purchase of another teapot or tea cups.
    Love the tea cup that matches perfect I would say.
    I like my tea black sometimes with a pinch of sugar never milk or cream.

    It's nice to have a shop close to go shopping in once in a while, I just pick mine up at estate sales or resale shops

  11. Sandi, it is so pretty~so delicate and with such lovely detail. You HAD to have it-we understand! It goes with many rose things you have so it is in a good home. That Windsor set is gorgeous too!!

  12. My Rose Chintz friend had to buy that... it is you all over... so beautiful!!! I understand the allure of fine china and this is exemplary!! Enjoy it guilt-free!!!

  13. Oh my goodness Sandi! She is beautiful and yes she would have came home with me too! I keep saying the same thing about my dishes. I am NOT buying anymore...I must downsize. OH LORD help me is all I can say. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Dear Sandi:
    Oh my, now that is a lovely teapot! So glad you got her because if you hadn't you would have thought about it forever. She should be right at home with all your other rosey items and is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Yes! She would have come home with me too. I love roses on teapots. She is a beauty. That is what I do too. If I bring something home I have to get rid of a couple things. Thanks for visiting me today.

  16. What a beautiful new Teapot. I could see how it would have been hard to resist. Happy you bought it and shared with us such a lovely post. Roses are always such a welcomed sight to see.

  17. Sandi, "she" looks like you!!!!!! Your Hampstead teapot is gorgeous. A girl can never have too many teapots!

  18. Sandi, "she"--I love it! Yes, you were naughty, BUT it's good that you gave away two teapots to make room for this one. That is what I do, but I am to the point where I really want every one that I have, so no new ones for me!

  19. Sandi, it's a gorgeous teapot! I can see why it spoke to you. Thant happens to me now and then. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. That is beautiful! It matches your teacup so well.
    Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  21. What a lovely tea pot. And Sandy, thanks for dropping by Nanaland. In the southern USA we like our tea iced and sweet. I have always wanted to visit PEI. I am an Anne of Green Gables fan!

  22. I am so happy you were naughty! That little teapot truly wanted to come home with you...and she wanted you to share her with all of us! Thank you. I truly enjoyed this visit!

  23. Dear Sandi - well I am so sorry to have been away so long. I just know myself - and with online time I am like you with teapots..........I just have to stay away or it will cost me too much. I have REALLY missed my dear blog friends - and it is nice to give a little shout hello.

    As for that teapot - holy moley it is stunning. No WONDER it when home with you - it is absolutely gorgeous!!! And the teacups you have look perfect with it! Well done, ma'am!!!!

    I posted recent pics of my sweet little grand daughter. She's growing and changing so fast I thought I'd better before summer is completely over and she's in a Halloween costume, ya know what I mean?

    God bless you and yours. Big hugs.


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