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Monday 19 January 2015

A Ray of Sunshine for Tea Time

Life is like a teacup
       to be filled to the brim
and enjoyed with friends. ~ 

Hello sweet friends and welcome to Tea Time Tuesday! 

It is the nineteenth of January and we are in the middle of winter. This sweet lacy birdie bids you to come in and make yourself at home.

Some days are bright and cheery while other days are drab and dreary. 

It is a bright sunny day here on the Island but later today rain will move in accompanied by very high winds.

Some perky yellow tulips set the scene for our tea table in front of the window.  

I have brought out a buttery yellow teacup. It is accompanied by another cheerful teacup; a cup for you and a cup for me.

This one is Royal Albert in the Gainsborough shape called  Shaftesbury from the Festival collection. The bouquet of wildflowers is on both the front and back of the teacup as well as inside the cup and on the saucer. 

I love the little leaf design on the handle too.

Not only does this teacup bring a ray of sunshine but I am also breathing a sigh of relief...

On Christmas Day my mother started to come down with a bug of some sort. Vomiting followed for a week after which she went into a coma like state. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and finally regained consciousness a day later. 
All manner of tests were run on her but nothing showed up. The doctors were baffled. 
My mother acted like she had taken a stroke but there was no evidence of one. Her doctor told me that she would probably have to be placed into palliative care. Her speech was slurred and it was a couple of days before she could talk plainly. After a week, she had recovered so well that they sent her back to her Home. All they could come up with was that it was an infection which mimicked a stroke. It was a scary ordeal and my mother doesn't remember a thing.

She's happy to be back in her Home and I'm happy that all is well! I have seen prayers answered; thank you Lord!

My next teacup is an Aynsley. It is a beautiful shade of pink with golden leaves forming a wreath around the inside of the cup and on the saucer.

Beneath the teacup is my beautiful RA Serena plate which Bernideen sent me a while ago. I love how the colours go so well with both teacups!

A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter. ~ Mary Lou Heiss

So, here I sit enjoying my tea and I'm counting my blessings. I know we all have things we can be thankful for today.

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

Next week I will be celebrating five years of Tea Time Tuesday parties and I am asking you all to share your most favourite teacup or teapot. Tell us why you love it so much. You may use this tea party button for your post if you wish.

Have a happy day everyone and I look forward to your share this week.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. sandi love what is at their table for beautiful china !!! I like the yellow cup with floral forget-me !!! and the vase in which are the yellow tulips, is sweetly !!!
    everything for her love and best wishes for health their mother !!! love greetings from angie from Germany

  2. What a scare with your mother. So happy she is on the mend. I will send along some prayers for continued good health. You know i love that RA teacup. The sunny color surely brightens the day!

  3. So happy for the ending blessings for your mother. Sorry you had to go through all that worry. You have shared two very pretty tea cups today. The yellow is very bright and cheery. Love the pretty pink one too. Both go well on the plate. Love the tulips and the little bird.

  4. Love both of your teacups, and they do go so well with the lovely plate Bernideen sent. The handle on the yellow one looks very comfortable for holding. I'm so glad everything turned out well for your mother, what a worry. Looking forward to celebrating your 5th anniversary. Blessings xo Deborah ps stay warm!

  5. Oh Sandi, I love both your cheery teacups and your darling plate from Bernideen. However, the yellow teacup I am especially swooning over. How wonderful on the prayers being answered for your dear Mother. What a blessing on how that all turned out!
    I keep forgetting to tell you that I recently watched the 1934 movie of Anne of Green Gables. I had never seen it and I thought of you while watching.
    Thank you for hosting and I'm looking forward to next week's party.

  6. The yellow teacup is beautiful. So happy to hear that your mother has recovered so well from whatever the infection was. How scary that there's an infection that can mimic a stroke! Yet God is in control of all things, even mystery infections -- so thankful to hear how He brought your mother through this!

  7. Hi Sandi,
    I love your teacups today! They are so stunning! Of course the pink one with Bernideen's Serena plate is my favourite. I am so pleased to hear that your mom has recovered so well. You must have been weary with worry. I am very excited to participate next week. I have my post all ready to go. Thank you for hosting. Karen

  8. Beautiful teacups and setting. Each one is a treasure dear Sandy!
    Thank you for the lovely tea party, it's always wonderful to join this party. I'm happy that your mom is better. I hate it when mother is ill too.

    Have a great week.

  9. Hi Sandi,

    Firstly, I'm so glad that your mother is doing well, and is back at her Home.What a blessing, indeed.

    Your teacups and tulips are all so very pretty and dainty and sweet! Everything looks so elegant by the sunny window, and I am admiring the coupling of those crisp white patterns, both in the cotton tablecloth and lacy curtains.

    I'm so happy to be able to join you for Tea Time today. Thanks for being such a gracious hostess.

    Have a warm and cozy week!

  10. Today is officially Blue Monday but your pretty yellow teacup and tulips to match sure are cheerful.
    Thank you for hosting our tea gathering Sandi.

  11. What a scary time you have been through with your mother's mystery illness! I'm glad the outcome was good though and hope she is recovering well. Your teacups are so pretty and I really like the yellow one as it's so cheery. I'm enjoying pink and white striped tulips this past few days. Love my PEI tulips!! We had rain last night and this morning and it got as warm as +8 here but it's already cooling down at this hour. Back to winter cold again. Have a blessed week Sandi.

  12. Such pretty bright photos . I love your tea cups . I am so glad your mum is better and is ok . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  13. I am so glad that your mother is feeling better and back in her own home. What a trying time for you! Your tea cups are just lovely.

  14. You have such a sweet and lovely blog. I have loved reading your posts. x

  15. Good news about your Mom, a real answer to prayer, I am sure. The tulips look so cheerful on a winter day.

  16. What a delightful tea the cups...but mostly love the news that your mother is going to be okay and is back at her home. I know how scary those times can be, both for us, the children, and for our dear elderly loved ones. Thank you for sharing this tea time with us today. It was a breath of fresh air!

  17. The yellow tea cup is very beautiful! What a blessing that your Mom is home and well.

  18. Glad to hear that your mom survived that scary ordeal and is doing much better. Your lovely RA teacup is my favourite shade of yellow.

  19. Sandi, I am so sorry to hear about your Mother! I am glad she is now home. I love these tulips!! That is just what I need to get for next week's tea! See ya then!

  20. Hi Sandi--wonderful news that your mother is doing well! I've never heard of an infection that mimics a stroke. I'm glad that she is home now. Your tea is so bright and cheerful--thanks for sharing it with us! I like both tea cups, but I might be leaning towards the yellow royal albert pattern. Those yellow tulips were simply lovely! Now I'm ready for spring :)

  21. Hi Sandi: I was just holding my breath as I read your post. How scary for you. I am so glad the Lord chose to spare her and heal her. Wow! You are so blessed. Hugs, Martha

  22. désolée pour votre maman , heureuse que tout ce soit bien terminer
    j'adore cet ensemble de jaune , les fleurs , la tasse
    tout est très délicat
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  23. What a scary time with your mother... I am so sorry... I am also glad that she is well now. I like the yellow tea cup... the detailing on it is wonderful and the coloring is lovely. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  24. Very beautiful gallery, with your permission, will take part in link party.
    with friendly greetings, Nadja.

  25. Greetings Sandi.. It's so nice to see your cheery page...I'm so sorry for your mother's illness.. I , too have been down for six weeks with a strange flu strain... It just strikes everyone differently..I'm so glad that she's on the mend. You little bird was so uplifting as were your pretty teasers. The yellow cup and saucer just made my heart sing...Thank You for sharing the joy...Hugs

  26. Your bird is such a warm welcome,i am so glad your mother is doing better now,i lost mine ages ago and it is scary when things happen to them.Your tea cups are lovely but,my favorite is the yellow one.have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  27. So glad your mom has recovered. How scarey! A similar thing happened to my grandmother - oh 20 years ago! Time flies! They thought it was viral then they thought she had had a reaction to medication they had given her for her mild high blood pressure before she had eye surgery. Angels to you, and to your Mother. Thanks for sharing that sweet yellow tea cup. Love the detail.

  28. Hello Sandi....What glorious cups! Oh, the yellow one is a heart-stopper.

    So happy your Mom is okay. That must have been SO SCARY. God bless her, and you!

    The lace curtain is lovely, too, and your tulips delightful. Susan

  29. Hi Sandi! I so enjoyed seeing all the lovely teacups today! I adore the Shaftesbury!! So happy that your Mom is better! xo! Jina

  30. How pretty those teacups are Sandi. The yellow is so cheery and would make me think of sunshine. The pink one is twin to one of mine - I have it in pink and in a turquoise-like blue.
    I'm glad to hear that your mother has recovered, though sorry to hear about the ordeal she underwent. Our children and parents are precious. My mum and dad had the flu last week and I was delivering meals and groceries, while trying to stay out of range - they are recovering now, but have lost an alarming amount of weight.

  31. Dear Sandi,
    I am so glad your mother is ok. What a terribly weird ordeal. I have never heard of such a thing but I am so happy for your family for the outcome!!

  32. How lovely! May I ask - where do you store your various tea cups? I'd love to add to the few I have, but wondering about a good way to store/display them. (I'm a new follower to your blog.)

  33. Hi Sandi,
    Glad to hear your Mom has recovered and was able to go back to the home.

    Those yellow tulips bring a nice ray of sunshine into your home....they always brighten my day while we wait for the tulips in the garden to bloom.
    Thank you for hosting and enjoy your day!

  34. Oh my Sandi, thank goodness your mother is doing well. I am sure it was a bit scary not knowing what was wrong. I love that yellow tea cup. It is so pretty and cheerful. Like sunshine on a cup.

    Thanks for hosting Sandi. I can't wait to join your 5th Year Anniversary Party. Congratulations on such a wonderful celebration.


  35. Hi Sandi. I am just catching up...did not know about your Mom. We will be prayng that she fully recovers. How difficult for you all! Thanks for hosting....Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey!
    Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  36. Hi Sandi, so glad to hear your Mom is better! I just love your yellow teacup! Yellow just brightens the day up and it has been gray here too!. Your tulips look so spring like adding a bit of sunshine along with your lovely teacups. Thank you for hosting and looking forward to your anniversary post next week!
    Blessings, Nancy

  37. Hi Sandi! How nice to know your mother is better! I've been there and it can be so scary and hard! Now what gorgeous tea cups and the flowers - beautiful! Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  38. When I cam here earlier I was in a "gotta get" mode so I just came back and want to say I am so glad about your Mom and her improvement and it does sound miraculous! Also, glad to see you using that plate and all your teacups and saucers are lovely!

  39. Hi Sandi, praying your mom continues to do well. That is scary and it's scary to watch someone we love go through that. Sending you hugs and prayers.

  40. Hi Sandi, that certainly was scary about your mom. So glad that she recovered so well! There has been some crazy stuff going around for sure. Love both of your teacups. Simply gorgeous with those sunny tulips! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  41. I came by to congratulate you on reaching five years for your party. You always know how to make everything special.

    I read about your mother, and know that must have been so scary. Thank God she recovered.

    I miss you for Pink Saturdays.♥


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