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Monday 7 April 2014

Tea Time Tuesday

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of the doves is heard in our land.~ Song of Solomon 2:12

Welcome friends to my first Tea Time Tuesday  in April!

The ground is still covered with a blanket of snow but the songbirds are back. Yay! What joy to hear them singing in the trees behind our home! The robins are hopping about and the cooing of the mourning doves out on our deck is such a soothing sound. I've waited all winter for these sounds and I'm so thankful to hear them!

I'm so thankful for friendship. It beautifies life so much. ~ LM Montgomery,  "Anne of Avonlea"

Today, sweet friends, I am also thankful for you and your visits to my blog. You all mean so much to me and I truly wish we could all get together in one place and enjoy tea and conversation.

I have a new teacup to share with you. I found this at my favourite antique shop. It is Royal Albert and I could not resist this lovely set.

It is really hard for me to pass up teacups with landscapes on them, especially if they are RA. How about you? This teacup cost me eleven dollars which is pretty good considering it is a vintage RA and part of a series. Prices are also a little higher here usually.

I think it just speaks to the little girl in us who remembers days gone by at grandma's house.

Loving the posies on the back of this teacup.

The teacup is decorated with what I believe is heather swagged on each side of the mountain scene as well as inside the cup and on the back side of the cup. There are swags of heather around the edge of the saucer as well.

A curvy handle with a thumb rest and a bit of a pedestal base make for a lovely teacup.

This is one of a series of six, Traditional British Songs, "Road To The Isles" and it is in the Countess shape.

It is vintage but I couldn't find any information on it. Perhaps Ruth would know.

 There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life. Lin Yutang
I'm sipping Earl Grey and enjoying some Walkers shortbread today.

Soon we will be celebrating Easter and all the bunnies and chicks are making their way into our home decor.

Next week, April 14th, is the Monday before Easter so I will be hosting an Easter Tea and I would love it if you could join me. Here's my button if you wish to use it for your post.

NOTE: Please link up only tea themed posts. This is a tea party meme and lately I have had some folks linking up other subjects. If your post does not pertain to tea time, I will have to delete it. Sorry!

You are welcome to link up coffee instead of tea or any of the following~ Iced tea or iced coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or punch in a lovely bowl. I am always happy to see your visits to a Tea Shop as well as your teacups, teapots, coffee cups and tablescapes.

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I have not had the pleasure of seeing very many tea cups with scenes on them....gorgeous...thanks for sharing! Hugs, Penny

  2. Good morning Sandi! Yay spring! I love your new teacup. I LOVE landscape designs. That is heather on the cup...we have lots around here and it is all in bloom at the moment. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!Have a wonderful week.

  3. I love sene teacups and I only have them in some of my red transferare ones, but yours is lovely. Thank you sweet Sandi for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  4. I have never seen this RA set. Now I must be on the lookout. Thanks for hosting your lovely tea blog.

  5. Ooh Sandi, I love your new RA teacup. You find the prettiest cups at the antique store. I'm swooning over it! Yes, it would be wonderful if we could all meet over a cup of tea in person. Thank you for hosting your wonderful party. I was able to link two posts this time. xo

  6. You found a sweet new teacup Sandi and I'm glad the birds are back for spring.
    Thanks for hosting us ladies each week, I always to look forward to our gathering.

  7. Hi Sandi,
    Your new Royal Albert teacup is so lovely. I have never seen one like it before and yes, I'm sure Ruth will know more about it. Thank you for hosting tea time today. Hope your weather is getting more spring-like. Karen

  8. Your RA teacup is very pretty and very much a highland scene where the heather blooms on the hillsides. Did you know it's illegal to pick heather in Scotland? At least it was when we were there in 1992. ;) The sunshine and mild temperature today sure is melting down the snow Sandi, but there is lots left here. Rain for tomorrow but I hope no flooding. Have a great week! It seems spring weather is coming.

  9. How rare is it to see tea cups with a landscape design. The mountain range is very pretty.

  10. Hi Sandi,

    I just adore your new teacup! The sweet scene and posies are lovely. Thank you for hosting.

  11. I l ove these kind of tea cups, really gorgeous

  12. Dear Sandi,
    I have never heard this song but the tea cup is lovely. I didn't know that RA made such tea cups. Lovely idea to have some more of this series. Thank you for showing us all the sweet details. Your tea setting looks very soothing and relaxing. Thank you for sharing this treasures and for hosting this sweet event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. Dear Sandy
    Your Tea cup is really pretty with a very original pattern,I love it!
    I´m happy comming here

  14. A very pretty cup!....the heather is so nice, and goes well with your Scottish theme.

  15. Beautiful tea cup and saucer . I to love the song birds return . It has been raining all evening here and Sunday was sunny and warm spent the day outside tidying the yard and gardens . Lots of green grass here now ! Thanks for sharing , have a good week !

  16. I see your note and say Amen to that as someone posted a non tea thingie on mine last time. I really don't understand people. I love your teacup and saucer and think it would be gorgeous in the fall with those colors too! Very pretty.

  17. Hi Sandi: Love the new tea cup. I am sharing a Royal Albert too. I so enjoy visiting you. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  18. Such a pretty cup! I enjoy visiting and looking at all the eye candy!LOL

  19. Oh, I am in love with your tea cup and saucer. That scene on the saucer is so lovely! I have never seen one like it. Thank you for the tea sharing!

  20. Oh my, snow again... I know you much you await spring weather! I hope it arrives soon : )
    Our songbirds have arrived too, and it is so lovely to listen to them sing.
    The new tea cup is fab! Landscapes are wonderful on cups. I don't think I have many myself. Mostly transferware.
    Have a lovely tea day : )

  21. Dear Sandy, Your new Royal Albert teacup is lovely and so picturesque. Finding new treasures is always fun! Love the birds you've included in the photographs. Birds definitely encourage us that spring is on the way. I've been missing from the Internet for awhile, and am happy to be back visiting again. ~ Phyllis

  22. Good Morning, Sandi. I'm running late! I love your RA cup. I do not have a teacup with a scene and I keep my eyes out when I go thrifting and antiquing. Love the scene and the heather around the saucer. What a gem! Thanks for hosting and Happy Tea Day!

  23. Sandi, very late to your party this week. I love your new header, so pretty. And a beautiful teacup. I have one with a scene as well; they're so charming. Thank you for hosting!

  24. Love your new teacup! And to think it is one of a set, some more teacups to look for! Since I've been blogging I have been more partial to china with the scenes on them. So homey! Thank you for hosting and wishing you a wonderful week!

  25. Sandi, I love the picture in your header! I am dreaming of having tea outside, but it isn't very pretty out there yet! Your new cup is very pretty and no, I wouldn't pass on a RA teacup with a landscape either. Thanks for hosting! I will hope that my daffodils might be up next week and I'll do a children's Easter tea.

  26. A very lovely cup! I don't think I could have passed it up, either. Thanks for sharing your tea.

  27. I loved the cup and saucer you featured today. I also enjoy the landscape patterns, or the ones with houses. I think yours is a part of a series. There is one in that song series that has a castle with daffodils--I look at it on ebay a lot, but it is usually a bit too expensive for me to pull the trigger. Thanks for hosting. I also wanted to thank you for following me--that's a big honor since I enjoy your blog so much!

  28. I loved the cup and saucer you featured today. I also enjoy the landscape patterns, or the ones with houses. I think yours is a part of a series. There is one in that song series that has a castle with daffodils--I look at it on ebay a lot, but it is usually a bit too expensive for me to pull the trigger. Thanks for hosting. I also wanted to thank you for following me--that's a big honor since I enjoy your blog so much!

  29. Oh, I *love* your new teacup! I knew Royal Albert made many different series of teacups, but this is a new "theme" to me. So, so pretty. Thanks for sharing so many great photos and the info--I feel a little more teacup-educated every day thanks to my blog friends!

  30. Hi Sandi, beautiful cup. I love all the artwork on it. and about those birds.....glad you're now getting them back too. It's a sound that always reminds me after the storm, comes the sun. Hugs and wishes for a great weekend.

  31. Sandi,
    O MY! What a beautiful tea cup! I adore that pretty scene on it!! Truly a gem!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a dear comment on my post about Why I Returned to Blogging!!

    You are and always have been one of the reasons that I blog!!

    Take care, My Friend!!


  32. Beautiful tea cup...what a wonderful find.


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