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Monday 16 December 2013

Sugar Plum Fairy Tea for "Celebrate the Season" ~ Christmas Tea

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and makes everything more beautiful." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Hello dear friends and welcome to this week's  Celebrate the Season ~ Christmas tea!

As I look out the window, there is a winter wonderland spread out before my eyes. We had a snowstorm yesterday and the new blanket of snow has covered up the remnants of dead leaves and all is bright and beautiful out there. It's a marshmallow world and it's a perfect day for a little fantasy!

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." ~ Hamilton Wright Mabie{1845-1916}

I took my inspiration for today's tea from a favourite piece of Christmas music, The Nutcracker Suite. Most of us are familiar with the story of Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy who introduces Clara to the Land of Sweets. A little fantasy is fun for a change, don't you think? Especially at this time year! Are you feeling a little nostalgic?

The Nutcracker Ballet was first performed on December 18, 1892 in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the most famous ballets to be performed this time of the year. I have never had the pleasure of seeing a live performance but I would love to.

"Would you like an adventure now or would you like your tea first?" ~ Peter Pan

My table is sitting in front of the Christmas tree which I think lends a magical feel to our tea today. So please make yourself at home as we indulge in some spicy Christmas tea and lots of goodies.

My Sugar Plum fairy is dancing about in her lovely white tutu while the Nutcracker looks on.

"She balanced on one toe on the floor and spun around in a tutu that looked as though it had been fashioned from clouds and snowflakes. " ~ The Nutcracker

The Gingerbread house plays "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy." When you ring the door bell  the gum drops on the roof light up and keep time with the music. It's a child's delight!

This green Staffordshire teacup trio is a set I found in town a couple of weeks ago. It is made in England and represents the charm of the country  so well.

I think they look lovely paired with the creamy white.

I didn't have any green transferware in my collection so I was thrilled to find these!


Most of you know that I am totally smitten with transferware! I love the different pastoral scenes and the lovely borders each piece is adorned with. I find it so very charming. How about you, do you like transferware? Do you like to collect it? 

My other teacup is one you've seen before, Cream Lace made by Skye McGhee. It has such a sweet saucer.

At Christmas-time, I really enjoy the holiday teas such as this Stash Holiday Chai.

The teapot is also Cream Lace by Skye McGhee.

My Land of Sweets consists of a fruit cake I made
for the holidays.

There are also some mincemeat tarts, melt-in-your-mouth Swedish Butter Balls, and Snowballs.

I hope you're not watching your waistline!

There are gum drops and candy canes and chocolate of course.

"Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee, icy-window filigree, sugarplums and candle glow, part of Christmas long ago." ~ Jo Geis

I plan to share my fruit cake recipe at my HOME for the Holidays party on Wednesday. I have been making this cake for over thirty years and I have never had one fail me. It is a lovely buttery cake and even those who don't care for fruit cake do like this one. 

Happiness is sharing tea with a friend.

"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time." ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thank you for joining me for tea today. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Next week, I will be sharing an Angelic Tea so please join me once again for Celebrate the Season ~ Christmas Tea.

"Be near me, Lord Jesus; I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever, And love me, I pray.
Bless all the dear children In Thy tender care,
And take us to heaven, To live with Thee there." ~
From the Christmas carol "Away in  a Manger" - John T. McFarland, {1851-1913} John R. Murray, {1841-1905}

Merry Christmas!

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Sharing from my heart~ Sandi


  1. I love the faery tea party and that white faery is soo cute. Do you mind if I bring my Granddaughter over for your tea? She would steal your faery.

  2. Lovely Sandi! I love the gingerbread house! Perfect tea for the week! The fruit cake looks wonderful! I like mince meat by my honey doesn't...but we are having some at a friends after a show later in the week, so I'm happy! She's a Brit so there'll be trifle as well...which my Brit honey doesn't like either! Lol! Have a great and festive week and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. So, so pretty! The table in front of the tree, the gingerbread house...and I LOVE all the gumdrops strewn around. What a magical setting you created.

  4. Sandi, this is just gorgeous! I love the sugar plum fairy theme you have for tea this week. So fun and pretty. I hope I can get organized enough to join in. Pam

  5. I love the Sugar Plum Fairy theme. I did get to see a live performance of the Nutcracker and I took my granddaughter. She was so engrossed in the performance - she loved it.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea set and goodies.

  6. Wow, I love your tea setting today. Everything looks so festive, and delicious!

    Jocelyn @

  7. So very whimsical Sandi, and I love the little gingerbread house. The green transferware is pretty and does look nice with white.
    I just realized while reading your post, I didn't make mention of tea in mine. LOL That's what happens when a granny gets playing with the fairies.
    This was fun, thanks for hosting.

  8. Oh my Sandi,
    It is an absolutely gorgeous tea today. I love the wee dancing fairy in the white tutu, your musical Gingerbread House and I love the new green transferware. Yes, I am starting to collect transferware too. I only have a creamer and a bowl in green thus far but I am always searching for tranferware treasures. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing Christmas Tea today! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  9. Oh my goodness, your teascape is truly a gorgeous fairland. Hope your back gets better soon. It's especially hard to be on the "mend list" this time of year. Hugs, Marty

  10. One of your pretties tables ever Sandi! Your gingerbread house really caught my eyes it! Thanks for having us again this week...hugs, Penny

  11. Your Sugar Plum Fairy Tea is all things precious. From the darling fairy dancing in her tutu to the door bell to ring at the gingerbread house is just sweet as pie. Your new green transferware trio is lovely for a tea party this special. I also love the different colors of transferware and the green is very unusual. Hope your Christmas is very Merry!


  12. Beautiful tea ... loving the fairy theme!the fruit cake looks tres yummy. Wishing you a brilliant week... hugs, C. (HHL)

  13. What fun your post is today, dear Sandi! I love the sugarplum fairy theme and found it just delightful. Happiness is certainly sharing time with YOU! Thank you for hosting and Merry Christmas blessings. xo

  14. Oh Sandi:
    Your blog today is so Christmas and wintery. It takes one away into a land of make believe. The dancing fairy adds so much to it. Your fruit cake looks delicious and those tarts, butter balls and snow balls all looks so yummy. You surely know how to put someone into the Spirit of Christmas....Auntie P

  15. Hi Sandi,
    What a cheerful table for a Christmas tea party! With fairies and all!...
    I love transferware, I've collected quite a number of English pieces, but no green ones. Yours is lovely!
    Curiously enough, green transferware is quite common in Portuguese-made antique wares.
    Have a great Christmas Time!

  16. Dear Sandi,
    oh my, what a feast for the eyes is your tea party. I love the little sugar plum fairy and her sugar empire. All looks so lovely. To be honest, I didn't liked Transferware in former times. But with all the tea parties I learned to see the diffences and specialities an now I love your pretty green trio. Your cake looks heavenly. What a big effort you made with this wonderful party. Thank you for sharing it with us and for hosting this event. I really enjoyed my stay.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Oh wow Sandi, you took me right back to some very lovely childhood memories! Back when I was about 5 or 6yo. My grandparents took me to the Royal Danish Theater to see the Nutcracker. I remember at one point, this huge russian doll came on stage and out of it comes little ballet girls, dancing around the stage, oh I almost jumped out of my chair, as I wanted to join them.
    Your table is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!!

  18. Sandi, Your table is so pretty! Can't wait for your fruit cake recipe. I've made 2 already. My husband loves them, so I bake them every year for him. I might need to try your and give him a change from my recipe. Have a beautiful week!

  19. Oh. My. Goodness! Sandi!! This is so fun and festive and fabulous! I would love to try every one of your delectable baked things! The tarts and snowballs and fruit cake all look so delicious. I wish I could be there in person to share.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  20. Your pictures are so pretty! Visions of sugarplums DID dance in my head after seeing the delectable baking....

  21. The green transfer ware, the lacy cup and all the yummy treats make me want to have a tea party.

    B E A U T I F U L !!!

  22. Oh your tea time is absolutely delightful, Sandi! How CUTE and whimsical and darling!

    I absolutely can't stop smiling.

    Sorry I am on late, my tea was actually real and today and we had dinner plans so took me awhile to put the post together. Glad to be here, thanks for hosting. Hugs.

  23. Sandi your Christmas tea is magical with the delighful little fairy.
    I haven't done a tea post for ages but must get around to one before the year is out. Not much time but will definitely make the effort. Love yours so much xx

  24. Sandi your Christmas tea is magical with the delighful little fairy.
    I haven't done a tea post for ages but must get around to one before the year is out. Not much time but will definitely make the effort. Love yours so much xx

  25. Oh, Sandi! Your tea this week is so enchanting! Love the sweet little fairy! Beautifully done. I hope you have a blessed week - I do appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  26. Wow! Your Sugar Plum Fairy Tea is BEAUTIFUL, Sandi! It should be featured in a magazine! It's obvious lots of thought, planning and preparations went into it. I did a Nutcracker themed tea a couple of years ago, but I haven't hosted any teas so far this year - I've only attended them. I love your gingerbread music house, and can definitely see why children would be intrigued by it. I like your green transferware too. Thank you for providing this very special tea! Now I think I'll go back and have another look! Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    ~ Phyllis

  27. Very lovely and delicious post! Compliments and Happy Holidays my dear!

  28. Sandi,
    So lovely and so magical!!

    What a joy to see!!

    Thanks so much for your visits and kind words!!


  29. Sandi: Your table is magical! Love it all. Blessings, Martha

  30. What a lovely Christmas post! I love your new green transferware, it is just perfect in this setting. Your Nutcracker inspirational tea is beautiful from start to Finish.

  31. Oh wow! What a delightful tea! Absolutely charming! Made me want to sit and stay a while. I love the gumdrops sprinkled on the crochet table covering around the ballerina!!!

  32. I believe I watched my waistline expand from just reading this post and looking at the pictures. Your table is so very pretty.
    Yes, I like transferware very much and have been collecting bits and pieces of blue transferware for 40 years. I began to collect the red about five years ago - just a piece at a time until I found service for eight in a thrift shop - Bonanza!
    I look forward to seeing the recipe for your fruitcake, as I have yet to find a recipe to replace my mum's. I'll be following from today.

  33. Hi Sandi, I love your little Nutcracker fantasy. It's a dream. I also love the special little twinkles you've given your photographs. Isn't that so much fun? The other day I heard the Nutcracker suite played to a jazzy beat. It actually was terrific. I think it was Duke Ellington. Must look it up. :) Wishing you much love and peace during these next few days of fractious Christmas preparations.

  34. Oh...everything is so pretty and delicious, Sandy! I love your green porcelain and i love your tea setting, the gingerbread house...

  35. Oh Sandi I truly believe you captured the meaning of Christmas your plum fairy post. I'm a fan of fairies and you decorated so beautifully. So many treats, and I'm not a fan of Christmas cake but yours sure looks tempting. Your tarts and balls are scrumptious to the eye.

    The gumballs sure make the fairy dance about. Thank you for the lovely Christmas Tea.

  36. Hello Sandi... This post is full of lovely and magical things. So so pretty.

  37. While I really like the green and white cup and saucer, I love the white tea pot. I have several but none exactly like this one!

  38. Absolutely the cutest! Love each detail. The fairy is precious!

  39. I KNEW there would be whimsy! How enchanting your Sugar Plum Fairy tea is, with the bright eyed fairy herself, dancing in sweetness, accompanied by fairy dust and twirling and turning around a table set with tasty treats and pretty teacups!! I've never seen anything like it! Pure magic!


  40. A lovely Tea party. I do love transferware and the green is beautiful!

  41. What a joyful party you've created, Sandi. All the work you put into it and blogging about it are so appreciated. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas spirit you share.

    Merry Christmas!!


  42. Sandi, I adore your Sugar Plum Fair Tea! Everything is adorable and your goodies look delicious! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Have a very wonderful Christmas!

  43. Oh so sorry I missed out on this fabulous enchanting party.God I pray continues to bless Your sweet heart.Denise

  44. Sandi, you made my day when you linked with us at Pink Saturday. Your posts are always lovely and welcome. Pink Saturday just isn't the same without you.

    Your Sugar Plum Fairy Tea is magical. I love all your pretties, and those mincemeat tarts have me licking my lips. Yum!

    Merry Christmas to you and those you hold dear.♥

  45. So pretty! I made this post my pick of the week for Pink Saturday. Have a Blessed New Year!

  46. Oh, I had to peek at pretty and festive...what a fabulous post to live on in blogland!


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